Little Letters || June.

Friday, June 9, 2017

I'm excited to link up again this month with Kristin from Taz and Belly for her Little Letters series and bring you a few little letters...

Dear blog,
Hi. Hello. I didn't forget about you. I promise. Well not fully at least. I promise to be better. I promise not to neglect you as much.

Dear life,
When did you get so busy? I swear I used to have some down time. Where did it go? Lately it seems like Mason goes to bed at 8pm and I can't seem to keep my eyes open past 8:01pm. Please slow down!

Dear fashion bloggers,
How are you always promoting different clothing items? Do you buy things, take pictures, and then return them all? Are you getting them for free? Do you only ever wear each piece of clothing once and then it just sits in your closet? I'm so intrigued.

Dear car that has a "my child was inmate of the month at the county jail" sticker on your bumper,

Dear truck with a "caution: 150 foot snake inside" sign,

Dear (what appears to be a) seven year old with an Apple watch,
I'm seriously jealous of you. Can your mom buy me one too?

Dear gel manicure,
I love you. I am so glad someone invented you. I can't tell you how much I LOVE getting a manicure and knowing my nails are dry the second I leave the nail salon. I hated having to be so careful not to touch anything for what seemed like forever afterwards. As much as you cost, I think I'm addicted.

Can you relate to any of my letters this month?


  1. I haven't been reading blogs much, but wanted to pop in here this morning. Thank you so much for making me laugh this Friday morning!! I am so intrigued with fashion bloggers too. I mean the amount of money...

  2. I never thought about that with fashion bloggers!

  3. You must find the most obsurd bumper stickers in LA, good grief! Ive never had a gel manicure can we still be friends? ;)

  4. Wait.. inmate of the month...?!?! They must be so proud. LOL hahaha :)

  5. I've still never had a gel manicure and I really feel like I'm missing out! And fashion bloggers.... at least the big ones get it all gifted (or they even charge for taking photos in something). But all the others take photos and return the items. It's ridiculous and exactly why I can't follow fashion bloggers.

  6. Your thoughts on fashion bloggers, all the yes! I just couldn't do it. Not only do I hate being on that side of the camera but my wardrobe just isn't big enough... and I own zero accessories, lololol!

  7. I feel the blog post ebb and flow. Like, one week (or month - whoops) I'll have nothing. Then I'll be slammed with so many posts I'm not sure when to publish them all. I'd love to find a nice happy balance.
    Um. Inmate of the month?! I sure hope that's a joke. It has to be. Right?
    I'm totally with you on the fashion bloggers. How do they do it? Because, I'm entirely too comfy in my yoga pants and tee to even want to put on something I could actually photograph.

  8. Inmate of the month? That's something to be proud of! haha. I've never had a gel manicure, but I did start getting the dip nails about a year ago. I am obsessed with them!!

  9. The internet hates me. You are the second blog I've tried to comment on tonight, where my words got absorbed into the interwebs. Anyhoo... ditto on fashion bloggers. I'm not the least bit interested in clothes that you don't purchase or those that you return. Show me what you're really wearing!!

    Have you ever tried a powder dip manicure? It's kind of between gel polish and acrylics, but will last me an entire month!!

  10. a snake?! I would run away from the truck in a nanosecond!

    I just entered the world of powder dip manis and life will never be the same because I love a little sparkle!

    I think some fashion bloggers truly only wear things a couple times. One gal even came out about it basically saying people want to be able to buy what she wears, so it has to be current to do links and such... I try to have a mix of old and new, but I also resell things too.

  11. I haven't gotten an actual gel manicure but I love Sally Hansen's Miracle Gel nail polish. It is the absolute best. I'm not sure how fashion bloggers do it either. Would be interesting to know.

  12. Inmate of the month? Bahaha! That's hilarious! And weird.


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