Mother's Day Weekend.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Clearly a little late on recapping Mother's Day since it was just Father's Day a couple weekends ago (maybe expect that recap in July lol!), but I didn't want to skip sharing some photos since it was definitely one of the best Mother's Day's I've had since becoming a mother.

My brother in law actually organized the whole thing and to be honest, at first I didn't want to go. He mentioned to Seth that he was making reservations at a tea house and I kind of blew it off like "I don't want to go sit around and have tea and crumpets for Mother's Day." So Seth told him I didn't want to go. But then my sister in law texted me, surprised I didn't want to go, and asked if I had looked up the menu and... to be honest... I hadn't. So I did and then... I wanted to go. Ha! Thankfully she texted me.

So we added me on the reservation and we were on our way!

But first... I got spoiled a bit from Mason's multiple schools. First up, speech class.

Mason made this super cute puzzle piece picture frame for me in his speech class and I couldn't love it more. Not only are the puzzle pieces perfect (for autism), but that picture is to die for. Look at that sweet smile!

Second up, preschool.

Mason made this "I love you to pieces" picture in preschool and I absolutely love it. I think he's made one similar in the past, but no matter how many I have, I love them all more than the last one.

And finally, his ABA class.

When he got done with ABA class on the day before Mother's Day, he brought me not one, but two cards, AND a pretty flower. He quickly broke the flower, but then I had two, so I wasn't mad ;)

After ABA, we came home and got ready for a night with Bubbe to celebrate Great Grandma's Day. We opted to bring dinner and dessert to her at her place this year and she was just SO happy to have us all over. It was so sweet. We love to shower her with gifts and food and love whenever we can.

thankful for a brother in law with a long arm for selfies ;)

the great grandkids

On Sunday, actual Mother's Day, we took the Amtrak train down to San Juan Capistrano to hang out for a bit with everyone (kids and husbands included) and then the guys took the kids and the girls headed to lunch at The Tea House on Los Rios. They had a special Mother's Day lunch going on when we were there, but the menu was sort of similar to what they show online.

my mother in law and pseudo mother in law (my brother in law's mom)

sister in law and sister in law

The BEST tomato soup I've EVER had.

Key Lime Pie dessert.

The food was delicious and we left stuffed. We were also gifted a "tea steeper" (the thing you put the loose tea in and then put in your cup to make tea), so of course we had to buy some loose tea to use it for ourselves at home. Overall, it was a wonderful day -- a good combination of spending time with the one that made me a mom as well as spending time with adults and nobody poking me every thirty seconds saying "mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy" ;)

And, one last photo to end Mother's Day. Mother's Day wouldn't be Mother's Day without acknowledging the woman who brought me in to this world -- my mom. Though she was taken from me far too soon and she never got to fully experience being a Grandmother (I say fully because I know she is looking down on us now and enjoying watching Mason), I think of her often and know I am the mother I am today because of her. She is my idle, my hero, and if I am even half the mom to Mason that she was to me, then I am doing something right.

I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day!


  1. Looks like it was so fun and also yummy!

  2. You ended up a sniffle note there... =)
    I'm not much for tea but eating without being poked is high on my wish list!! I was like mother's day?? That's okay..I recapped Halloween today. Life.

  3. What a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend! I love all of the gifts that Mason made for you at his schools. He looks so proud of them! I always think about you on Mother’s Day! I love that picture of you two.

  4. Oh my goodness, Bubbe is the CUTEST!!! That Tea House looks so fun, I'd be all over it since Im a tea lover (and food lover, naturally haha)

  5. Looks like it was a wonderful Mother's Day!! I just took my mom to tea for her birthday and we had a great time also, fun little change of pace; yours looked delish!! :)

  6. Seth and his sister look a lot a like!
    And I'm glad you were "pressured" into going! It looks like so much fun.

  7. Your Mother's Day was such a good one. I love that you all showered great-grandma with so much love!
    Your tea date (is that what it's called)! Oh my gosh, BRING ME WITH YOU NEXT TIME! That looks like it was ah-may-zing. And I love that you took the Amtrack to get there!
    Lastly. You're doing all the things right as a mom. You're mom is more than proud of you!!


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