The Museum of Ice Cream! [Los Angeles]

Thursday, September 21, 2017

A museum dedicated to ice cream. I mean, come on, how could we NOT go?!?

To be honest, I'm not even sure how I stumbled upon knowing about this place, but let me tell you, it is AMAZING. If one ever pops up in your city (or anywhere near your city!), GO. RUN. Don't walk. Sure, looking at these pictures, it's basically an Instagrammable museum, but truth be told, being there is so much more amazing than these pictures show.

A couple of my friends had been to the Museum of Ice Cream before me, so I kind of had an idea of what to expect. Tickets were selling out quickly and they kept saying that they would be leaving LA at the end of ticket sales, so I thought I was too late and would have to live vicariously through them, but then one day I received an email saying that they extended their stay in LA (and extended it again and again, I think) so I knew I had to get tickets. I signed on right when they went on sale, waited and waited in "line", and finally chose tickets for Friday, August 18th. Keep in mind this was back in May? or June? and now we had to wait. For what felt like forever.

Mason's last day of preschool was August 17th and then we went to the MOIC as an "end to summer" and "pre-kindergarten" treat. I'm sure it was more of a treat for me than anyone because Mason could have never gone and been none the wiser, but I was SO EXCITED. I literally felt like a kid on Christmas Eve.

From the ice cream "footprints" to follow to the front of the museum to the ice cream tic-tac-toe outside to the pink walls, the people who made this museum thought of everything.

We arrived slightly early and were told to wait in the "holding area" where we could sit down at picnic tables, play tic-tac-toe, play Jenga, or just hang out in the shade while we waited for our ticket time. Once it was our ticket time, we lined up against the pink wall and were sent in in small groups. The groups were about 15 people or so and there were about 45 people for our time slot, so we went in in three phases. They do this on purpose so that it's not too crowded as you walk around, which is why you never see other people in the background of the photos. They let you take your time and go as slow or fast as you want. Their only rule is that it is a forward moving museum, which means once you pass a room, you can't go back, you must always move forward.

We entered the museum and were greeted with a Dove chocolate of our choosing. I mean, I was already in heaven. Not even one minute in and I was even chocolate. I may never leave!

We were then ushered into the telephone room where we had to "make a call" and then were allowed to enter the rest of the museum.

Here we entered the "California room". There were tons of stars of famous people with ice cream themed names (like Scoop Dog instead of Snoop Dog). We were then given one of the best tasting ice creams I've ever had in my life -- churro ice cream. I'm not sure that that was the technical name, but it basically tasted identical to that. I was in heaven.

From there we entered the room of bananas. The first part had the swings with the banana wall paper and then next had all the hanging bananas. The hanging bananas were mind blowing. This was one of the rooms that we weren't allowed to touch anything. This wasn't a problem for me or Seth as much as it was for Mason as we were too busy staring in awe as to how there were hundreds and hundreds of bananas hanging from the ceiling. It truly was cool to see.

From there we entered in to the mint room which was all green. They gave us a sample of mint mochi (DELICIOUS) and taught us about the different mint plants.

From there we walked in to the room with that cool rainbow and then in to the room with the melting popsicles. We were given a sample of Dove chocolate ice cream bars when we entered. Each bar had raspberry or strawberry ice cream on the inside and was covered with chocolate on the outside.

The melting popsicle room was followed up by the gummy bear room where we got samples of gummy bears and Mason tried to feed his new friends.

This "ice cream cones thrown at the wall" room was one of my favorites to look at (and not touch!) but not my favorite for free samples. They handed out different kinds of black candies (like black licorice, etc) that I decided to pass on.

Next was the SPRINKLE POOL. I mean. Come on. A pool FULL OF SPRINKLES. Yes. It was as cool as it sounds.

They regulated how many people were in this room at a time again so you could really get the full experience. It was us and a group of three other women in there at the same time. And I think they gave us maybe two or so minutes to be in the pool. It seemed like a long time yet not long enough.

The sprinkles aren't actually real so it's not gross to get in. They are made of plastic. And get EVERYWHERE. I literally found one that fell out of the wash the other day and it's been almost a month since we went.

The very last room we got a sample of an ice cream sandwich made out of pink pancakes. It was super delicious but terribly hard to eat. By then I was pretty full (nobody told me we'd get SO many samples! I shouldn't have eaten breakfast!) so I only took a couple bites and then threw it away.

They also had an ice cream sandwich swing in this room, but some older kids were being rambunctious and we didn't get a picture with Mason on it. 

Overall, the museum was AH-MAZING! I totally want to check out the one in San Francisco if I happen to be in the area and can get tickets. I'd even want to go back to the one here in LA if I had the chance! Seriously the COOLEST museum I've ever been to. If my parents took me to more museums like this when I was a kid, I'm sure I wouldn't have complained as much. 😉

To find out more about the Museum of Ice Cream, find them on Instagram here or their website here.


  1. An Ice Cream museum sounds amazing! We have the Bluebell factory in Texas which is pretty neat. There are so many great photo opps at the Ice Cream Museum…a blogger (and mama’s) dream! The Scoop Dogg photo reminds me of Kristin (@ Taz and Belly) sweet pup! I especially love the melted ice cream room. So cool! You got some amazing photos and it looks like y’all had a great day!

  2., I want to go there! It looks like so much fun! :)

  3. So awesome!! I want the samples forget everything else ;) Mayyybe Ill be able to go to the SF one but me and that city just dont get along lol.

  4. The whole thing was done so well! Never mind we didn't actually LEARN anything about ice cream. LOL!!
    I think it's really cool that most of the samples were different between visits. Though, I'm terribly envious you got those Dove bars, they sound freaking amazing.
    Let's cross our fingers and toes and hope they come back to L.A. again!!

  5. Stop right now!!! An ice cream museum and a sprinkle pool?!? How fun!

  6. I seriously love every picture! I'm really hoping Salt Lake gets one because.... samples!


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