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Monday, February 19, 2018

When I last left you, we had gotten through January 5, 2018. While we have gone to the post office at least once since then, today's post is a little different... a special edition post, if you will. Today I want to share some Hawaiian post offices with you!

A little back story... we went on vacation to Kauai back in October 2017. I have yet to blog our Kauai adventures, but I did want to share the post offices that we found while we were there. I did share them all on Instagram, so I'll share the caption I shared as well as where they are located. It might seem kind of funny to visit post offices while on vacation, but since we just seemed to stumble upon most of them and post offices are kind of our "thing", I went with it. Luckily Seth was a good sport about it too!

When the shave ice shop is next to the post office. 😍🍧✉️📮📬

Waimea, Kauai, Hawaii
Shared on 10.28.17

Happy Mailman Mason Monday! ✉️📮📬 It’s no secret that we are a little obsessed with post offices around here, so when we were in Kauai, I might have made it my mission to stop by as many as possible. 🙊 Over the course of the next few Mondays, I wanted to share a few of the ones we found since they were all so unique and different than what we see here in California. I thought I’d start with this one because it’s my favorite and the most unique! (Scroll through to check out all the angles and to see a behind the scenes photo from Seth who was waiting in the car. 😂)

Makaweli, Kauai, Hawaii
Shared on 11.13.17

Mailman Mason Monday... on a Tuesday because life. This post office is one that I actually wanted to skip because 1. I thought it was kind of ugly (🙊) and 2. It was in a shopping center and I had no clue how I’d take a picture (and was a little embarrassed to try). So we drove past. And then one day, Sunday in fact, when most things in the shopping center were closed (convenient for picture taking), Seth convinced me to stop because I’d be sad if I missed it. And you know what? He was right. (Don’t tell him that. 😜) I actually kind of love the uniqueness of the color. I mean, have you ever seen a green post office? ✉️📮📬

Eleele, Kauai, Hawaii
Shared on 11.28.17

Happy (throwback) Mailman Mason Monday! I’ve been meaning to post this last installment of my Hawaii post offices for a while but... life. So instead a little throwback to October 2017 on this Monday morning! All PO’s in Kauai — (1) Hanalei (2+3) Kalaheo (4) Kapaa (5) Lawai.

Locations noted above.
Shared 01.15.18


A little back story... When we stopped doing the Picture Perfect Project last year, I stopped sharing Mason's post office pictures on the blog. I had deemed it my "photo project of the year" through the PPP and when it ended, I didn't stop taking pictures of him at the post office, but I forgot to share them here too. I was thinking about it the other day and I want to continue to share them here even though I don't technically "have a reason" to each month. So instead of sharing per month, I'm going to share per event cycle (for my work - essentially why we go to the post office so often). We have seven events per year and as the events approach, we go to the post office more often and as they pass, we go less often.

You can find more of our post office adventures on Instagram here.


  1. That is SO FUN that you found some while on vacation!

  2. I love that you guys found post offices even while on vacation in Hawaii! So fun. I’m loving that colorful green post office.

  3. You know how much I love Mason's love of the post office & every time I see him at one just makes me smile. :)

  4. I love seeing pictures of his post office adventures! So sweet!

  5. I love that you found so many while in Hawaii! I saw one in Lihue (I think), while we were there and it made me think of you immediately!


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