[New House] Mason's Room Decor with Minted.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Disclosure: a couple of products in this post were sponsored by Minted. However, all options are 100% my own.

As I mentioned in the post yesterday, most of the things in Mason's room just transitioned from his old room in our old house and our apartment, but I did get a few new functional items as well as decor items to spruce up his room a bit. Today I wanted to share a few of the decor items that I didn't really have a chance to fully explain yesterday.

The folks at Minted were gracious enough to let me choose a few products of theirs for Mason's new room and I was super excited to add a few new pieces to what we already had. Of course their site is overflowing with amazing things (like seriously, I wanted them ALL), but when I came upon these two items, I knew they had to be a part of Mason's room - the art shelf and the alphabet print.

Minted calls this shelf "The Little Artist Shelf" and you can easily see why - you get to display your artwork for all to see! For those of you who have followed my blog or my Instagram for a while know that I am BIG on sharing kid's art work. In fact, we had an art gallery wall in our living room for the longest time (that I actually moved to Mason's room in our new house - on the opposite wall). I was super excited when I found this shelf because not only can I display Mason's artwork on it, but I can also showcase some professional artwork and quotes that I love above on the ledge. I love how sturdy the shelf is, Seth loved how easy it was to install, and I love how it has tons of hooks for me to be able to display bigger or smaller artwork (or to switch out with printed pictures if I choose to change things up a bit). The items I wanted to hang now happened to be bigger, so I just skipped a few hooks and left them empty, but as you can tell, you could totally hang a lot of art/pictures from this shelf.

The Little Artist Shelf comes in four different colors to choose from - white, natural, soft gray, and whitewash. I chose soft gray for Mason's room. It also comes in three different sizes to choose from - two feet, three feet, and four feet. I chose the three foot shelf for Mason's room. How did I come to this decision? Randomly choosing. Ha! No, but seriously. The two foot one just seemed too small to really showcase that artwork that I wanted to showcase and the four foot one just seemed too big for the space that I had. So, I went with the three footer and it fits perfectly.

In addition to the new art shelf, I chose this alphabet print to frame and put in Mason's room. It came with the option to frame it, but I chose just to get the print. I love that it's the alphabet, which makes it more "kid-ish", but it's also not too "little kid", if that makes sense. They had a ton of amazing alphabet designs to choose from, but I wanted one that could go in his room now, but also grow with him.

In his old room I had a bunch of quotes up in little frames on a couple picture ledge shelves. I couldn't figure out where to put them in his new room, so I chose to take a couple of my favorite ones, pair them with our new print, and add a dinosaur themed print to tie in the dinosaur theme I had going for his room. I love how they look together and how the different size and shape frames give it some dimension.

While I only got these two things to add to Mason's room from Minted, they offer a TON more products than just these. Need last minute Valentine's Day cards for your littles for school? They've got that. Need some gorgeous (and I mean gorgeous!) business cards to hand out to clients? They've got that. Need personalized thank you cards to send after your kid's birthday party? They've got those too! Seriously Minted can be your one stop shop for decorating your whole house - master bedrooms to kids rooms to nurseries - sending out moving announcements and then inviting everyone to your housewarming party. Minted has got you covered.

A huge thank you to Minted for helping me decorate Mason's room and really making our house feel like home!


  1. I love that shelf! I'm sure it could be useful for older kids to display photos and such as well.

  2. I love that shelf. I have the same line from IKEA that I want to hang, just haven't.

  3. That shelf was made for Mason’s room!! That hang line is genius (and totally reminds me of the DIY art display you made!

  4. I had no idea Minted even had shelving options! I knew they had amazing prints, but this is totally new to me! When we re-do Julia's room I'm going to have to check out their stuff!


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