[Mason] 5 Months.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


My sweet boy is 5 months old today! I can hardly believe it... boy does time fly!

i am 5 months old!
i weigh 15-16 lbs
(when we were at the doctor one month ago i weighed 14.5 lbs so 15-16 is just an estimate)
i still wear 3-6 month clothes
i still wear size 1 diapers but could wear size 2 based on my weight
i love to suck my thumb
i am starting to "talk" a lot
i just started sleeping through the night un-swaddled
i eat 5-6 oz at each feeding and eat every 4 hours
i rolled over 4 TIMES the other day and mommy FINALLY caught it on camera!
(and will post a video once she figures out how lol)
i got to celebrate my first thanksgiving in november
and my first hanukkah last week!
and my first christmas next week!
i got to meet my uncle david for the first time this past weekend when he
and my grandma and grandpa came to visit
i love to watch tv while sitting on mommy or daddy's lap
i love kisses
i love to smile and giggle
i sometimes snore when i sleep

i love to "stand"!

daddy is trying to teach me to walk even though i don't even know how to crawl yet :)

happy 5 months chunk-a-dee-dee

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  1. He is adorable!!!! I just want to love on him! HAPPY FIVE MONTH BIRTHDAY MASON!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!!!


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