Crazy Sleeper

Sunday, December 30, 2012

We stopped swaddling Mason when he sleeps (at night and for naps) a couple weeks ago after my parents visited. He had had a little meltdown after we left Seth's mom's house for dinner so when we got home, we laid him on the couch just to play and wind down. He ended up falling asleep and I didn't want to wake him so I thought "let's try to see how he sleeps without his swaddle". Ever since that night, Mason has been sleeping un-swaddled. And he has been sleeping crazy. It is so entertaining to watch him on the monitor. I literally could watch for hours! Whenever he does something especially cute or crazy though, I just have to take a picture.

This one is from last week. He had woken up around 5:30am and we out him back to sleep after feeding him so we could finish getting ready for work and he could take a little nap. I checked on him on the monitor and found him like this : sleeping sideways (not how we put him down!), kicked his socks off, and with his arm out.

This one is from Friday night... Seth had gone out to see a movie with friends and so it was just me and Mason. I had put him down to sleep and then proceeded to fall asleep on the couch myself (at 8:30pm too! lol) and when I woke up, I checked on him and found him like this. Sleeping on his side.
How is this kid so adorable?!
He is such a crazy sleeper.
I love him so much.