Day in the Life : January 2016

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

So I thought it would be a fun little spin on a typical Day in the Life post (which I haven't done in FOR-EVER) and do a photo (or two) an hour to document our day. It also happened to be on the 10th of the month and I've been wanting to do the "10 photos on the 10th challenge" as well, so consider this post one big combination of a DITL, 10 on the 10th, and a photo an hour!

The date is Sunday, January 10, 2016.
I am 31 years old, Seth is 33 years old, and Mason is 3 years old.

This particular Sunday was a little different than most Sundays in the fact that Seth was gone on a work trip. It was just overnight from Sunday to Monday and only an hour away, but still slightly out of the norm since he NEVER (normally) travels for work.

5:30am : Seth's alarm goes off. He hits snooze once or twice and then gets up and takes a shower.

6am : I get up and try to sneak in a shower real fast before he leaves for his work trip and before Mason wakes up. It works.

6:40am : Mason wakes up. Seth has left for the day so I go into Mason's room to get him. This is also the first night that he slept in his big boy bed and he did AMAZING. (More details on the big boy bed coming soon!)

6:52am : Time to play! First up, choosing which Pete the Cat book to read first. Followed by standing on his scooter and figuring out which puzzle to do next.

7:13am : Time for breakfast! Mason has his standard blueberry Eggo waffle and a glass of milk. I make myself some oatmeal with raisins and blueberries.

8am : We decide to decorate for Valentine's Day. I bought some window clings at Target a couple weeks ago and I decide it's time to switch out the winter window clings for the Valentine's Day ones.

8:41am : Mason is hungry (again) and it's time for a snack. This morning it's Cheerios and blueberries!

9am : I get out the grocery store ad and see what's on sale this week. I jot down our meals for the week and note what I need to buy at the grocery store.

9:15am : I rotate the laundry : take some stuff out of the dryer, switch the stuff in the washer to the dryer, and put some more stuff in the washer.

10am : We're out the door and at the grocery store! Little man has another snack of goldfish (regular and pretzel) and is happy as can be. I let him help put things in the cart aka chuck things over his shoulder and into the back of the cart.

10:47am : Mom is in charge so we stop to get a Starbucks for each of us on the way home : vanilla latte for me and a milk for Mason.

11am : We're back at home, I unload the groceries and put them in the fridge, and we get ready to to head to the park.

11:19am : We head out to the park!


12:15pm : We headed back home to have some lunch.

1pm : I put Mason down for a nap and make some energy balls. I love the recipe that Desiree shared with me!

2:24pm : Mason is still sleeping and I'm working on a blog post.

3:01pm : Still sleeping.

3:45pm : Still sleeping.

4:26pm : Still sleeping.

5pm : I turn on the Golden Globes and shortly thereafter, Mason wakes up from his nap... 4 hours later!

6pm : Dinner time! The healthy part of my dinner... and the not so healthy part.

7:30pm : Bath time!

8pm : Bed time for Mason. Wine time for mama.

8:03pm : I check Facebook and see that exactly 4 years ago today, I announced that we were pregnant with Mason. I share the memory on Facebook with a disclaimer that this is NOT an announcement.

9:16pm : I catch up on some blog reading and some food network.

Around 10pm : Bed time!

So, overall, definitely not the most exciting day, but definitely a typical Sunday in my life!


  1. Your Sunday is very similar to our Sinsays. Some work, some play & hopefully a long nap is in there, too.

  2. He had a 4 hour nap and was still asleep by 8!?! You are one lucky mama! And your food all looks so delicious! I need help making delicious salads at home! And we got those window clings too but in our cold weather they kept sliding off the window. So I took them down and got window sticker decals instead. I've learned my lesson ;)

  3. I love the picture of Mason standing on his tippie toes! So cute! And A 4 hour nap.... HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Love posts like this! Our Sunday's usually look a lot like that. Best days!! And that was Emmy's first birthday!! 😊

  5. I always love reading and looking at DITL posts. Thanks for sharing!

    It looks like you and Mason had a great day together! :)

    Amy @

  6. That picture of his tippie toes...SO cute!

  7. Sounds like a great day! And holy long nap! I love when that happens. By the way, that pizza looks so good right about now. Sundays are some of my favorite days.

  8. What a great day. Talk about a pretty epic nap too! Well done Mason, well done. I kinda miss my kids taking naps.

  9. What a great day. Talk about a pretty epic nap too! Well done Mason, well done. I kinda miss my kids taking naps.

  10. Wow, a four hour nap and bedtime at 8pm--amazing!! Love it, especially your delicious-looking salads.

  11. Fun. I need to get some of those v-day window things. Love DITL, doing mine next week! Sounds like a fun day, and my kids love chucking things over their shoulders into the cart too, haha.

  12. Oh my gosh ---- a 4 hour nap for Mason and still in bed asleep at 8. BRAVO! That would never happen in our house - EVER. If Lia took at 4 hr nap I am sure we would see midnight :)
    We make the oatmeal balls in our house weekly. They are SO good.
    It sounds like a fun Sunday


  13. So many sweet memories to look back on! These kind of posts are my favorite! And, wow, what a great nap!

  14. When Marcus shops with me I let him chuck everything in the cart, too! He always gets a little mad when I don't let him drop the eggs in though. Ha.
    Those energy bites!! Reminds me that we need to make another batch. We've been out for about a week.
    And FOUR HOURS of napping? Sweet lord, you are so lucky! Marcus no longer naps (weeps in a corner), and Julia thinks 45 minute stretches are juuuuuust fine (sorry little lady, that is not long enough).

  15. I just love reading these! The thing that gets me the most are all the different sleep patterns!!! I feel fortunate that Ellie is a good sleeper but her schedule is so different from Mason's!! Ellie usually passes out around 11am and sleeps for an average of 2-3 hours and then bedtime is around 8. She is usually up for 5 hours or so before her nap. I am so impressed that Mason went to sleep so easily after only 3 hours of wake time!!!!

  16. I love reading DITL posts, and I love yours! Energy balls are the BEST!! And I can't believe how long he napped, that's incredible!!

  17. You got some wonderful pictures from the park! Im shocked Mason took a 4 hour nap and still went down at bedtime, call it a miracle ;)

  18. I was going to comment on my shock that Mason slept for 4 hours and then went to bed at 8, but it looks like all the other mamas beat me to it. Haha! That is an awesome thing for him to do when daddy is out of town. Good job, Mason!! Also, we met Pete the Cat today. We were both excited.

  19. i'm always amazed at what you guys fit into your days. i'm exhausted by 10 AM.

  20. I love DITL posts! What a fun mommy/Mason day! I cannot believe he took a 4 hour nap! Is that typical? AMAZING. You guys got so much stuff done!

  21. I really love this post! It's so fun to see how others spend a typical day. And now you have me wanting to get in the kitchen and make some energy balls... those are the best!

  22. You guys accomplished so much in one day! I love the shots of Mason playing with the window clings - adorable. A four hour nap? That is amazing and I am so jealous. We're lucky if Mila naps an hour most days.

  23. I have always wanted to do a DITL post because I love them so, but never have! Looks like a great mix of productiveness and play!!

  24. I am so impressed with Mason's sleeping. That nap? I'd KILL for Connor to nap like that once a week!


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