#postofficeadventuresofmasonb #part1 [Picture Perfect Project : April]

Thursday, April 14, 2016

If you follow me on Instagram, you may already have an idea about what I am going to share today. And if you don't follow me, you really should ;)

As I mentioned back in January in my goals for 2016 post, one of my goals for this year is to take more pictures. As a blogger, you'd think that would already be a given, but as a working mom, I feel like most of my pictures are taken on the weekends when the "bigger events" happen. There's plenty of stuff that happens during the week as well but it just gets... missed. Enter The Picture Perfect Project. I've been making a real effort everyday to make sure I take at least one picture. The problem is, when I get home from work, it's dark. So that doesn't leave me any time to take pictures outside, so I have to get creative. My goal for myself for The Picture Perfect Project is to take at least one picture a day. It doesn't matter what it is of, just as long as I take one picture per day.

So, I have to admit... I've been kind of failing on my "one picture a day" goal. I mean well and then I get so busy, or literally nothing exciting happens between work, eating dinner, bath time, and bed time, that I completely forget to take any pictures. 

This photo project kind of just came about. I was still working on my one photo a day when I started going to the post office more for work. I'd been doing the same thing, in the same routine, since I started my job in June, but all of a sudden one random day before my January event, I kept my envelopes to mail over night. The next morning, I let Mason do the mailing when we went to check the PO Box. I took a picture and did the same thing the next day and then... the hashtag was born. #postofficeadventuresofmasonb

It's quite possibly the longest hashtag ever, but I feel like it describes the situation perfectly. Taking Mason to the post office in the morning is always an adventure!

It literally happened by chance but now it is one of my favorite things to do with him. It might seem like a hassle to some, to have to go to the post office to mail something, but for me, it's fun. I get so much joy out of seeing him so, so happy to do something so simple. 

I stand him up on the counter at the post office (I think my post office is one of the only ones with a counter like this as the one that is closest to my work only had one slot and no counter to stand on), but it works perfectly! Mason feels like SUCH a big boy and I have a big helper doing half my work for me ;)

Here are the pictures that I've shared on Instagram as well as the captions (minus the emojis) that I've shared so far this year.

01.04.16 // Me and my little helper checking the PO Box for work this morning -- our Monday routine. PS I can't believe I ever thought that dressing a boy wouldn't be fun and I was sad that I thought we'd never match. I found this sweatshirt in the same style as one that I have and today we were twinning in our matching sweatshirts, jeans, and Converse.

01.13.16 // This. Whenever I have a letter to mail for myself, I take it to the post office. Whenever I have a letter to mail for work, I save it until the next day. The joy that Mason gets from mailing a letter for me is worth it for the extra "hassle" of going to the post office. (That and I think he likes that I let him stand on the counter to mail them lol.) To most, this is probably nothing and would get overlooked. But to me, it is special. It really is the little things that matter the most in life.

02.08.16 // Monday morning mail run with my mini! Monday's are his favorite!

02.19.16 // This morning's post office run was especially exciting for Mason because I saved all 50 (FIFTY!) of my envelopes for him to mail this morning. I told him he was going to be a little mail man and he had a lot of work to do and he was SO excited! I've said it once, but I'll say it again, it really is the little things that are the best! I love living life through his eyes.

02.23.16 // The happiest little mail man this morning! I hope these people know their letters were mailed with love.

02.24.16 // This morning's post office run was extra exciting for this little mail man. Not only did he get to mail SIXTY (!!!) letters today, but there was actually mail in the PO Box for him to pick up too (which I had to explain to him that came to us and he couldn't just stick it right back in the slot).

03.01.16 // "What's that you say mom? That's the last letter I get to mail for how long??" Yep, it's true little buddy. That was the last letter we need to mail for probably 3ish weeks and Mason and Blaze did a great job mailing all 42 letters! (side note : I had a better picture but his face here cracks me up! Wha??)

03.24.16 // Mailing letters is his love language.

03.28.16 // Monday morning post office run - whoop whoop! Fun for Mason, not so fun for me (we were mailing my rent check - boo!)

04.06.16 // On Wednesday's, I put him to work. He put all 60 envelopes through the slot on his own... one by one. We were there for a while.
04.08.16 // This is the face of a kid who's happy it's Friday!

04.08.16 // Double dose of little mail man Mason today! I asked him if he wanted to take a picture with the mail truck this morning and he couldn't run over to it fast enough!

I try to switch up the poses (and the outfits!) when I post all of Mason's post office adventures, just to keep things interesting, but as you can tell... apparently I have a favorite sweatshirt of his? Ha! Hopefully as we get into the summer months, his clothes will be more diverse! :)

And there you have it!
How has your Picture Perfect Project been going?

Don't forget, our next link up is Thursday, May 12th. So gather some photos between now and then and then link up with us on the 12th and show us what you've been up to!


  1. I LOVE these pictures! The joy and happiness on Mason's face in each one is just contagious. That's how I look when I walk to our mailbox, but not how it is once I get to it. Ha ha!

  2. I love all your post office photos! Especially the one of him by the truck! Noah is obsessed with the mail man so he'd love to pose with a truck! And what a fun addition to your morning routine... It's obvious Mason loves it!!!

  3. Love seeing these on IG! Such fun. We don't have such high mailing needs, but Aria loves putting them in the slot too. We have a little ledge too. We were there one weekend and there was an older couple in there mailing to their grandkids. We got to chatting and then they gave Aria a buck for fun. She spent it on Target popcorn =)

  4. I love this! I was wondering why you had so many letters to mail when I saw the pictures on instagram! Well that's awesome that Mason is helping you with your job too.

  5. I think these photos are some of the cutest ones you've taken! Love that you've turned a simple task into something fun for you and Mason to do together :)

  6. I look forward to these pictures! Seriously! These are some of the best! Don't stop!

  7. I love your post office pics! They're so stinking cute and he looks like he's having a great time every single time!!

  8. I love all of his PO pictures! And the hashtag only makes sense since it's one of his favorite places!

  9. I love all your post office pictures. Mason is so happy there! You should try taking pictures early in the morning, or now that it is stay long light out longer, sneak out after dinner just as the sun is setting. Those are my favorite times!

  10. These are just the sweetest pictures! What a fun background!

  11. I'm so obsessed with Mason at the post office! He is just the most smiley little guy ever!

  12. Oh my goodness I heart these pictures so much!

  13. I love love love the Mason post office pics!! They're my favorite! Well, those and your selfies together with his big cheesy grin!

  14. That may be my favorite hashtag :) So this is random but throw a pair of glasses on Mason and he could be Harry Potter! Since Kinsey is on brain rest Ive started reading HP and the Sorcerer's Stone so I may have that on my mind lol.

  15. One of the few hashtags I absolutely love! ;)

  16. This is seriously the best group of photos EVER! He is seriously so damn cute with all of his little cheeser smiles and poses! This year for Christmas cards you should print your own stamps with his photo, he would love it! Mailman birthday party this year?!?!

  17. I am so glad you blogged about this! Your post office adventures with Mason are my favorite. He looks so completely joyful and happy in every picture you post of him there. And even though they may be simple moments, they are precious and special because you two share them together. PS - he looks so tall in the picture where he’s wearing a maroon top.

  18. Who would've thought the post office would be such a fantastic place to take photos. You have a great collection of shots here!

  19. Who would've thought the post office would be such a fantastic place to take photos. You have a great collection of shots here!

  20. Oh, I SO LOVE this little series. The different poses, perspectives, but especially the JOY on his face, always. Such a special momma/Mason activity. :) He definitely needs a little picture book of all these someday.


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