#postofficeadventuresofmasonb #part4 [The Picture Perfect Project : August]

Thursday, August 11, 2016

So, you guys, I originally thought I would only do a recap of my post office pictures every so often, but I think this is my thing. I think the #postofficeadventuresofmasonb IS my Picture Perfect Project of the year! So, bare with me, but I'm back again today sharing more post office pictures!

A little background on the hashtag...
This photo project kind of just came about a couple months ago. I was still working on my one photo a day when I started going to the post office more for work. I'd been doing the same thing, in the same routine, since I started my job in June 2015, but all of a sudden one random day before my January event this year (2016), I kept my envelopes to mail over night. The next morning, I let Mason do the mailing when we went to check the PO Box. I took a picture and did the same thing the next day and then... the hashtag was born. #postofficeadventuresofmasonb

It's quite possibly the longest hashtag ever, but I feel like it describes the situation perfectly. Taking Mason to the post office in the morning is always an adventure! It literally happened by chance but now it is one of my favorite things to do with him. It might seem like a hassle to some, to have to go to the post office to mail something, but for me, it's fun. I get so much joy out of seeing him so, so happy to do something so simple. I stand him up on the counter at the post office (I think my post office is one of the only ones with a counter like this as the one that is closest to my work only had one slot and no counter to stand on), but it works perfectly! Mason feels like SUCH a big boy and I have a big helper doing half my work for me ;)

I try to switch up the poses (and the outfits!) when I post all of Mason's post office adventures, just to keep things interesting. Now that it's summer, it has been easier :)

Here are the pictures that I've shared on Instagram as well as the captions (minus the emojis) that I've shared from July 14th until now.
(You can find Part 1 here and Part 2 here and Part 3 here)

07.14.16 // He LOVES the self-service machine. LOVES. I swear if I gave him some money, I would have a never ending supply of stamps.

07.15.16 // Last post office trip as a three year old!

07.15.16 // Annnnnnd because I'm indecisive (and liked both pictures) AND there hasn't been a mail truck picture lately, THIS is his last post office picture as a three year old!

07.18.16 // First post office trip as a four year old! While I was busy pulling 65 envelopes out of our PO Box, Mason was busy opening all the big boxes looking for more presents to open...

07.22.16 // Today... he finally got to push the door bell! (Unlike last week when we didn't need to and he pushed it anyway and we ran away!) I had to return something and it was in a box that was too big for the slot so he pushed the bell, patiently waited, holding the box, and handed it to the lady when she came to the window. She said "thank you" and he said "bye!" He was so excited! Though I may have created a monster who wants to ring the bell every time now...

07.24.16 // I always knew there were mailboxes at Disneyland, but I had never seen this one. So when I saw @magic_kingdom_mamas post about this mailbox the other day, I knew I HAD to show Mason. So... in a few days, a letter from Mickey will be arriving at our house for Mason!

07.25.16 // Here comes trouble...
"Now how exactly do I open this thing? If I lift this lever right here..."

07.26.16 // Yesterday he tried to break into the mail trucks. Today he tried to break into the package boxes. But, on the plus side, we didn't door bell ditch anyone and we got to see a mailman loading his truck, so all in all, it was a good morning!

07.29.16 // The day that he'd been waiting 10 weeks for finally came... MAILING DAY! It is a very happy friday indeed!

07.31.16 // We've been house hunting more seriously lately vs just casually looking at houses online and we went to see one this afternoon that we loved. To no one's surprise, the mailboxes were Mason's favorite part!
08.04.16 // After a small bout with sickness earlier this week, we're all feeling better and we're back to our daily routine! Someone wasn't mad about it.

08.05.16 // No letters to mail. No mail in the box. So he's on a mission to find some of his own! Thank goodness my key doesn't open other boxes!

08.08.16 // Big helper filling our box with all the mail from the PO Box this morning!

08.09.16 // I'm pretty sure he would stay here all day if I'd let him.

08.10.16 // Every time I try to mail a package, this box is locked (or too full it doesn't open). The past couple days it's been wide open and to my dismay, Mason likes to open and (slam it) shut. I literally have to pry him away. Today... it was locked but that didn't stop him from trying!

And there you have it!
How has your Picture Perfect Project been going?

Don't forget, our next link up is Thursday, September 8th. So gather some photos between now and then and then link up with us on the 11th and show us what you've been up to!


  1. I know I say it every time but these are so much fun!! I love how you switch it up and how much he loves the post office.

  2. This is just so fun! Crazy how the post office backdrop can be so pretty!

  3. I am often blown away by his love of the post office. It's a love like no other that's for sure. And please make him a mailman for Halloween.

  4. You could do these posts for years and I would still love them. I love the outside addition to this post too. This needs to be a photo book or something!

  5. So funny. Do you think he might want to be a mailman one day?

  6. How cute! You should totally make it a photo book!

  7. He is just having way too much fun at the Post Office...I wish I had that much fun when I went. :)

  8. I just love all of these pictures and to see how much he loves the post office, and your post office NEVER has anyone in it! Dream come true.

  9. Absolutely adorable! I think you need to arrange for Mason to meet with a post office employee and get a tour behind the scenes!

  10. You have the best helper, EVER!! Also a little jealous your PO has a self service machine. Our closest PO is in a sketchy neighborhood and would probably be robbed (awful I know lol) That Disneyland mail box is everything.

  11. Love all of these, but my favorite is the Disneyland mailbox - so cool!

  12. Mason is seriously the cutest! And I will die if he somehow ends up working in the postal field when older!

  13. Maybe he will work for the PS! These are always so cute, but esp the Disneyland one =)

  14. This is so inspiring! I love the post:)


  15. I've seen you post mailbox pictures before, but I didn't know the whole story behind it. I love it! You are so right, it's the simple things in life that bring us the most joy!

  16. You seriously make the PO look like a FUN adventure. Meanwhile, I'm over here trying to avoid that place like zika!
    In other news... You should totally use this hashtag to make a Chatbook! It would make an awesome Christmas/birthday gift for Seth's dad!!

  17. Best hashtag EVER. I love every photo and everything about it!

  18. This is definitely yours and Mason's thing. And it's basically the cutest thing ever! I can't get enough of these.


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