#postofficeadventuresofmasonb #part3 [The Picture Perfect Project : July]

Thursday, July 14, 2016

So, you guys, I thought I would only do a recap of my post office pictures every so often, but I think this is my thing. I think the #postofficeadventuresofmasonb IS my Picture Perfect Project of the year! So, bare with me, but I'm back again today sharing more post office pictures!

A little background on the hashtag...
This photo project kind of just came about a couple months ago. I was still working on my one photo a day when I started going to the post office more for work. I'd been doing the same thing, in the same routine, since I started my job in June 2015, but all of a sudden one random day before my January event this year (2016), I kept my envelopes to mail over night. The next morning, I let Mason do the mailing when we went to check the PO Box. I took a picture and did the same thing the next day and then... the hashtag was born. #postofficeadventuresofmasonb

It's quite possibly the longest hashtag ever, but I feel like it describes the situation perfectly. Taking Mason to the post office in the morning is always an adventure! It literally happened by chance but now it is one of my favorite things to do with him. It might seem like a hassle to some, to have to go to the post office to mail something, but for me, it's fun. I get so much joy out of seeing him so, so happy to do something so simple. I stand him up on the counter at the post office (I think my post office is one of the only ones with a counter like this as the one that is closest to my work only had one slot and no counter to stand on), but it works perfectly! Mason feels like SUCH a big boy and I have a big helper doing half my work for me ;)

I try to switch up the poses (and the outfits!) when I post all of Mason's post office adventures, just to keep things interesting. Now that it's summer, it has been easier :)

Here are the pictures that I've shared on Instagram as well as the captions (minus the emojis) that I've shared from June 14th until now.
(You can find Part 1 here and Part 2 here)

06.14.16 //  It's still a few more weeks until we need to go back to the post office for work, so last night, we got creative! Mailman Mason to the rescue for Nanny (Seth's mom)! He opened her mailbox (and had his apple in his hand in case he got hungry, being a mailman is hard work!) and hand delivered her mail to her! Such service!

06.20.16 // Lucky for Mason, one of the special dads in our lives was unable to make it to our Father's Day celebration yesterday, so this morning, we were off to the post office to mail him his card! (ps if you look REALLY hard, sweet boy is just a tad bit too short to reach the mail slot, even on his tippy toes!)

06.21.16 // "Mason, which one is our box?" "Dees one!"

06.23.16 // Mail trucks as far as the eye can see. One morning when I'm not in as much of a rush, I'm going to let him wander around and see them all. If only the big ones weren't behind the locked fence!

06.27.16 // Mason had a big job this morning! He had to mail two packages (returns to Stitch Fix and Old Navy) and four letters (aka bills). Unfortunately (or fortunately!) the package bins were full after he shoved that one in there so he got to ring the bell (you should have seen his face light up!) and the postal worker opened the window. He was so excited to hand over the package and then was quick to wave and say "bye!". I think it made her day as much as it made his.

06.28.16 // Little man got to use the stamp machine today to buy more stamps! I can't believe what a big helper he's become. I tried to have him help put the stamp on the letter too but for fear that the mail man wouldn't be able to deliver the letter with the stamp over the address, I took that back into my own hands. One thing to note : if you look real hard, we had a little addition with us this morning on our PO run. Mason is obsessed! Thank you so much @vanessacalcara !

07.07.16 // I don't know how or when he got so big but he's SUCH a big helper now! Pretty soon he'll be able to reach the mail slot without me putting him on the counter!

07.10.16 // Back to the Monday morning routine! I wish I was as excited that it's Monday!

07.12.16 // The last couple years, I hosted a blogger/toddler birthday exchange with other bloggers who had kids with birthdays around the same time as Mason. This year was no different although most of them probably can't be considered toddlers anymore! Mason and I were paired with @vanessacalcara and Arden and they knocked it out of the park with their gift! This mail truck (!!!) was part of the gift and Mason has taken it to the post office with us almost everyday since he got it!

07.13.16 // We've discovered the packaging station at the post office. I might be in trouble... He tried to pull every envelope off the shelf this morning.

And there you have it!
How has your Picture Perfect Project been going?

Don't forget, our next link up is Thursday, August 11th. So gather some photos between now and then and then link up with us on the 11th and show us what you've been up to!


  1. Girl, this is totally your Picture Perfect Project and I absolutely love it. Mason's love for mail and the post office is so sweet and I love how you embrace it.

  2. These pictures are just the best. Please never ever stop taking them.... even when he is 13 :). They make me smile EVERY single time.

  3. Love these pictures especially the tippy toe ones! I wish they would quit growing and have to stand on their tippy toes forever!

  4. Love these pictures especially the tippy toe ones! I wish they would quit growing and have to stand on their tippy toes forever!

  5. Love these, the one with him standing on his tip toes, the cutest thing ever! I think you need to frame these or create a book of mail pictures with the captions at the end of the year!

  6. Whenever I go to the post office I think of you and Mason!

  7. I always love seeing your post office pics pop up on IG! They are all so cute!

  8. I still love these just as much as the first time! I'm so glad this has become your thing!

  9. These are so fun every time! I wish Aria could reach our mail box and she isn't so much into helping when we go to the post office but she does a great job of killing the weight machine thing. She does like putting the mail in the slots there though, so that works I suppose.

  10. I always love these. :) You help me see the 'good' in the PO since the one I go to is always a cluster-f*ck, ha!!

  11. You seem to make visiting the post office easy. When Connor and I go, it's a total shit show.

  12. These photos will NEVER get old!! Favorite, favorites from sure!!

  13. These photos will NEVER get old!! Favorite, favorites from sure!!

  14. Your PO adventures are the best!! I love that Mason is such a big helper! I'm convinced one of these days you two will actually get to check out the inside of one of those mail trucks!

  15. This IS your PPP and it has become my favorite series to look forward to :)

  16. As always, love your PO adventures and all of the pictures. I am thinking you should find him a mailman costume for either Halloween or just to play in! So fun!


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