[4th Birthday] Blogger/(not so) Toddler Birthday Exchange

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

July. One of my very favorite months. Not because of my birthday, but because it's Mason's birthday! It's also a lot of other family member's birthday's in July so it makes the month extra special. And what also makes the month special is being able to celebrate it with fellow bloggers who have littles with birthdays around the same time as Mason's!

This year is the third annual blogger/(not so) toddler birthday exchange (can you still call them toddler's when they're FOUR!?!?)! When Mason turned two was the first year that I hosted the exchange and I loved doing it so much that we did it last year when he turned three and again this year for his fourth birthday. Mason is seriously so spoiled during the month of July. Not only does he get presents for his actual birthday, but Christmas in July AND his blog birthday! I wish all these exchanges existed when I was little!

Anyway, this year, Mason and I were paired with Traci and Charli from The Hallway Life. We got the pleasure of shopping for sweet Charli for her fourth birthday. You'll have to pop on over to her mom's blog, The Hallway Life, to see what we got her!

Lucky for us, Mason was paired with Vanessa and Arden from Sunflower State of Mind. I found Vanessa last year around this time when I invited Sarah and Brantley to join in the birthday exchange fun and she mentioned that her friend and neighbor and fellow blogger, Vanessa, had a little girl with a birthday around the same time. Unfortunately she wasn't able to participate last year but we were so excited to have her this year!

But enough small talk. Vanessa and Arden NAILED Mason's gift. I can't wait to show you what he got!

While Mason LOVED all of his gifts and quickly tore into the Squirrel Game and the Paw Patrol puzzle, I knew the mail truck was going to be the winner of the package. It didn't take long before Mason wanted to take that mail truck with him everywhere... including the post office (of course!). The very next day after the present arrived, we had to go to the post office to mail a couple letters to our friends and he brought the mail truck with him. It was so fun to see him so excited about bringing his very own mail truck to the post office!

A huge thank you and a very happy birthday to all the mamas and littles who participated in the birthday exchange this year! And an especially extra big thank you to Vanessa and Arden for our gifts!

Ashley and Waverly // Being Brickner
Elizabeth and Mason // Chasin' Mason
Laureen and Tyson // Chateau Deveau
Brittany, Charlie, and Maddie // Just Another Day in Paradise
Desiree and Julia // Macke Monologues
Natasha and Ethan // Schue Love
Sarah and Brantley // Seeing All Sides
Vanessa and Arden // Sunflower State of Mind
Julia and Myles // The Everyday Momma
Traci and Charli // The Hallway Life
Amanda and Lily // Tickled Pink
Laura and Liam // tiny toes, little nose
Whitney and Brielana // Work It Mommy


  1. Such a great present for Mason! Simon was looking at his gifts and the pictures and he said "I think he loves mail trucks!" lol.

  2. Wow!! They picked out such perfect gifts for Mason!! I love the card game and actually ordered it for Cam last night. :) The mail truck was such a great idea. Love it all and really hope to participate next year. We just had too much this month.

  3. That mail truck is the perfect gift for him! That is so cute he wants to take it everywhere!

  4. So much fun! What a great gift!

  5. Giant puzzles are just the best but that mail truck?! Seriously, how perfect is that?!

  6. All the heart eyes for that mail truck!!! So perfect! Now Im going to have to buy that SSS card game, I didnt know that was out! Thank you for hosting this sweet exchange!

  7. Are you kidding me with that mail truck?!? How still stinking perfect!!! I love it!! Thank you so much for hosting this fabulous annual exchange!

  8. Wow, they did great! That mail truck is perfect!

  9. We have a giant puzzle, but it's not Paw Patrol! SO COOL!!
    And, that mail truck? Oh my gosh, just perfect.
    Vanessa nailed it!!
    Thank you so much for organizing this! It was so much fun!

  10. I am dying over the mail truck and I love that he takes it with all the time! I am curious about the card game, i have heard great things about the board game too! Thanks for hosting again!

  11. We have and love that paw patrol puzzle, but boy does that mail truck win the prize for best gift!!!

  12. I just love Mr. Mailman Mason - all the pictures you share on IG of him helping with the daily mail duties are just the cutest. And I LOVE that he got his own little mail truck as a gift. What a perfect present for him! So sorry to have missed the exchange this year, but definitely hope to participate next year:)

  13. This is so so perfect..!! Love that little mail truck!! Celebrating our little ones is the BEST!! Thanks for hosting, friend. :)
    P.S. How is the sneaky snacky card game?

  14. Oh I love how thoughtful this is! The mail truck! And tell me more about the squirrel card game!

  15. Every picture I see of Mason and his mail truck makes me happy! So glad he likes it and wants to take it with him everywhere :) And yes, you'll have to let us know how the SSS card game is! Arden is a card shark and I think she would love it too! Thanks for organizing such a great exchange, Liz!!

  16. Oh my gosh, the mail truck!!!!! I'm not sure there's ever been a more perfect gift for Mason! Way to go, Vanessa (and Amazon)! Thanks for organizing the exchange and happy {early} 4th birthday, Mason!

  17. The mail truck is perfect for him!

  18. The card game would be loved by a certain little one in our home!! I'm going to look for it and add it to his wish list.

  19. Oh my word! They found the most perfect gifts for Mason. I love that she included the mail truck.


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