[3rd Birthday] Blogger Toddler Birthday Exchange -- Round 2!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

First of all, it just felt SO weird to write THIRD BIRTHDAY. How is that even possible? Luckily Mason's been really into saying "two!" lately so maybe I can be in denial for a little while longer until he learns he's three? A mom can dream.

I had so much fun hosting the first blogger toddler birthday exchange last year that I knew I wanted to do it this year as well. But this year, I was lucky enough to have a co-host help me! Laureen from Chateau Deveau has quickly become one of my good blog friends and when she emailed me to ask if I was planning on doing the exchange again, I was excited to tell her yes and to ask her to be my co-host. We exchanged a few emails, picked some dates, and sent out some invitations. Everyone from last year wanted to participate again and we made some new friends so overall, I'd say this exchange was a success! That and Mason pretty much scored in the present department.

Mason and I were actually lucky enough to be paired up with Laureen and her kids, Tyson and Harper this year. One might think that this exchange was rigged seeing as how she and I were the ones that set up the Elfster account to make the partner matches but I assure you, this match was made solely based on Elfster. Regardless of how it happened though, we were super excited to see the package arrive with their names on it!

And to say Mason was excited about his gifts would be an understatement. No joke. In fact, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Warning : this post is picture heavy!

and a personalized message!

Since receiving these gifts, we've done the Mickey puzzle no less than probably 50 times. It is Mason's go-to. He runs straight for it when he gets home from school and then pulls Seth or I over to help him. It's so cute. He LOVES his new puzzle! The book has quickly become one of his new favorites as well and the numbers are such good quality. We love to put them in order and count. Seriously, Tyson and Harper chose the BEST presents for Mason. It was love at first sight!

Mason and I were lucky enough to be able to send Sara and Mac of Running from the Law some presents. We picked out some things we thought Mac would like, wrapped them up and sent them off and then it hit me. It's Mim's birthday in July too! And we couldn't leave her out. So I found some goodies for her on Amazon and off they went. Mac and Mim, we hope you like your birthday presents!

Thank you to everyone who participated in this exchange! Once again, we had the best time and we wish all the toddlers a VERY happy birthday!

The mamas and minis participating in the exchange were :

Amanda & Lily : Tickled Pink
Ashley & Waverly : Words About Waverly
Elizabeth & Mason : Chasin' Mason
Jess & Sadie : Sadie Sky Boutique
Laura & Liam : Tiny Toes, Little Nose
Laura & Presley : Happily Ever Parker
Laureen & Tyson : Chateau Deveau
Natasha & Ethan : Schue Love
Sara & Mac : Running From the Law
Sarah & Brantley : Seeing All Sides
Stephanie & Gray : Olive and Tate
Traci & Charli : The HALLway

Head on over and check out the goodies they all got!


  1. So fun! I still can't get over the amount of birthdays in the summer! I truly love this idea!!! Mason got some really cool gifts, as you know we love puzzles over here too :). Happy Birthday Mason! I can't believe he's three either! And that means noah will be soon too!!!

  2. Yea, love all the pictures!! Happy (almost) birthday Mason!! We love you and were so excited to send YOU some gifts. I was creeping on your book ledge pictures to make sure you didn't already have that book and I had a feeling those puzzle blocks would get stacked sky high..!! :) xo

  3. Mason made out with some amazing stuff. Puzzles?! Books?! The way to your little man's heart, for sure. :)
    What a fun exchange!!

  4. i think this is just the cutest idea! i love seeing what everyone got in the swap! happy early 4th!

  5. Thank you so so so much for the amazing presents! Mac has slept with the planes every night for a week now, so you know it's a REALLY GOOD gift. :) And you are so sweet and thoughtful to send Mim a gift too! Thank you so much for that! We love those books! Thanks so much for organizing this exchange. Blog swaps with friends are the BEST!

  6. You were so sweet to include Mim! And that book is a big hit in our house, but sometimes the sheer length of it kills me, ha!

  7. Best exchange ever. Now if only somebody would do this for Fall bdays.

  8. Everyone in blogland seems to be raving about this exchange party! Looks like Mason loved his puzzle.

  9. I didn't realize Mason has started talking. That's awesome! Way to go, Mason!!

  10. How fun! Mason got some wonderful gifts and these pictures are adorable!


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