[A Year of Dates] July.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

I would be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to our July date from the minute that I bought the tickets. As soon as I heard on the radio that Kenny Chesney was coming to the Rose Bowl, I KNEW we had to go. BUT, problem is, I was pretty sure the tickets were going to be insanely expensive. But I wanted to try anyway. So when I heard a special code on the radio to text to a number to receive early access to the ticket sales, I knew I had to try because I knew the cheaper tickets would sell out quickly. So I texted away. I received the code and was told what day and time the pre-sale started. And I set my alarm. (No joke.) I hopped on the internet at precisely 10am on the December morning and I was able to snag $25 tickets to the Kenny Chesney concert! WOOHOO! I knew they would be ridiculously far away from the stage, but I didn't care, because they were affordable and I knew I could hear the music anywhere and that there would be big TV screens. And I was right.

Nanny came over bright and early Saturday morning around 11am and Mason was so excited to see her. She barely stepped one foot in the door and Mason wanted to take her outside so they headed off to Chick Fil-A to grab some lunch and then come back. They arrived back around noon and then Seth and I were off to LA to grab some lunch and then head over to the Rose Bowl for the concert. One selfie later and we were off!

It took us a little longer than expected to get to LA due to an accident on the freeway right by our house so it was lucky we left early. We stopped for lunch and found out that there was a bus that would take us to the Rose Bowl for just $5 per person (which we jumped at because parking at the Rose Bowl was supposed to be $40!!!! Highway robbery). A short 10 minute ride and we were there!

I immediately started to feel old as all these teenagers and young twenty-somethings were walking around wearing barely anything and downing beers like it was their job. Me, I was more interested in grabbing a water (since it was hotter than heck in the sun), walking around, and then sitting in the shade and putting on sunscreen (#old).

They had red "solo cup trash cans" set up like beer pong, which I actually thought was pretty creative and cool.

After a little while of hanging out, we made our way inside and found our seats. THANKFULLY they were somewhat in the shade because it was SO HOT in the sun. I thought I was going to melt. Our seats were actually two rows from the top but we decided to sit at the top because it was more shaded and thankfully nobody ever came and we got to stay there.

Clearly we don't get out much. Another couple selfies and then the concert started. Cole Swindell and Brantley Gilbert opened...

...and then Jason Aldean came out to play for about an hour or so. I wasn't too sure about him at first but I didn't realize I knew and liked so many of his songs and actually ended up really enjoying his performance.

And then it was time for Kenny. Who was AMAZING, of course.

He even came in riding on a swing. See him there at the end of the arrow?

We ended up leaving a little early because I wasn't feeling well. I think it might have been a combination of the people smoking whatever they were smoking next to us and the food I ate at lunch, but even though we had to leave early, I really enjoyed our date and the concert.

BUT, I think I might have come to the realization that we might be too old for concerts. Of course there were older people there who were enjoying themselves, but the whole group of teenagers/early twenty year olds who were next to us kind of ruined it for us. They were drinking, drinking, drinking the whole time. And I swear they looked like they were only 17 or 18 and not even old enough to drink. Then they started smoking and blowing it right over at us. Then one of the girls started crying because her boyfriend was doing this that or the other thing. And then the super drunk guy of the group fell down the bleachers. All in all, not my cup of tea anymore. And I know how old I sound, but still. I just wanted to enjoy myself, listen to music, and have a nice night. Kind of the like the people right in front of us who I could (eavesdrop) and see that the guy was texting his mom (who I assumed was watching his kid and I was right) and the wife was showing him a video that the mother-in-law had sent of their son watching Mickey Mouse. Yep, those are my kind of people!

But, though there were definitely some downs, I'm definitely glad we went and had a great date night with Seth!


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  1. So fun! I saw that Reese Witherspoon was at that concert too... But she got to go back and meet Kenny lol. And I'm with you, I feel too old to do a lot of "fun" things anymore. The drink until you're drunk is just annoying now. I'll stick with my dinner and a movie date lol.

  2. That's awesome. I often feel like I'm too old for concerts anymore.... We do have tickets to one in October. We'll see how I do. Glad you got some shade!

  3. Oh you are getting "older." LOL! The fact you were there is a thrill in itself. Such drama, even at a concert, cracks me up. My husband and I had our date last Friday night and we went to a bar/restaurant to see a friend of my girls band. Trust me by 8:00 that bar turned in to a pick up place for 50's and older. I sat back and people watched all night, thinking and thanking God to NEVER, NEVER let my husband leave me because the thought of having to try and date or even attempt to hang out at these places, well, never will happen. So glad you shared the details of your date. It made this "older" woman laugh.

  4. Even though you weren't seated next to the most ideal crowd, I'm still insanely jealous you were there!
    Next time maybe we can all go together and enjoy each other's company, rather than the rowdy youngsters. ;)

  5. LOL at the "too old for concerts" - I always think they same thing!! Looks like an amazing show, though :) Fun fact - I have a photo with Kenny from back in the day when he was doing the County Fair circuit! He's come a long way!

  6. Great deal on tickets! I'm with you on the too old for concerts thing. I haven't been to one in ages. I think the only big headliner I would go to nowadays is Brad Paisley. I'm not into the whole drunk, college kid scene much, so I'm right there with you!

  7. $25 dollar tickets? Winner, winner! That’s freakin’ awesome. Love the selfie! And the bus? Perfect! We saw Jason Aldean at the George Strait concert in January and he put on a great show! I was pleasantly surprised. And I am in love with his new song “Tonight looks good on you”. And I can totally relate. Nathan and I feel so old at concerts! We're going on a date tonight at the Ranger Game. There we don't feel so old! haha

  8. can we talk about my EXTREME JEALOUSY RIGHT NOW!!! seriously. extreme. ugh. SO FUN.

  9. I definitely feel old at concerts too. Some of are people are not my scene. But the talent is always amazing!

  10. Besides the nonsense going on around you, this sounds so fun! Jason Aldean is Brian's favorite country singer too. I havent been to a concert in forever and probably fit in the #old category- I dont even know how to play beer pong :/ Such is life lol

  11. So cool. I love Jason Aldean & I would have loved to see these two when they were here in Wisconsin playing at Lambeau Field. However, the tickets, by the time I looked at them, were WAY too much.

    I too love the Red Solo Cup trash cans, too funny. :)

    Mandie ~ http://badbrewpack.blogspot.com/

  12. I'm so jealous! I've seen a lot of country artists over the years, but I've never seen Kenny. I'm sure I would feel old too, but I just love him so much.

  13. I love your recap! Hilarious! He's in KC this weekend and I soooo want to go, but my hubby can't stand Jason Aldean! Ha! And those red solo/beer pong trash cans?! Amazing!!

  14. Oh my goodness I laughed when you said "I think we're too old for concerts" I have totally felt that too. I really think it just depends on the venue and who your seeing too.

    $40 for parking?! That is INSANE. I hate when people screw you over on parking.

  15. What an awesome date!! He's playing in my hometown tonight and several of my friends AND my parents are going. #jealous I would love to see Jason Aldean too! Great concert!

  16. Jason Aldean too..?! I really like his voice/music.
    Great date, yea for cheap seats (boo for teeny-boppers, how annoying)!!

  17. haha, I just love ridiculous partiers. partyers? is that not a word? whatever. I just love when I can smell pot from my damn backyard. I'm like really? Gross. The smell gives me a headache. It is a wonder I survived college in Boulder, right? 420 was basically a holiday - classes were generally cancelled. police all over. Anyways...so not my scene. I can't picture Kenny Chesney on a swing? Sounds like pink. or something. Although maybe I'm not even picturing him since I'm not a country music fan.

  18. What a fun concert at an awesome venue!!!


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