[A Year of Dates] May.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Remember when I said last week that I didn't think that we were going to have a May date and I was bummed about it? Well, turns out I was wrong! Thanks to my wonderful husband, we had a family date night (with Mason!) on Saturday night after my last day of work.

I was originally supposed to go out with some co-workers from my (now) old job to celebrate the fact that we had all gotten new jobs but things fell through and we moved it to this week. So, all of a sudden, I was free Saturday night, so we decided, why not have family date night?

So we did. And it was awesome!

We opted to go to dinner at the Lazy Dog Cafe since we hadn't been in a while.

...although you wouldn't know that we had fun by this picture.
Someone was NOT happy that we had to wait 25 minutes for a table.

So Mason and Daddy walked back and forth and balanced and walked on the "balance beam" while we waited.

We got seated and lucky for me, I chose the correct side of the table to sit on. The Ducks game was on and Seth's side of the table faced the TVs in the bar area. He was a happy camper =P 
As was Mason who cheered the Ducks on when they would score a goal!

When the server came by, I knew exactly what I wanted to order to drink - the sangria sampler. I can never remember which one I like the best (the pomegranate red!) so I love to get this little sampler. My favorite part is that the sangrias come in these cute little Mason jars!

Seth opted for the beer sampler this time since he hadn't tried most of them before. He was pleasantly surprised that he liked all of their beers.

We ordered some sweet potato tator tots and a hummus trio platter for appetizers. We LOVE both of these! I highly recommend them! (They are Lazy Dog favorites!)

Parent tested. Kid approved.

Mason got mac and cheese and fruit for dinner (and ate almost the whole thing of both!) and Seth and I shared this AMAZING mediterranean flat bread pizza. This is totally something I wouldn't normally order but we tried it a couple times back and I am hooked. I think it's the balsamic drizzle that gives it that extra flavor that is so, so good!

My cute dates for the night :)

Even though it's not what I had planned and it was total spur of the moment, we had the best time - the three of us - all together. Mason was SO good sitting there in the booth and ate SO much for dinner and Seth's and my food and drinks were just as delicious. If you have a Lazy Dog Cafe around you, I highly recommend it! And I highly recommend the sangria sampler as well :)

This has me looking forward to our June date! Hopefully it happens before the last day of the month!

(we didn't end up doing what I had planned, but I am glad that we got to do something. I'm hoping to postpone this date to another month because I still really want to go here!)

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  1. Family dates can be fun too! You just have to roll with the punches when you have kids. That sangria sampler sounds amazing! I'm so impressed Mason ate his meal! The other night when we took noah out he just ate multiple pieces from the bread basket and then vanilla ice cream!

  2. Sounds like a delicious date! Sweet potato tator tots?? I've never had them but they sound delightful!

  3. So glad you got a date, even if you had a tag a long! Those sangrias look delish and sweet potato tots... yum!

  4. Impromptu date nights are the best. Those drink samplers look awesome and ALL that food looks delish. You've got my mouth watering..!! Mason's eyes peaking over the phone are too cute. :) Sounds like a perfect family date.

  5. Im a sucker for food pictures! And family dates are fun too!

  6. Booths are like magical kid seats I think. We found this out one trip out for brunch. So now always booth! She can run around on her chunk of the seat...esp if it is one of those big round ones until dinner arrives. win win. I love when somebody else cooks for me. And a sangria sampler? yum!

  7. We usually only do family dates (no family near us) and that sangria sampler sounds PERFECT. And sweet potato tots!!! so yum.

  8. Oh WOW!!! That place looks fantastic! No wonder you had to wait so long.

    I love that you were able to make the best out of plans when things didn't work out the way you imagined them. Family date nights are always some of my favorites too!

  9. What a perfect date night! Looks like some amazing food with amazing company!

  10. How fun! And that food looks awesome! I like that you were able to make it a family date night since the month of May didn't work out for the 2 of you. And your drink sampler! That looks sooooo yummy!

  11. So cute! I still love this idea. And that food looks amazing! Give me ALL the sangria!!!

  12. I'm proud of you for raising a ducks fan. Even if they bummed me out this playoff ;) I love family date night!! You guys are the cutest!

  13. Waiting for a table is the worst! I completely agree haha but totally worth it.

  14. Sometimes family dates are the best! There are times when just Scott and I will go out for dinner and i find myself wishing Marcus was with us, and rushing to get back home to hang out with him.
    Lazy Dog Café. YUM!!! The four of us will have to go back there the next time we're in your area. We all loved that place!!

  15. What a perfect family date night! I love that it was totally spontaneous and ended up being so much fun!!

  16. Sounds like a great family date night! Awhoo hoo! That pizza looks AMAZING! Yum! :)

    Mandie ~ http://badbrewpack.blogspot.com/

  17. Yay for a family date night! That sangria sampler sounds amazing. What were the other two flavors? Mason jars are my love language. All of the food looks delicious and the pictures are adorable.


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