Five on Friday!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Hello Friday! I couldn't be happier to see you. Since I worked all week last week and all weekend last weekend and all week this week, I feel like I am over due for a weekend break. And this weekend? I plan to live it up to it's full extent! Which has a wayyyy different meaning now that I have a child than in college. To translate, what I mean is, I hope to sleep in past 5:25am tomorrow. A mom can dream.

Without further ado... here are my five random friday loves for this week...

Frozen Yogurt.

When I think of summer, I think of ice cream dates. And while I love a good trip to Cold Stone or Baskin Robbins, I also love me some frozen yogurt. I had a major craving after work yesterday and might have stopped for a little treat on my way home from work. The salted caramel fro yo is TO DIE FOR.

Autism Puzzle Piece.

My friend Rachel sent me this awesome gift package of this necklace and these bracelets a couple weeks ago. I LOVED them instantly and was so excited that she sent them to me. I actually haven't been wearing necklaces a lot recently (since I prefer wearing scarves) but I wanted to have the necklace piece with me at all times. So... I made it into a keychain and it goes with me everywhere I go. I love it!

This ecard.

I saw this pin on Instagram actually and thought it was so funny. While Mason is actually pretty good and doesn't make me want to drink (most of the time), I found this to be so funny! And oddly enough, I actually had a glass of wine last night!



Since my new work place is so casual, I've been on the hunt for some good t-shirts. I've been wearing jeans lately, but have pretty much been wearing all my business casual shirts with the jeans and am looking for some t-shirts. I haven't tried on the Gap ones yet, but so far I'm liking the Old Navy ones (but wish they came in more colors) and find that the Loft ones that they have in store don't real fit me well. Help! I'm looking for some casual, everyday shirts that I can wear with jeans and flip flops or flats that fit well and are kind of flowy and not too tight (I don't love form fitted shirts). Any recommendations??

T-shirts for toddlers.

Mickey // Cars

Speaking of t-shirts, when Old Navy was having a sale a couple weeks ago, I grabbed these shirts for Mason. To be honest, I usually shy away from graphic tees (because I'm boring) but when I saw these, I knew he had to have them. I'm glad I bought them because he loves when I show him that that is what he's wearing that day. He gets the biggest smile and pumps his arms like he's so excited. It's the cutest thing!

Happy Friday!


  1. First off, I love the puzzle piece necklace and bracelet... It's perfect! As for flowy shirts... Try the one eleven line at express. I have also found a few at j Jill of all places lol. And finally, we are huge fans of graphic tees. I try to sneak in a few stripe or solid tees, but noah prefers the graphic ones. Get ready for Mason asking to wear specific shirts now! If I pick out a "regular" shirt, noah will often request a specific digger, dinosaur, or fire truck shirt ;). He is also against any shorts that don't have an elastic waist!

  2. What a sweet puzzle piece charm to get in the mail. I like that you made it into a keychain. I never wear much jewelry at all.
    I have a bunch of Old Navy tees, I like them well enough. Also target. Jcrew has some that seem like winners but cost an arm.
    Cute Disney shirts!!
    Yeah that wine adds up huh? And now I'm starving. I start with Jamie's mac and cheese and now you add froyo. Looking forward to some paleo friendly breakfast now...oh wait, that is all terribly boring... =(

  3. A great reminder of the wonderful child God placed in your life. A very good friend you have. Enjoy the weekend and catch up on some R & R.

  4. I love that jewelry and it makes it better that it is for a good cause! Target has plain t-shirts for $5 every few weeks. They have plain colors and designs!

  5. You made it into a keychain?! Genius. And I'm telling you I ALMOST bust out a bottle of wine Tuesday at noon.

  6. TGIF!! :) What sweet jewelry, I love the puzzle piece 'symbol' for autism.
    I got two of these tops from Old Navy and I LOVE them (will probably order more):
    I ordered talls, so they are pretty long/and have a pretty loose fit, but I like that with skinny jeans (and this post baby belly, ha!), and wear a cami under them.
    I've been trying to get some 'fun' shirts as I usually shy away from 'themed' ones too; that's so cute Mason gets so excited. I think Tys would wear his ironman shirt EVERYDAY if it was his choice.

  7. Try Express for good t-shirts! I haven't been into a store (let alone a mall) in forever, but they always had the best selection of colors and styles of basic tees. I lived in their tees when I could fit into them. :)
    FROYO!! We had a family date and grabbed some earlier this week. I had the salted caramel too. Oh my gosh, so good! And, I justified my HUGE serving with two reasons a) it's better than ice cream b) M2 wanted it just as badly as me. Somehow, I think neither actually did my hips or butt any favors. :)
    That autism pendant is gorgeous!! And I love that you made it apart of your keychain so you could always have it with you.

  8. Check out JCrew Factory, I love their v-neck slub tees. They are lightweight, comfy, loose, but flattering. Or even Target Mossimo, I usually just get some plain white ones since white never stays white longer than a few months...

  9. Love the puzzle pieces! I have some of the Old Navy vintage fit tees. Target's Merona brand has been pretty good, too. Don't be afraid to size up if you want them a little more flowy.

  10. I love that puzzle piece! Try looking in Target for some looser tees!

  11. Those bracelets & necklaces are beautiful! I have a puzzle piece pin from when I taught at the Delaware Autism Program, and I still love to wear it every once awhile. Makes me think of my kiddos that I miss there!

  12. Love my Old Navy tees! I've been living in mine this summer too. And that necklace is beautiful!

  13. I have to size up for a more loose fit but I love the ones from target

  14. After reading this, I now have a serious froyo craving this morning! I may have to get some on my lunch break today :) I love the gift package you got too. I'm a fan of Old Navy; I haven't tried JCrew clothes, but I've heard they're decent quality.

  15. That package from Rachel…so sweet!!! And amen to that e-card! haha

  16. I love your favorites this week! Those shirts look so comfy! I need to check them out for my job too! And fro yo is the way to go! #saltedcarameleverything haha


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