Five [Father's Day Gift Ideas] on Friday + a Giveaway!

Friday, June 19, 2015

I know, I know, I'm a little late to the Father's Day Gift Guide game, but hear me out for a second. If your husband is as easy to shop for as mine is then 1) you probably don't even need this gift guide or 2) you can easily run out today or tomorrow and get him something he'll love.

You're welcome.

To be honest, I always think that Seth is super hard to shop for. I mean, he NEVER gives me any ideas of what he wants, so I always have to guess. Luckily for me, I am a good guesser, but when it comes to holidays like Christmas, where I need to get more than one thing, it can sometimes get difficult. We'll save that gift guide for later, and today I'd like to focus on some gift ideas for Father's Day.

Baseball tickets // Angels tickets. Need I say more? If your husband loves baseball as much as mine does, ticket to a live game are always a good choice! (baseball image source here)

Beer // Build Your Own 6 Pack. Our local store (Total Wine and More) has this option where you can build your own 6 pack. I think a lot of places are starting to do things like this but this was the first place I saw it. When all else fails, this is my go-to. I usually have no idea what I'm doing when I choose the beers, but always manage to pick something good and Seth is super happy. When I build my own 6 pack, I always choose the small (regular sized) beers, but they have an awesome selection of the larger beer bottles at Costco now that Seth always drools over every time we go that would make great gifts too (in fact we got my brother-in-law a few different bottles for his birthday one year). (beer image source here)

Cell Phone Cover // Otter Box. Toddlers don't treat things quite as nicely as adults do (understatement of the year - at least in my house). That being said, Seth's phone often time takes a beating. A new cell phone cover would be a nice way to keep his phone looking nice while still protecting it. His favorite covers are Otter Box covers. In black. Only. (phone case image source here)

Coffee // Gift card. If you know Seth, it's not secret that he LOVES coffee. Seriously, he cannot function without his morning cup. More often than not, he will take a travel mug full of coffee to work with him, and then while he is out working and doing inspections, if he passes a Starbucks, he will get another cup. I'm pretty sure that man could drink coffee morning, noon, and night and still fall asleep at night. That being said, a Starbucks gift card (or in our case, a refill to our joint Starbucks account) would be perfect. (gift card image source here)

Clothes // Charles River Apparel Men's Pack-n-Go Pullover. If your husband/father is anything like my husband, he is almost never cold. I swear it can be like 40 degrees outside and Seth wouldn't wear a sweatshirt (ok, maybe that's a slight exaggeration). But in all seriousness, Seth loves to wear t-shirts and shorts. And would year round if he could get away with wearing them to work. The kind people at Charles River Apparel were nice enough to send me a jacket for Mother's Day to review and then were even nicer to reach out to me for Father's Day and offer to send one of three items to Seth to review as well. To say he was excited was an understatement (I think he felt a little left out at Mother's Day since I caught him browsing their website after I got mine in the mail, looking at the options for men). Seth chose the Men's Pack-n-Go Windbreaker Pullover since it was more his style. He was super excited when it got here which made taking some pictures of him in the jacket a lot easier :)

And now for a giveaway!

Giveaway runs from June 19, 2015 at midnight Pacific time to June 26, 2015 at midnight Pacific Time. The winner will receive a free jacket of their choice in style and color and size. Open to US residents only. Winner will be notified by email by me.

Jacket choices are as follows :

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  1. Baseball tickets and beer... That sounds perfect :). Hope Seth has a great Father's Day!

  2. All great ideas! I hope Seth has a lovely Father's Day weekend!

  3. Baseball tickets are on our list, too. :) I'm just hoping both our families can make it to the same game together.
    For Valentine's Day I did a three month subscription to Beer of the Month Club. It was a pretty big hit. A 12 pack (4 bottles of 3 different beers) was shipped directly to our house.
    That windbreaker is awesome! Scott was actually saying the other day that he actually needs one of those!

  4. Shopping for men is never my fave. Just going to Total Wine is a fave of mine though.

  5. That's a really nice jacket! It looks so good on Seth! I can't enter the giveaway because I live in Canadaland, sadface.

  6. Those look like great gifts! Russ would love the build your own 6 pack! I should do that sometime!

  7. These are the best ideas!! I hope you guys had an amazing day celebrating Seth! Mason scored in the parent department with you and Seth!!

  8. I love a man in a pullover. It's so weird I know but I think it's hot... like sporty meets preppy.

  9. Great ideas! And I love that pullover. I think Nate would like it, too. And you can never go wrong with baseball tickets!!


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