Announcing... Christmas in July!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Courtney, Jamie, Amanda, and I would like to invite you to... a Christmas in July Party!

Last year Mason and I had so much fun participating in Jenny and Courtney's exchange and I am so honored to be co-hosting this year! We just loved sending and receiving our boxes full of amazing things for the kids that we wanted to do it again this year. Not to mention many of the participants said they'd love to do it again, and who are we to disappoint all our blog friends?

The idea is simple : fill a box with anything you think your partner's kid(s) would love - water toys, craft supplies, books, etc, with a limit  $20 before shipping.

Sound like fun? You can sign up HERE to participate! It's a couple question survey just gathering some information about you and your kid(s) that will help your partner come up with ideas on what to send you. The link is open from now until Friday, June 26th. You don't have to be a blogger to participate, but we ask that you share what you receive on social media with #xmasinjulygiftexchange. The matches will be announced on the blog and emailed by June 30th so check back!

Some important information : please send out your packages no later than July 13th and please keep your tracking number just in case something goes astray. Don't forget the wrapping paper! Then come back on Monday, July 27th to link up and share what you received.

This gift exchange is limited to US residents only (sorry!)

We certainly hope you will sign up. It is always a treat to receive something special in the mail!


PS -- today you can also find me over at Beauty and the Binky sharing my story for her "Motherhood from Every Angle" series!


  1. Just signed up! I'm so excited!!!

  2. Yay! Excited to be a part of this with you girls :)

  3. What a fun idea! Too bad I don't have little kids at home anymore. Grandchildren, but I couldn't choose just one to do. Looking forward to seeing what you all do. This is funny your title, because over the weekend I was brainstorming a post for July. AND, the title was going to be Christmas in July! Then I saw your post in my feed this morning. Will have to change it. Great minds think alike they say!

  4. This looks like so much fun! Such a fun way to spoil the kiddos

  5. We participated last year in the Christmas in July exchange and loved it!
    I want to so badly do it again this year, but I'm concerned I'll have a baby/be having a baby/transitioning to life with 2 kids, etc. right around that time, and I don't want a mommy/pregnancy brain to slip up and forget, or be late. Can't wait to see all the fun things that are exchanged though!

  6. I love this exchange -- it's how I meet and feel in love with Courtney over at Shiraz! To say I have high expectations of a fun partner is a total understatement!

  7. How fun! I need to look at my calendar and see if we can participate. We have so much traveling ahead of us!

  8. I'm super excited!! I just filled the form out! Let me know if it didn't go through! ;)


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