Weekending + [A Year of Dates] June.

Monday, June 29, 2015

I'll be honest... I've kinda dropped the ball on the Year of Dates present that I gave Seth for Christmas. May came and almost went and we were able to get in a family date. Then June came and almost went, and we improvised with something we already had planned for the weekend as our June date. Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do when life gets busy. But don't worry. We actually have July's date planned (and a babysitter lined up!) so we're good to go there :)

But, getting back to the weekend plans...

Saturday started off with our bi-weekly date to the Lowe's Build and Grow. We're on vehicle #2 in the series of 6 for Marvel's Avengers and this weekend's vehicle was Captain America's Motorcycle. Mason wasn't quite as excited as he was last time for the AvenJet but he still had fun helping daddy put it together.

We followed up Lowe's with a trip to Costco and were disappointed that we were too early for samples. Noon seems to be the prime time there but it's also a complete zoo. I'd gladly bring snacks for Mason and go around 10:30am than try to brave the hungry crowds at lunch time.

After Costco, we came home to unload, have some lunch, and hang out until we headed over to our friend's co-ed baby shower. Mason and their son had a BLAST in the bounce house that they got for the party!

Sunday we had plans to go out to brunch for our friend's birthday. I hadn't originally thought of it as our June date because there were other people there, but since we had a babysitter and were kid free and I miiiiiiiight have had bottomless mimosas with brunch, I'd consider that a date!

We got home around 2:30pm and found out that no nap ninja had struck again. He had fallen asleep for like 5 minutes max on the way to Nanny's house in the morning and then 5 minutes max on the way back home for nap time and so nap time was shot. Luckily he was in a good mood so we took advantage and went swimming. I had high hopes of finally going in (I usually just send Seth in with Mason because I don't feel like getting in) and then when we got to the pool, it was sooooooo cold that I didn't want to get in. #partypooper But the temperature of the water didn't stop the boys and Mason jumped in about 10,000 times in a row until we called it a night.

This picture isn't the best as both of their eyes are closed, but I think it's so sweet they are smiling so big!

We came home from swimming and I had these high hopes of making pizzas on the grill. You know, Pinterest made it look easy.... or that's what I told Seth. Ha!

Keep in mind, these both started off as normal looking rectangles. And this is how they ended. They might look crazy but they tasted darn delicious! We plan to try again because it actually was super good and if we figure out how to make it better, I'll be sure to share.

And there you have it. Our weekend in a nutshell.


(while we didn't end up going here, I'd still like to try it out sometime so we'll add it to the list)

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  1. Mimosas makes for a great sorta date in my book! I love the grilled pizzas (that's the first one up on my summer list, I was looking through bunches of grilled pizza recipes last night). I think I'll have to make like 4 doughs up since I'm sure I will fail at least once. Our grill is only big enough for one at a time I think. Which method did you use?

  2. We went to Costco this weekend too. We got tons of samples but it was a zoo. Chris always tells me I should go during the week and basically eat samples for lunch, but they never have many samples during the week. But like you, I'll skip the samples to avoid the crowds!

    And don't worry about dropping the ball a little with the dates. Chris and I totally slacked off October-December. In our family birthdays and other plans start coming fast and furious in October, so it seemed crazy to ask my mom to babysit the one weekend all of us were free. I think even the idea of the year of dates and being more aware of spending that time together is special.

  3. No Nap Ninja strikes again! Glad you got out to brunch - mimosas! yum!

  4. That is a goid idea to do a bounce house at the baby shower! And I don't blame you on the bottomless mimosas, sounds so good! I love the pic of them in the pool too, they look so happy!

  5. Um, I'd call bottomless mimosas totally date-worthy! :) Sounds amazing to me.
    If you try speedzone let us know what it's like. Sounds like fun.
    Seriously, you can't beat a good bounce house. If we had more room I'd consider getting those smaller backyard ones and just keep it up all the time.
    LOVE seeing your boys so happy in the pool.

    P.S. Does Seth have any idea what your July date is? I know, and I'm so amazingly jealous. I just begged Scott if we could go, and I was denied. Lame.

  6. Mimosas, yum! I love brunch. Looks like Mason and Seth had a lot of fun in the pool! Trips to Costco are always the best. I have one by my work and will sometimes go over my lunch break to get samples and a slice of their pizza :) Grilled pizza is one of those things we NEED to try this summer but we haven't done yet. What kind of dough did you use?

  7. that dinosaur towel picture is MY FAVORITE THING EVER. well that and bottomless mimosas.

  8. I really want to try the whole pizza thing on the grill. Yummy!

    I love Mason's dinosaur towel. So cute. :)

    Mandie ~ http://badbrewpack.blogspot.com/

  9. Love that you guys are doing all of the Build & Grows. Mason will have quite the collection once he is done! So fun. And you always get the cutest pictures at those events. Bottomless Mimosas? Score!! That picture of you and Seth is adorable. I’ve always been curious about grilling pizza, but had a feeling ours would turn out even

  10. Bottomless mimosas?! Whhhaaat?! Also so neat they had something for the kids at the shower! Totally wanting to try a grilled pizza but we just haven't gotten around to it. Did you make your own? Also still haven't gotten around to a Lowe's class either.,.

  11. Your pizzas turned out so cool! They remind me of state outlines which is so appropriate for this week!

  12. The pizza on the grill - yum!!! Love the pictures!

  13. Those pizzas look so good! And that Lowe's activity looks like fun!

  14. I've been wanting to try grilling pizzas and I'm pretty sure that's how ours would turn out! Glad I'm not the only one! Ha

  15. Those pizzas look delicious!! :) I absolutely LOVE that picture of Mason with his dinosaur towel, print that as big as you can..!! It is hard to keep up on the dates, we're also about a month behind but trying to get caught up, I think we need to find us some bottomless mimosas, YUM.

  16. We love pizza on the grill! I can ask Jeff for specifics, but we buy the pilsbury wheat crust. He bakes it in the oven for a bit first and then grills it.

  17. That scrunchy faced picture of the two of them might be the cutest thing ever. You need that one framed and hanging on the wall. Adorable.


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