[A Year of Dates] March.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Thank you all SO much for all your kind words and support for our family after I posted this on Monday! Seriously, it means so much to us. Thank you!


For our March date, I didn't really have anything specific planned besides celebrating Seth's birthday. I figured we would go out to some sort of dinner/do some sort of activity with friends when I made our date cards, but I didn't really have a specific date or thing planned.

Lucky for the birthday boy, who's birthday happened to fall on a Tuesday this year, he got to celebrate multiple times!

Saturday the 7th, we celebrated with our friends with a joint birthday celebration with our friend Matt (who's birthday happens to be 9 days before Seth's, on March 1st). The boys have been celebrating together for the past couple years when we all became adults and realized that going out to dinner was expensive. (Sucks being an adult, doesn't it?)

We started off the birthday celebrating with a trip to a new, local brewery, Barley Forge.

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We had all decided to meet there and drink and have dinner there. I was under the impression that this place was a restaurant/brewery and while they did have food... it was more like bar food. Needless to say, I wasn't really interested in eating a dinner of bar food. Everyone else agreed too so people drank and had some tasters for a little while and then we went to find real food... around 8pm.

This was a bad idea for so many reasons.
1. Most of the people in our group had had... a few beverages by then.
2. 8pm is not the ideal time to go find a table at a restaurant on a Saturday night with no reservation.

So, we walked over to a hamburger place... who had a 20-30 minute wait for a party of 10. Not horrible, so we put our name on the list. They said they would text us when our table was ready so we walked over to another restaurant (a taco place) while we waited. They had no wait to be seated so we got some drinks and ordered some tacos while we waited. A sort of, appetizer round if you will. However, the tacos took FOREVER (we each only got one each). The hamburger place called to tell us our table was ready and we hadn't even gotten the tacos yet so we asked to put our names at the bottom of the list again. They said it was no problem but it would be another 30 minutes. We finally get our tacos around 9pm, eat, pay, and head back over to the hamburger place. By now it is 9:30pm and I am wondering if we should really be eating burgers this late, but alas Seth and I decide to share something. And boy was it tasty. We finished dinner around 10:15pm and (since we are old), we headed home. Seth said he had fun (which is all that matters) but moral of the story - a woman should always be in charge ;)

Sunday the 8th, we had a family birthday celebration. We had the dinner catered by a taco place and the food was DELICIOUS. I made Boston Creme Pie Cupcakes and we all just hung out, talked, and ate. It was perfection.

Tuesday the 10th, his actual birthday, Bubbie wanted to take us out to dinner, but Seth had softball so we suggested the next night. So, Wednesday the 11th, Seth had his last birthday celebration and we went out to dinner with Bubbie. We went to a Chinese restaurant and Mason was SO well behaved.
That in itself was a birthday present and miracle :) 

We got seated at a booth and while we waited for the highchair to come, I slid Mason into the booth to sit. The booth was actually tall enough for him and he sat at the table perfectly. He snacked on the crunchy noodles they brought and enjoyed dipping them into the sweet and sour sauce. He ate some of our appetizers and entrees and sat at the table perfectly the whole time (until the very end when we were paying). He even shared his meal with Bubbie and fed her on more than one occasion. Overall, it was a really nice evening.

Happy (belated) birthday Seth!
I hope you enjoyed your celebrations!

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday Seth! Man I haven't eaten dinner that late in a long time! Because of noah we usually go between 5 and 6 (so lame) cause he's either with us or we want to be home for bedtime lol. We love places with booths! If. Restaurant has a booth we don't get the high chair anymore. And just yesterday noah sat in a regular chair and did great.... Ahh they are growing up!

  2. Bahaha! YES- being an adult sucks. And YES- women should always be in charge :) Fun birthday celebrations for your man! The cupcakes are still my fave, I want one so bad it's not even funny! Happy Birthday Seth!

  3. Sounds like Seth had a great birthday this year! :) We've had that whole eat late thing happen before, and it ALWAYS happens when a man decides the plan for the evening...hahaha! So yes, I completely agree that women should do the planning. Those cupcakes are calling to me.... :)

  4. First of all your date cards are adorable, that had to take forever to put together!!
    Oh man, I am so old - we had dinner reservations at 7 the other night and I was afraid I wasn't going to make it!! Ha!! :)
    Well behaved toddlers at dinners out really are such a cherry on top and make for such a fun, proud, and enjoyable evening.
    What fun celebrations. My kinda guy - stretch out the celebrations as long as possible!! :)

  5. What a fun celebration! Happy belated birthday, Seth.

  6. Well even if everything wasn't ideal it still looks like SO much fun to me. That beer picture is definitely making me thirsty too :).

    Those cupcakes... NOM. Must, not, bake.

  7. Happy birthday celebrations!!

    You forgot that he got to celebrate also by watching the bachelor finale. Which was probably the highlight of his week.

    And is that a two tiered cupcake tray!!

  8. "Mason was so well behaved it was a birthday present" totally so true!!! I get over the moon excited whenever restaurant eating goes well! I love the chaos of that night out with friends celebration. It started with beer - how could anything really go wrong from there?! Can we also talk about how we are super old and 10:15 is so beyond a time I ever see?! I like to be home from a date night by 830 hahaha! Happy birthday Seth! Sounds like some awesome celebrations!!

  9. A relatively calm toddler meal out?! Birthday miracle right there. I am so very much looking forward to going out to eat with a kid who can sit in a chair feed themselves and not be a big pain in the butt. Sounds like a great birthday celebration+. Even the drinks, tacos, then dinner ha. But, yes have a woman plan the next one. Men. really.

  10. Well, it does sound like Seth had some great birthday celebrations. So, happy belated birthday, Seth! :)

    Mandie ~ http://badbrewpack.blogspot.com/

  11. How fun! We love trying out new breweries. And yes we go to bed at 10 because we are too old for that!

  12. So. Much. Fun!
    Can you go ahead and just plan a year of dates for Scott and me? :)


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