[Mason] An Update.

Monday, March 16, 2015

I've been getting lots of separate questions about how things are going with things with Mason and I completely forgot that I said I would do an update and it's been a few weeks and I haven't. I apologize!

First of all, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for all your love and support on my original post sharing about Mason's diagnosis.

And second of all, THANK YOU ALL for reaching out to me and seeing how he is doing and what update I might have from our doctor's appointments. It really means SO much to me that my in-real-life (so weird to say that) friends and people who I have met on the internet truly care so much about our family and took the time to ask me how he is doing. The kindness of strangers (turned friends!) is incredible.

As for an update... I don't have much information, but I will tell you this.


We had the neurologist appointment three weeks ago and to be honest, I was a little disappointed with the results. I had these high hopes as to how the appointment would go and it didn't go that way. She kind of said that there must be something wrong with the hearing test we had done since you can't have a spike at brain wave 5 without going through 3 (which we didn't know until she explained it). She also said the test should't have been done if he had fluid behind his ear drums and I had to explain that we didn't know that he had fluid and that the test told us that he had fluid behind his ear drum and we didn't know before. She wasn't opposed to running more tests to make sure everything was ok but she wanted to follow up with the audiologist who did the hearing test (she had some questions) and then she wanted us to go to the ENT and then come back for a follow up in 3 months. Don't get me wrong, I'm so glad we went to see her, but I basically felt like that appointment was a wash. BUT I guess it was good to meet her and to tell her about Mason and to get the ball rolling...slowly. {update : since we have a follow up with the ENT in June, I called to let her know this and we have postponed our follow up with her from May until after we see the ENT again}.

We saw the ENT two weeks ago and we loved him! He was very attentive and fully listened to everything we had to say. He took tons of notes and asked us lots of questions. He also said that since Mason had a ear infection a couple weeks before the hearing test, he probably should have waited to have the hearing test done because ear infections can cause the fluid and it can take up to 3 months to clear up. (Thankfully he explained more about it than the neurologist.) Since we were there, he checked Mason's ears anyway and said there is still fluid so he wants to see us again in 3 months. More waiting. But at least he explained why. He said he is open to tubes but doesn't want to jump into it if its not necessary - which makes sense. He also wants us to get an X-ray of Mason's adenoids since we mentioned that he snores at night sometimes (mostly when he has a cold or when his nose is stuffy) so just in case he needs to take those out too, he can do both procedures at once. So we left there feeling better about things but still having to wait, which is always frustrating. 

But good news is, neither doctor thinks anything is urgent so that's always good!
Thank goodness.


Still no major improvements on the speech front. Though to do feel like he is being more verbal every day. The other day when Seth picked Mason up at school, they were playing with dinosaurs and they taught him what a dinosaur says. So now we say to Mason, "what does a dinosaur say?" and he puts up his hands like a little t-rex and goes "ahh!". It's too cute. We "roar" back to him to be the scary dinosaur but I just love his cute little happy dinosaur sound.

I think I've mentioned this before but he's also become very "showing" with us. If he can't do something on his own or if he wants something that is out of reach, he will walk over to us, grab our hand, and bring us to what he needs. He points to a puzzle if he needs help with that or takes us to the fridge to get a snack.

We've also enrolled him in a new speech class so now he will have some sort of class four times a week. The class is technically for kids who have hearing aids, but since we found out that he has minor hearing loss due to the fluid behind his ear drums, his speech therapist recommended him for the class. She said this speech therapist is fluent in sign language and while Mason does great with her, she is not fluent, and she knows he will do well in this class.


Mason continues to thrive at school. Seriously, the other day, Seth went to pick him up at the end of the day and a different speech therapist from the center was walking by and said bye to Mason. Keep in mind, I'm sure this lady knows Mason and I'm sure Mason knows her, but Seth didn't recognize her. It makes me beam with happiness when we pick Mason up at school and every single worker there (no joke) says hi to him when they see him and waves good bye when he leaves. One even said "Mason is the sweetest little boy. He's like a celebrity around here! Everyone loves him!" Hearing that makes my heart burst with happiness. I don't know what I did to deserve such a sweet, caring boy, but I must be doing something right.

And with that, a blog post is never completely with at least once picture, so I leave you with this. My new favorite picture of my favorite little man.

Thank you all for your constant thoughts and prayers for us!! It means the world to me, Seth, and Mason.



  1. Everything is such a long process huh? But that is great news that none of the doctors think anything is urgent enough! It really does sound like there was a problem with the test and there probably isn't something wrong neurologically which is a good thing! Thanks for the update!

  2. Sort of a bummer about not getting a lot of answers immediately, but also not urgent is even better! That is great. Thanks for an update! And for again making me want soft serve.
    Love the dinosaur roar! We do 1 2 3 'mom says an animal' and then do the sound it makes. Aria's fave is the lion. She goes around roaring at Baxter sometimes like a little weirdo.

  3. It stinks that there's a lot more waiting, but like you said, at least it's nothing urgent. Great to hear! And that's so awesome that he's doing so well in school. You're doing a great job mama! :)

  4. Aww, sorry you have to do more waiting. I'm glad you did get some answers, and that he is doing great!

  5. Wow sounds like lots of good news! And you are an amazing mom for fighting so hard for him!

  6. I've never meet mason. But I can just tell he's the sweetest! And hello proud mama to hear the school say that! I love it. I don't love the waiting. But you WILL get to the bottom of everything. Poor guy with all the doctors. I hope he gets a lot more $1 ice cream !

  7. We love Mason, and you and Seth too! We continue to pray that all those questions of yours are answered.
    Mason is so lucky to have such wonderful, patient parents.
    While it's a bummer there weren't more answers right away, it's good to hear that the doctors aren't pressed to do anything drastic right this minute.
    Keep us updated!

  8. Thanks for the update! In the medical world the wait is just part of the process. It sounds like you are doing all the right things!!! and with speech classes and school Mason is doing well
    He is wonderfully made - and you are doing a great job getting the answers. They don't come fast and aren't easy to hear but a least you can have a plan. Enjoy your little man and have fun doing the things that make him smile that sweet sweet smile.
    - Ally

  9. There he is with that ice cream again...yup, he's gonna have to share with me, I'll have to try.

    But you are doing all you can do & he seems like a happy lil guy & that's what matters. Keep up the good work, mama. :)

    Mandie ~ http://badbrewpack.blogspot.com/

  10. You are totally doing something right! What a sweetie. I'm sure it's frustrating to not have answers right away, but what great news that they don't think it's anything super serious. I'll keep Mason and you in my prayers!

  11. Yea, thanks for the update!! I'm sorry for so much waiting and waiting and doc appointments and more waiting. I can imagine you just want answers at each one but it sounds like all in on the right track. And that's a positive that there's no super urgent things to be done. Although that doesn't make it any less frustrating. Hang in there!! Sounds like Mason is doing awesome; those little animal (or dinosaur) sounds are just the best and have got to be so rewarding. You should be BEAMING with pride for your little guy, that's awesome he's doing so well at school.
    I know we've never 'met', but we feel such genuine support for you guys and are always glad to hear updates. Love ya momma!! :)

  12. The waiting game, gahhh! But really that is good because that means there is nothing urgent. Stay brave! Mason is adorable :)

  13. As a mom of a special needs child, the waiting game is the hardest! While you are waiting, try not to imagine the worse. Just keep looking until you have the answers!

  14. Wash appts can be so frustrating, but like you said at least some progress was made. We will keep you guys in our prayers.

    That face and that ice cream cone, oh my goodness so so cute.

  15. I'm glad the "ball is rolling" but I know that it can be so frustrating to play the waiting game. BUT like you said at least the doctors don't feel it's too urgent. It is so frustrating though. I can tell you, from experience, don't think the worst! I know it's hard not to but you'll freak yourself out and stress yourself out.

    I'm so glad though that he's doing so great in school and it sounds like his speech is improving!

  16. I was hoping you'd be able to update us soon. Been thinking about little man! Glad to hear that the doctors didn't see any urgent concerns.

  17. I hope you all get some answers soon. I know it must be hard to wait. Kane had to get tubes when he was 9 months old because he had already had 5 ear infections and they were worried that his hearing would be affected:( Hopefully Mason doesn't have to have them, but if he does, it's a relatively easy procedure (from our experience). And the dinosaur thing is too cute:)

  18. The waiting game is the WORST but thank heavens things were finally explained a little more clearly for you!! And what a relief that it's not looking to be urgent. Prayers for sweet Mason... and you and Seth!

  19. Waiting is no fun at all but at least you haven't been given any really bad news yet! I hope you get some real answers soon thought because while no bad news is good it's still not answers. You guys totally get mason and that's the most important part!

  20. I'm so glad you are starting to get answers. Waiting isn't fun at all, but at least you've seen them for the initial appointments, because sometimes it takes so long to get in! Glad to hear you are all doing well though!

  21. Love hearing the updates. I'm sure all the waiting is frustrating!!

  22. I’m sorry the visit with the Neurologist wasn’t all you hoped it would be. But I am very happy to hear that the ENT apt went really well and was informative to you guys. I will be praying for a sense of peace for you guys while you are in the waiting period. And pray that you will get all of the answers you need at your next appointments. Sounds like Mason is in a wonderful school. And I so know the feeling of loving that other teachers know him! Mason is adorable and I love that picture of him!

  23. Sucks that you have to wait longer, but so happy to hear he's doing so well!

  24. I love how you advocate for Mason! Such a good mommy! :) definitely sucks that their is more waiting and that your neurologist sounds like she has pretty poor bed side manner but it's great that the ENT seems like he makes up for a lot of that. Do you feel like Mason's difficulty in speech equates to more tantrums? That's got to be so hard. For all involved. Big hugs!


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