#BRAGonDAD + a special happy birthday!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A couple weeks ago, I mentioned that I guest posted for Kary at Always Painted, Usually Chipped for her #BRAGonDAD series. I was so excited to get to brag on Seth on her blog that I thought I would share my post here as well and take a minute to brag on...

the birthday boy!

That's right, today is Seth's birthday so I thought I would take a minute to wish him a happy birthday and to tell you all why I think he is the best.

From the minute that I told Seth that I was pregnant (after the initial shock wore off), he was so excited to be a dad. We have two nieces and we both LOVE playing with them and just seeing him interact with them, I knew he would be a good dad.

Fast forward a few weeks and the ultrasound tech told us that we were having a boy and he could not be more thrilled. Of course he would have been super happy either way, but every woman knows that it is secretly every man's dream to have a son.

Fast forward a few months and on July 18, 2012, our son was born. I was instantly in love as was Seth. He was the best dad from minute one, just like I knew he would be. I mean, you can just see the love he has for Mason in these pictures.

From the minute we got home, Seth was such a huge helper. And I'll be honest, I wasn't sure how hands on he would be. Though we have nieces, he rarely, if ever, changed a diaper. The main job of an uncle is to play with his nieces and he was excellent at that. But he dove right in. He volunteered to change diapers, he helped feed him, and he woke up with me in the middle of the night, even if he wasn't the one doing the feeding. He was super hands on and loved every minute of it. I thought I loved him before we had Mason, but having a baby takes your love for your spouse to a whole new level.

Fast forward two and a half years and Mason has grown into this amazing, energetic, mischievous, fearless and fun little boy that we cherish spending every minute we get with him.

Although Mason and I have the special mother/son bond, my favorite thing is to just watch Seth and Mason interact. It can be the most simple thing -  be it rough housing on the floor, tickling him, throwing him in the air and onto the couch or even just putting together a puzzle - I love to see them together. I know Mason adores him but I do too.

As I mentioned, Seth has always been very hands on. In the beginning I could definitely tell, but as time went on, I think I took it for granted. I didn't really realize that he was doing anything special until some of my friends with kids would comment on how lucky I am.

Seth never hesitates and would do anything for Mason. We have a good routine down where I drop Mason off at school and Seth picks him up. Sometimes I have to work late and this means that after Seth gets Mason, they are both now on their own for dinner too. Those two hours between getting home and bed time are all on dad. And he gladly takes that responsibility on. They get home, Seth prepares dinner, they eat, and on nights when Mason needs a bath, Seth does that too. Even though he knows I am at work and don't have a choice, he never complains about having to take care of Mason by himself.

But it doesn't stop there. Seth has been amazing and encouraging for me to spend time with my friends. Ever since Mason was born, I have had major guilt leaving him. Especially since I work all day, I often feel guilty leaving them and going out, especially if it is on a week night to meet a friend, but that guilt doesn't come from anything Seth said - it is all on me. Seth happily spends the evening with Mason and they watch baseball or go to the park and play and have the best time. I know Mason is in the best hands possible and he is probably loving the one on one time with his Dad.

Seth goes along with all my crazy ideas. He happily takes Mason to the grocery store by himself if I am at work or we need something last minute on the way home from work. He has been to every doctor appointment Mason has ever had. And even though it's normally my job, he will gladly do the laundry or give Mason a bath or clean the house if I ask. He has slept many nights on the floor next to Mason's bed because it calmed him knowing his Daddy was in the room with him. Sure his neck and his back might hurt when he woke up, but he didn't care. He would do anything for Mason.

I don't think I even touched on half the reasons that I think Seth is an amazing dad and husband - there are so many! So I'd just like to end with one thing : Seth, Mason and I are so, SO lucky to have you. I feel so blessed that you chose me to be your wife and that I get to "do life" with you everyday. Thank you for all that you do and for who you are. You have a heart of a saint and would do anything for our family. Mason and I love you very much!


We wish you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
Mason and I love you very much!


  1. Happy Birthday Seth! I remember loving this post back when it was featured on the #BRAGonDAD series! You definitely have a great husband!

  2. I found you via instagram under kidsandcab. What a great post on the tribute to your husband. I like when wives lift their husbands up and I feel that only encourages them to be better men. They are adorable together. I like on my blog, letting those that I love in my life know how I feel about them. Glad to see others are uplifting their loved ones. Happy Birthday to Seth!

  3. Happy Birthday Seth!! He sounds like an amazing dad and hubby. Hope you all have a fun day (or week) celebrating! :)

  4. Happy Birthday Seth! He sounds just like my husband. I have the same sentiments! We are blessed by these wonderful men!

  5. Yea!! Happy Birthday Seth!! :) From what I can tell, you are such an amazing father and husband, you have such a precious family. We hope you have a wonderful day and even better year ahead. Have fun celebrating!! :)

  6. I LOVE hearing friends brag on their hubby!! This is such a sweet post! You've clearly got an awesome husband and Mason has himself a great dad too!! The three of you make such a beautiful and precious family! <3 Happy Birthday to your Seth!! Enjoy celebrating him, Elizabeth!!

  7. This is the sweetest.
    Happy Birthday to Seth!!
    Next time we get together we will have to celebrate!

  8. Loved this post when you initially shared it. Love your love for your man! Happy birthday to him!!

  9. awww this is so sweet! dad's never get enough bragging on, i love it!

  10. What a sweet post! I think hands on dads are the best!


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