#BoyMom Box Swap // The goodies!

Monday, March 30, 2015

You guys, I'm not gonna lie. I've been pretty excited about this day since we announced the #BoyMom Box Swap earlier this month - the day we reveal what we got!

I hope you all are as excited to share as I am because I am SO excited to share what we got!

Our package arrived early last week and I knew it being a weekday and all, that we wouldn't have much time to open and take pictures before bed time. So I put the box off to the side and saved it for this weekend. And boy am I glad I did because Mason LOVED it!

Mason and I were paired with Jaclyn and Owen from Beauty and the Binky! When we got our initial emails telling us that we were paired together, I immediately knew what I wanted to get them. Owen's likes were very similar to Mason's so I already had an idea in my head.

{To see what we got Jaclyn and Owen, head over to Jaclyn's blog to find out!}

I opened the box and took a sneak peak inside to see what goodies Mason got. I immediately was so excited and knew he was going to love it. I put the box on the floor for him and called him over and he went to town.

We went straight for the Planes Hydro Wheels : Dipper. There was so surprise there since we just finished taking a bath and playing with Dusty and Blade Hydro Wheels (both of which he L.O.V.E.S). I knew he immediately recognized her and was so excited for me to open the package so he could get a closer look. He literally carried her around all morning and even brought her to the grocery store with us later.

I don't know where Jaclyn found this one (the one I have linked is Amazon) but I've been trying to find this one at an affordable price (the others are $6.99 and this one is significantly more on Amazon) so this was literally the PERFECT present.

Next up was the Melissa and Doug Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Chunky Wooden Puzzle. Another PERFECT gift! I literally have this on Mason's wish list and have been in love with it ever since I found out that Mickey and Melissa and Doug had a collaboration.

And as you can see, Mason was pretty excited about it as well. The only thing that put a small damper on his fun was the fact that it was wrapped. He couldn't hand it over to me fast enough and I couldn't open it fast enough. He was so eager to play!

I took off all the pieces and literally in less than one minute, Mason had put them all back. I was pretty impressed but to be honest, I probably shouldn't have underestimated his love for Mickey Mouse.

Jaclyn got me some super fun nail polish, some cards and pens, and some of my favorite chap stick.

Jaclyn and Owen gave us the PERFECT presents! While we've obviously never met, it was like she knew us to a T and got us the perfect things. Thank you Jaclyn and Owen!!! We loved our gifts and hope you loved yours too!

Now, link up with Stephanie and I are show us what goodies you got! I can't wait to see what you all got from your partners!

PS don't forget today is the last day to enter our Mother's Day Mom Exchange. Click the link to find out more!


  1. Oh I'm gonna have to get that puzzle for noah! We just started watching Mickey Mouse clubhouse and he's obsessed!

  2. Such a fun swap; thanks for hosting!! I bought Wyatt that puzzle for his Easter basket and I can't wait until he gets it! And what a fun plane!

  3. Love these sorts of link-ups - this is such a cute idea!

  4. Mickey + Melissa & Doug - so perfect!! That's going on Ez's bday wishlist too. What a great box :) Loved this swap, thanks for organizing it!

  5. SO FUN! Thank you for hosting this!

  6. What perfect things for Mason and you! Love it!

  7. Awesome box! I love the nail polish and cards! And Mason looks really happy with his plane and puzzle! Those would both be big hits at our house too!

    1. And thanks again for setting this up and asking us to participate! We had so much fun!

  8. Fun stuff! And I love the goodies that you got as well!

  9. This gets me excited for the Moms box swap (I totally started browsing stores the other day just to start the idea process) :)

  10. Looks like Mason really liked his gifts! I love the nail polish colours you got. I am wearing one very similar to the green one you got right now

  11. What a fun swap! Sounds like the box was a hit! Blogger exchanges are awesome :)

  12. This was a fun swap! So glad I got to be a part of it. Mason looks like he loves his goodies. So precious!! And those polishes are so pretty!

  13. Ooh I love all the mommy gifts! How fun! These exchanges are just the best!

  14. You two really scored!
    I had no idea Melissa and Doug partnered with Disney?! That puzzle is ah-may-zing!

  15. We're SO glad y'all loved your gifts!! I got ALL the goodies at Target, because: where else?! (Including the bath plane the puzzle!) We loved ours, too! Thank y'all! :D

  16. I need that chunky puzzle for Aria!!! Love M&D! So cute that he loooved his box. Can't beat that.

  17. That is so awesome! I love that puzzle, it's about my ability. Tee hee! Very nice box o' goodies. :)

    Mandie ~ http://badbrewpack.blogspot.com/

  18. Oh man, perfect gift is right!! So fun. :)
    We have a new Planes fan on our hands, so I will be adding those little toys to his wish list.

  19. How much fun is this????? What a great idea!!

    Thanks for linking up with the Saturday Spotlight!


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