Mother's Day Mom Exchange

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Calling all moms! This post is for you!

I've participated in a good amount of blogger gift exchanges for the mini's in the past couple years since I started blogging. And while I LOVE an exchange where I get to buy something for someone's child and Mason gets a fun surprise in the mail, I got to thinking, why aren't the moms ever included?

Enter : Mother's Day Mom's Exchange.

Mother's Day is a day dedicated to the moms. The working moms. The stay at home moms. The moms of one child. The moms of eight children. The moms of fur babies. All moms are celebrated each year on Mother's Day. So, JennyCourtney, and I got to thinking and thought it would be fun to celebrate mom with a little gift exchange.

Some important dates and details :

March 26th - Mother's Day Mom Exchange announced and introduced

March 30th at 11:59pm Pacific Time - last day to sign up 

Between March 31-April 1/2/3 - partner matches made and emailed 

April 8th - please make sure you have contacted your partner by April 8th 

April 20th - last day to mail packages 

May 7th - link up and share your goodies!

The value of your box should be $20 BEFORE SHIPPING.

If you are interested in participating, please email me at and put 'Mother's Day Mom Exchange' in the subject line. Please make sure to include your first and last name and your blog url (if you have one, you don't need a blog to participate!). And please remember to sign up by March 30th at 11:59pm Pacific Time.

I will be collecting all the names of the moms that want to participate and then will be matching partners through Elfster. (Please be aware that partners might not be a 'couple'. For example, Jenny might be sending Courtney a gift, Courtney might be sending me a gift, and I might be sending Jenny a gift.)

Once partners are matched, I will be emailing you to let you know who your partner is. I will also be sending you some questions to ask/answer with your partner to get to know them a little and what their likes and dislikes are. At this point you will also exchange addresses so no need to send it to me in your original sign up email.

Jenny, Courtney, and I are really excited about this and hope you are too! 

It's time to celebrate MOM!


  1. Yay!!! Looking forward to this!!

  2. How cool! I have to pass this time. I just did the #boymom swap and have no extra money right now!

  3. Yea for celebrating mommas!! :)

  4. You ladies are so sweet! What a lovely, thoughtful exchange for Mamas!

  5. Sign me up!! :) I'm so excited... I love these kinds of exchanges!

  6. This is the besssssssst idea! I'm trying to decide how motivated I am (you know the deal) and if I can actually come through with this, but I am LOVING the idea! I'm leaning towards a yes- text me today and harass me about it, ha!

  7. What a fun exchange! As you know, I'm sitting out on the exchanges as we will wait for Finn's arrival. But next year, I will be all about this one!

  8. Oh No, I totally wanted to do this and missed it by one day :(


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