Five on Friday!

Friday, June 5, 2015

Happy Friday! I had meant to post this this morning and then, well you know, life. So, while we are a little late in the day, it is still Friday none the less, so let's do this! Here's my Friday Five.

Last day of work.

Last Saturday was my official last day of work at my old job (and this Monday was my first official day at my new job), but the day before, Friday, was graduation at the school that I worked at. So, just for fun, I thought I would take a graduation picture. Although this stuff was obviously meant for the actual school graduates, in a way I felt like I was graduating and moving on as well, so I thought, hey, why not?

I texted it to Seth (and posted it on Instagram) and he game back with this response :



Speaking of new jobs... I'm LOVING the fact that I am home earlier in the evening from work! No more late nights (or very few and definitely not as frequent), which means we have more times for family walks/bike rides around the neighborhood since it stays lighter longer!

Summer foods.

Speaking of summer, I just LOVE the fruits that come out during the summer! This has been my go to snack the past couple days and I'm loving it! Peaches, strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries! YUM.

This quote.

I saw this quote posted by @paperdollclothingco on Instagram the other day and just LOVED it. So, so applicable.

National Donut Day!

While I wish I had had a maple bacon donut from the Donut Bar, I was able to convince Seth to go out and get us some donuts this morning before I had to head to work. I had originally wanted us to split an apple fritter and a Tiger's Tail (if you haven't had one, try it! My co-worker told me about them and they are delicious!) but sadly the donut shop messed up and gave us this bear claw instead. Not quite the same, and slightly disappointed, but it was good nonetheless.

If you didn't get donuts this morning, go out and get yourself donut for dessert! It's not too late! Eat a donut now, thank me later :)

Happy weekending!


  1. I'm obsessed with summer fruit too! I've been eating tons of peaches and plums and we are going strawberry picking tomorrow! And I'm shocked I didn't get a donut today! Yours look delicious!

  2. My mouth is literally watering now... first of all that fruit bowl is to die for and a maple bacon donut. You're killing me! Have a wonderful weekend, sweet friend :) XO

  3. We have been buying fruit like mad and I love it! So happy you're able to be home earlier at night!

  4. Whoop whoop for new beginnings at your new job. How awesome that you have more time to be with family and enjoy more of the evenings.
    Oh my gosh, the strawberries right now are AH-MAY-ZING! Last night we polished off an entire box of them at dinner. So, so good.
    Tiger Tail... Never heard of those! Where can I find one? Obviously I need to try it. :)

  5. I didn't know you were changing jobs! Yay, congrats momma! It sounds like you'll be LOVING the hours so much better!
    Oh the summer fruits, yum!! I am totally craving peaches now, definitely going to get my hands on some this week!

  6. HAHA, Seth's text. :) Fuuuuuunny guy.
    Perfect time of year to have evenings together as a family, enjoy!! :)

  7. mmm all the fruit. We cannot keep pineapple in the house. I chopped up a whole one the other night and we polished it off the following morning.
    Seth's response is perfection.

  8. Oh my goodness Seth's response is hilarious! So glad you get to be home earlier now that makes the evenings so much easier and a lot less rushed. Donut Day is pretty much the best day ever.

  9. How is your new job going so far? Definitely a plus to be home earlier. Love that picture of mason on the tricycle. What a cool bike!!! That quote is just perfect and applicable to most moms. We all have visions of what we think our child will and should be. God has better plans, always! That donut on the bottom almost looks like an old time baseball mitt.

  10. The fact that National Donut Day fell on our wedding anniversary couldn't have made Friday any better!


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