Friday, June 26, 2015

Happy Friday! This week went by relatively fast, but I'm still super happy it's already Friday again! We're off to a baby shower on Saturday and then celebrating my friend's birthday on Sunday so this weekend is sure to be a good one.

But before that... my weekly fives.

Vans and Disney collaboration.

My sister-in-law sent me the picture of those Mickey slip ons last week and I instantly fell in love. If Mason's feet weren't so fat, I would totally buy him some of these! How stinkin' cute!
To see everything in the collection, click here.

This article.

My friend sent me the link to this article -- To The Person Who Said My Son Doesn't Look Like He Has Autism -- on Autism Speaks' blog last week and I instantly could relate. To be honest, before she sent me the link to the blog article, I didn't even know Autism Speaks had a blog! I've been searching around the past week-ish and have found some great articles. Since she introduced me to the fact that they have a blog, I inquired about submitted a post to them since I thought I would like to share my letter to Mason. I submitted over the weekend and on Wednesday I got an email saying I was featured! You can see my featured blog post here. It is such an honor to be featured and an even more incredible honor that over 2,500 people have shared my post on Facebook!

Dove chocolate.

I've been wanting to get some chocolates to have around the house just in case that chocolate craving strikes (which is often for this chocolate loving girl). I love Dove but it's usually so expensive. I happened to be walking past the candy aisle (it's right across from the cereal!) and I saw this incredible sale going on that I just couldn't pass up. These Dove sea salt/caramel/dark chocolate and mint/dark chocolate swirl chocolate are AH-MAZING and the perfect size treat for dessert.


Speaking of chocolate... when I was at Walmart yesterday picking up a couple things, I happened to walk down the aisle with the Oreos (to get something else... I swear!) and I found these. I thought about adding them to my cart when I thought "Seth would make fun of me for buying those if I brought them home and would mention how much other candy we have. Don't do it". So instead I texted him a picture of them, just to show him, and he said "YES". Well there's a surprise. So in the cart they went! And to say Mason loved them would be an understatement. For a kid that notoriously hates all dessert except for ice cream, he sure looks like he enjoyed these!

Christmas in July.

Don't forget that TODAY is the last day to enter our Christmas in July gift exchange! We would love for you to participate! To sign up, click HERE.

Happy Friday!


  1. Those shoes are so cute! Too bad noah also has wide/fat feet! And I am such a huge fan of dove chocolates too. I might have to try these new flavors... Usually I'm a purist and stick with plain old milk chocolate. Have a great weekend!

  2. Mason's Oreo face is awesome! Happy Friday!!

  3. What an honor to have your letter to Mason published! It is a fantastic and very well-written letter! I don't think I've ever known anyone personally (I mean, I feel like I know you personally) who has been published on one of those famous blogs that is shared multiple times on fb. Congrats to you and happy Friday!

  4. Those Oreos!! Those vans (that lex is getting!)! But mostly--- your letter!!!!! That's big time my friend. But it was such an amazing post- I can't say I'm surprised.

  5. THOSE MICKEY SHOES!!! Oh my gosh, Marcus *needs* a pair! Might have to do a little shopping today. :)
    I LOVE that you're already such an amazing advocate for Mason. How awesome that your post was featured, has been shared so many times, and is a voice for others! You go, momma!
    I showed Scott those Oreos. He immediately began drooling. Good find with those bad boys. :)

  6. Mason is a kid after my own heart! I love Oreos, too, and when I saw your pic, it reminded me of a funny I read this week that said that Double Stuffed Oreos should be for fat people and regular oreos should be for those that call themselves "dieters." I loved that! Have a great weekend!

  7. I discovered Vans' Disney collection a few weeks ago when I randomly stopped by the store at our mall - SO cute. I have the Minnie shoes on my daughter's 2nd birthday wish list!

    Triple Double Oreos - what?! I have not seen those yet. Definitely have to check those out next time we hit the grocery store!

  8. Mason's Oreo face is the best! I saw the Disney Vans collab last week, I want a pair for myself haha.

  9. I just signed up for the Exchange I am so excited :) Chelsea @

  10. Those shoes!! I love!!

    I never do Dove chocolates, but like a year or ago when my group of friends did our wine tasting- they were awesome for trying out the different chocolate flavors with the different wines.

    It's so awesome that your article was shared. You so deserve it.

  11. First of all, I want those Ariel Vans. Do they make them for big kids?!

    Secondly, Triple Double Oreos?! Whaaaaaaat?! I want those too! Yum!

    Mandie ~

  12. Ah, totally going to look into those shoes, I love vans, and with disney the girls will too!! And congrats again on the blog feature, so incredible you had that many shares, so proud of you for being such a great role model for other parents struggling with the emotions.

  13. That is so awesome to have your letter featured and shared by so many!

  14. How'd the blog numbers do when you got featured? New eyes?

    I looove dove. I always get dove. Chris likes hersheys, because he is from PA and brainwashed. But, Dove is just so melty and smooth and I love that. Although those hershey toffee nuggets are addictive. But dove! Always dove!

    Aria NEEDS those shoes. I don't think Chris feels the same way. I showed him and all I got was a grunt. I wonder if I can find them at kohls. Oh look I think we need to go to kohls this weekend =)

  15. Those Oreos are too funny. I haven't seen those yet. And the Dove chocolates would be gone if they were at my house, those are two of my favorite chocolate combinations!

  16. Ohhhh my gosh the food in this post is making me hungry and those disney collab shoes! LOVE the little mermaid ones! :)

  17. I saw those Oreos too and wanted to try them!! Looks like Mason approves!

  18. I love those shoes! And those Oreos! I saw some s'mores ones the other day at the store and it made me think of you :) I will definitely be trying these though. And congrats on getting featured! I saw your FB post and was so happy for you!

  19. Love that Vans & Disney collaborated. So cute!! Going to read that article you linked now. That picture of Mason with the oreo face is the greatest! So precious!!

  20. AWESOME about your post/letter being featured/shared!! :) LOVE Mason's oreo face, he's like, 'yeah, so?'


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