Friday, July 10, 2015

Well hello Friday! I'm pretty happy to see you! We've got some exciting plans this weekend to have our postponed 4th of July BBQ with our friends and to go see the Minion movie so we're pretty excited! But before we jump ahead to the weekend... here's what I'm loving this week (prepare for extra randomness)!

The Day the Crayons Came Home.

When I was on Amazon looking for something different earlier this week, Amazon was so kind to suggest this book for me : The Day the Crayons Came Home. It's the perfect companion to the book The Day the Crayons Quit. It comes out on August 18th, is currently available for pre-order and is on Mason's birthday wish list (but might make it's way onto his Christmas wish list instead since it doesn't come out for another month).

Zoku Fish Pop Molds.

So I'm pretty bad at keeping presents that come in the mail to open on an actual birthday. For some reason, I feel like if the gift has arrived at my house, it's fair game. I mean, who can stare at a wrapped present for too long without wanting to open it? So, when a present arrived in the mail yesterday for Mason for his birthday, what's a mom to do? Let him open it! (And he's actually gotten really good at opening presents and seems really into it this year so I'm pretty excited for next weekend (and then for Christmas!))

What was in the package you might ask? These Zoku Fish Pop Molds! Grandma and Grandpa must have known that we've been wanting to make popsicles and these ones are the cutest! They have specific "tails" that match the "heads" that are inside the molds. So a fish tail matches a fish head and scuba diver legs match a scuba diver head, etc. Fun, right? I can't wait to try these out! Totally acceptable to make winesicles out of kids popsicle molds, right? (just kidding Grandma and Grandpa!)

Amazon Prime Day.

Just when you thought things couldn't get any better than the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale...

Prime Day: More Deals than Black Friday exclusively for Prime Members

Prime Day is a global shopping event, offering more deals than Black Friday, exclusively for Prime members. On Wednesday, July 15 new and existing members will be able to shop thousands of Lightning Deals, Deals of the Day, and will receive unlimited Free Two-Day Shipping. Members will find deals starting at midnight PDT, with new deals starting throughout the day, as often as every ten minutes.
Info from Amazon

I have no idea what this Prime Day is all about but I plan to hop online on the 15th to find out! And, speaking of Christmas (from above), ... one thing is for sure... it sounds like July 15th would be a good day to start on early Christmas shopping!

Donut frozen yogurt.

I made a pit stop on the way home from work earlier in the week to get from frozen yogurt from Yogurtland and saw a sign in the window saying they had donut frozen yogurt. My first thought was "umm, eww!" but when I walked in and the cashier asked me if I'd like a sample cup, I thought, "sure, why not?" So, since it was free, I decided to try said donut frozen yogurt and OH MY GOSH was it good! I was insanely surprised it was actually so good (I imagined it tasting like the glaze from the donuts but it wasn't quite that sweet) and ended up getting half donut flavor and half salted caramel (my FAVE!). If you have a Yogurtland near you, I definitely recommend at least trying the donut flavor (and DEFINITELY recommend getting the salted caramel)!

And now back tracking to the Fall...

I'm doing a fun project in a few weeks and have a question... when do your kids start school in the Fall? August? September? What day? Please and thank you in advance!

Happy Weekending!

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  1. Ooh I'm totally gonna order that book! Chris told me prime day is because of "amazon's birthday". We are so excited for it! Noah's first day is September 10th :)

  2. Oh that fish pop mold is adorable!! We start school here on August 23!

  3. We have those popsicle molds & love them! Now I need to try that donut fro-yo. And Liam has his very first day of preschool on August 25th!

  4. Those popsicle molds are darling, totally acceptable to use for winesicles too ;) SO EXCITED for Prime Day! Dont know what to get yet but Im sure that wont stop me come July 15th haha. How is it that youre going to have a 3 year old already?!

  5. Those popsicle molds are so cute! What a fun idea!

    And now I'm craving frozen yogurt...

  6. I gotta get signed up for Prime asap, ha ha! I totally have the 15th marked in my calendar, as well as a wish list of items I'm hoping go on sale!
    And once again, I'm dying to try that frozen yogurt! Quite teasing me with that photo ;) hahaha!
    Have a FUN weekend! I think we are taking Mia to the minion movie as well, YAY!

  7. Donut frozen yogurt, omg!!!!!!!! And we start back late August! Xo

  8. We love The Day the Crayons Quit, so we may just have to add the next book to then Christmas list!
    Those Popsicle moulds look so cool! I've never seen anything like that before (and no way can you possibly wait to open gifts when they arrive in the mail)!
    STILL haven't made it to Yogurtland, but with my mom in town I'm sure we will find a time to get there.
    We start school August 18.

  9. Those popsicle molds are adorable!! What a great gift. And doughnut frozen yogurt sounds delicious! It is so hard to resist doughnuts, so can't imagine the temptation as a frozen treat. Yum!!! Hope your having a fun weekend!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  10. In KC, most kids start back mid-August. But I'm from Iowa and they don't go back until late August.

  11. School here in Canada starts on September 8th! I love those ice cream molds! I need to know more about winesicles though. Sounds yum!

  12. Cute popsicle molds! I heard about Prime day too and am hoping I can snag a few good deals! Especially for Christmas shopping :)

  13. I'm in Tennessee and work for the school system .The kids start back August 5

  14. Those molds really are awesome! esp the bones.
    I saw that prime thing too. Intriguing!
    Never too soon to start for Christmas.
    omg I love christmas
    I'm working on Christmas in my yearbook now so I'm all christmas-y.
    no school here. I was looking up tuition at the private school I went to the other day for kicks and about died. Obscene. It's like twice as much as it cost when I attended. faint

  15. I've been holding onto some Amazon gift cards for Christmas but a Prime Day sounds more appealing right now!

  16. Ok, we really need some popsicle molds... Those are too cute/fun!! :)
    I'm saving all my pennies for the Nordstrom sale, but I'm really excited to see what's up with this Amazon Prime Day, I don't know what to expect. Great thinking though to get some Christmas gifts bought - but who am I kidding, I can't hold on to presents either and I'm afraid we'd open them too soon..!! haha :)

  17. Those crayon books look adorable. And those fish pop molds…so freakin’ cute! How did you make the fudge ones that you posted on IG? Amazon Prime is the best. I will have to check it out tomorrow!! Mason starts school Monday August 24th. Kindergarten. Wahhhhhhhhhh! Hold me...


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