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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

It's no secret that I love Instagram. I've found that it's definitely my social media app of choice. Far above the rest. In fact, if I had to rank them, it's probably be IG followed by Facebook followed by Pinterest with Twitter in a distant last. And don't get me started on SnapChat. I don't really know what it is and I think I might be too old to use it. Regardless, I LOVE Instagram and I love the accounts that I follow. I get so much inspiration from them and I wanted to share a few (or 18 -- oops!) of my current favorites.

@karratipton // LOVE this idea -- painting rocks fun!
@poppylaneandco // I've been swooning over her bracelets for forever now. I haven't been wearing as much jewelry lately as I used to, but I'm dying for some of her gorgeous bracelets!
@paperdollclothingco // I think I shared this on IG a while ago, but the quote is perfection so I wanted to include it here too
@targetdoesitagain // No words necessary
@weelicious // Sweet potato black bean enchiladas -- sounds delish!
@alissamcircle // She lives in Southern California near me and when she posted this ice cream sandwich... I knew I wanted to try it!
@saltybison // I'm dying for one of their prints!
@jillian.harris // This bed! It's different and I kinda love it.
@sharpewerks // I actually don't follow this account, but someone I follow must have posted about it because I found this gorgeous necklace. It's different and I kind of love it. I envision the largest circle being Seth, the next largest being me, and the smallest being Mason. Three different circles in three different metals, all connected. Love.

@damn_delicious // My love of pineapple margaritas runs deep. This seems like the next logical step.
@katie_did_what // Amen sista. Amen.
@discoverystreet // LOVING that shelf/towel rack that she has in her bathroom. If I remember correctly from the comments, she made it! Genius.
@karratipton // This mama is rockin' it with the toddler ideas! First painted rocks, then custom hop scotch. So creative!
@projectnursery // Loving this shorter bunk bed idea. The bottom one is on the floor and the top one is not too high. Kind of looks like toddler sized beds too? Either way, super fun!
@thedaydesigner // I don't have this planner, but I'm loving these stickers. They are from @fayecreates and I think I need some!
@persnicketyprints // Washi taped Instagram pictures on the wall. Genius.
@jennycollier // "Welcome to Summer" buckets for her kiddos. Such a fun way to end school and be welcomed to summer vacation!
@henandco // I'm a sucker for avocado anything and this toast with those tomatoes and balsamic looks AMAZING!

I'm always looking for new, wonderful accounts to follow. Who are your recommendations?


  1. I started doing the custom hopscotches with A after seeing Karra post about it on her blog, she loves doing it! I also love my Poppy Lane Co bracelets. Oh and I totally added snapchat over the weekend, I'm still sort of lost with how to use it, but I have a feeling it's going to grow on me.

  2. Thanks for the suggestions, I love finding new people to follow! And I'm with you on your social media ranking and about snap chat. Though who knows what I'll say a year from now ;)

  3. Thanks for the recs, I love IG a little way too much too. It's the most fun social media platform for sure!

  4. I love IG! I follow so many accounts, but love finding new ones! I also agree with snap chat. I just don't get it!

  5. IG is my favorite too- first one I check whenever I look at my phone :) I love all of these and will have to add a few of these accounts!

  6. ooh imma make sure I'm following all these IGers! I see a few familiar ones, but pretty sure there are some new ones. IG is the best. I love pinterest too. Twitter is the stupidest. Most stupid? I do not understand the appeal of words. You know what is better than words? Pictures with words -> IG and pinterest. bam.

  7. I couldn't agree more with your ranking of social media! Snapchat is what all of my students use and I have zero interest in learning about it. I feel like it's the most juvenile of all of them and really, what purpose does it serve? I follow a lot of those same IG accounts, but looks like I need to follow a few more!

  8. Yes IG is the best! Someone recently blogged about HumansofNY. Im obsessed! You should check it out

  9. IG is the bomb diggity!! Some of these are new to me, so thanks for sharing friend!!

  10. I think we need to paint some rocks soon. Marcus is always picking up rocks and brining them home (why?!). Maybe a little paint to them will make them more interesting/appealing?
    That Target meme is hilarious. I've seen it on a few social media counts. It's so damn funny because it's so freaking true.
    Holy cow. That avocado on toast?! It looks divine (and super simple)!!

  11. I just emailed Karra about that hopscotch today!! that is too funny

  12. I LOVE IG too!! I could take or leave Facebook and Pinterest at this point and I've never been a Tweeter. Twitter? Twitterer?...see I can't even figure that part out. I do not participate in the tweet. Consider me a not-twitter. I'm anti-twit. Now I'm just sounding vulgar.

  13. LOVE that guacamole quote & the man at Target! I made that hopscotch for Lily one evening and she LOVED it! You should totally do it for Mason if you can!

  14. Yup...you just had to go ahead & post a picture of a delicious looking ice cream sandwich - I WANT IT! Ha, ha! :)

    Mandie ~ http://badbrewpack.blogspot.com/

  15. I love IG!!! However, I'm a bit snotty about it and like to keep my feed small since I can't spend all day looking at it! I still may check out a few of things accounts though; thanks for the recs!

  16. if youre too old for snapchat i must be too. BUT i dont let that stop me :)


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