A Day in the Life [Summer 2016]

Friday, July 8, 2016

Time for a little Day in the Life post. Today is a pretty typical summer weekday for us.

The date is Wednesday, July 6, 2016.
I am 31 years old, Seth is 34 years old, and Mason is 3 years old (soon to be 4 in 12 days).

5:00am : My alarm goes off. I hit snooze.

5:09am : My alarm goes off again. I hit snooze again.

5:18am :  My alarm goes off again. I hit snooze, but kind of wake up. I do the important things, you know, like check my email and open Instagram. I scroll for a couple minutes and then decide to get up.

5:25am : Finally up and in the bathroom. I put in my contacts, brush my teeth, and take a shower.

5:46am : Out of the shower and head into my room to get ready. Dilly dally around, get ready, text some friends, and finally finish getting ready.

6:20am : Mason is still sleeping so I bring the monitor and come downstairs. I turn on the computer and let it boot up. Seth is downstairs at this time as well, preparing his lunch for the day and brewing his coffee.

6:30am : Seth leaves for work. I log in to my bloglovin and read some blogs.

6:45am : I click on the monitor to see if Mason is awake. He's moved a little but he's definitely not awake. Continue reading.

6:55am : Mason is still sleeping. He's moved around a little more, but not enough where I know he will fully wake up on his own soon. I go upstairs to wake him. I HATE having to wake him.

7:04am : We're back downstairs, Mason half asleep, and I hand him his cup of milk. I sit him down on the couch and hand him the iPad to watch a show while I get his waffle ready.

7:06am : His waffle is ready, I blow on it a little, and hand it to him. He blows on it as well (even though it's definitely not hot anymore) and then takes a big ol bite. At this point, I've turned off the computer and am getting my lunch ready.

7:20am : Time to actually get myself ready. I head upstairs and pick out Mason's clothes for the day. Then I head into my room and get myself dressed. I come downstairs and help Mason get changed. I tell Mason that iPad time is all done and grab it to plug it in to charge. I grab my purse, scoop Mason up, give him his re-filled milk cup, grab my lunch, my water bottle, my breakfast, his bag for school, and his Cheerios. By some miracle I don't drop everything and I snap a picture.

7:40am : I put all my stuff in the front seat, help Mason get in the back seat, and then we finally pull out of the carport and are on our way. I make a mental note that I'm more than likely going to be late for work since we're leaving about 10 minutes late. Then I remember that I don't really have a specific time that I'm supposed to be at work and that I'm just going to be late according to my standards.

7:52am : We arrive at the post office. Mason is as happy as ever and he basically runs down the sidewalk to the entrance. We enter and I'm excited because nobody is in the lobby. Score! I put Mason up on the counter to mail 1 of the 2 letters we need to mail and then someone walks in. Damn. I wanted to take pictures of him, not only for this post but for Instagram, but I'm always so nervous/embarrassed to do so in front of other people. I think the old lady who lectured me for having him on the counter a couple months ago ruined it for me. I don't know why I care though, I'll more than likely never see these people again and these days, people take pictures of EVERYTHING so really this shouldn't be that abnormal.

7:59am : We've mailed our letters and checked the PO Box and now we're back at the car. Right before I'm about to help Mason in the car, an airplane flies over. This is one of his favorite parts but also mine. The post office must be right in the flight path of the airplanes headed to the airport because we see planes fly over quite often.

8:05am : We're finally leaving the post office and heading to work and school. I think to myself that we're really going to be late since this is the time I like to drop Mason off. Oh well. We drive past the BIG mail truck and I think to myself (as I do everyday we see it), I wish they would have that truck out from behind the gate so I could take a picture of Mason with it!

8:15am : We arrive at Mason's school. I gather his stuff, get him out of the car, and walk him in. I check him in and then we walk down the hall to put his stuff in his cubby. I noticed some new artwork on the wall, snap a picture, realize THIS is how he came home so dirty the other day and then walk him back to the room that all the kids are in. I give him a kiss, tell him I love him, and then open the door for him and yell good morning to the teachers.

8:25am : Arrive at work. The big bosses are in town today to help train my co-workers and I on some Adobe software we're going to be using from now on. I open the door and am greeted by one of them. We chit chat for a few minutes (they live in Arizona and only come in to town for our event weekends) and then she tells me to go put my stuff down and get settled and then we can start working.

8:50am : My boss arrives and we head to his office to both learn how to use InDesign. My task is to learn how to use InDesign to make our event reminder postcards that we send to the vendors. Seems easy enough except... it isn't. This takes about an hour. Then I sit back and watch as my boss learns how to make all of our paper passes in InDesign. This seems a bit more complicated and I'm instantly glad this is not my job.

12:05pm : Since the bosses are in town, we all go out to lunch together (all of my co-workers). Nobody can decide where they want to go and we finally decide on Lazy Dog Cafe. I am secretly super excited. I love that place.

2:00pm : Back from lunch. Check my voicemail, answer some phone calls, and process my payments that came in today's mail.

3:25pm : Leave work and head to Mason's school to pick him up. It's Wednesday and he has his home session of ABA therapy on Wednesdays. Seth doesn't get off work until 5pm so I pick him up on these days.

3:35pm : Arrive at Mason's school and pick him up. Bring him out to the car, offer him a snack of pretzels, and he refuses. He hops in the car and sees the Dusty Lego plane that we have in there so he starts playing with it. After a few minutes of driving, I offer the snack again and he says yes. I really need to get gas and stop by Target for a few things, but determine that I probably don't have enough time to squeeze it in, so I'll go when Seth gets home.

3:50pm : Mason and I arrive home. We come inside and he immediately runs to start playing.

I pull out the broom and dust pan and sweep up a little. Even though my house isn't dirty and was just cleaned a couple days ago, I still like to make sure to sweep up the floor, especially when I know they might be playing down there for his session. Mason comes over to see what I'm doing and "helps" by sweeping a little and then dumping out everything I had on the dust pan. I clean up that mess and finish sweeping the floor. Mason continues to make a mess and dumps out our whole bucket of Legos. Then he decides that he wants me to wear my flip flops and he wants to put on his Natives with his socks on. He quickly realizes this won't work, gives up, and finds some twine that I had left over from a project and throws it all over the floor. I wonder how all of this mayhem happened in such a short period of time and contemplate if it's inappropriate for me to be drinking when his ABA therapist comes over. I refrain. For now.

4:30pm : Mason's ABA therapist arrives at our house. She sets up, Mason plays with his Hot Wheels, and then they start the session.

5:30pm : Seth comes home and I quickly sneak out before Mason notices that I'm gone.

5:35pm : Arrive at Costco gas. See how long the line is and think that this is going to take forever. It does.

5:56pm : Finally done getting gas and head to Target. It's super close so I arrive in just a couple minutes.

5:59pm : Head in to Target and plan to get only what's on the list. Add a few extra items to the list to make sure I "stick to only what's on the list".

6:23pm : Pay at Target and head to the car.

6:33pm : Arrive home. Notice Mason's therapist has already left (session ends at 6:30pm). Unload the bags from the car, get the mail, open what came for me, and do a couple things around the house.

7:03pm : Dinner is ready! Tonight we're having pesto pasta with mozzarella and tomatoes but this time we added chicken apple sausage.

7:25pm : I scroll through some emails as Mason finishes his dinner and see that there is one from the center that his developmental pediatrician is at/the place he was diagnosed with autism. I open it and see that one of the chefs on Cutthroat Kitchen tonight got to choose what charity his winnings would go to and he chose our center! SO COOL. I tell Seth and we make a mental note to watch the show tonight.

7:30pm : We finally finish dinner. I thought I ate slowly but Mason eats SLOWLY. So, so slowly. He finally finishes at 7:30pm and we immediately head upstairs to take a bath. I start the water and he plays in his room for a few minutes until I'm ready. He takes off his own clothes and puts them in his dirty laundry hamper. I ask him to take off his pull up too and he does and then he teases me and looks like he's going to throw it in his dirty laundry hamper. I shake my head no, like I do every night, and he throws it in the appropriate spot.

7:48pm : We're done with bath time and Mason gets dressed by himself. I help him pull up his nighttime pull up since he's still kind of wet and it's hard to pull up by himself. I lay out his pj shorts and he puts them on. I lay out his shirt and he's able to put that on almost totally alone as well. I know most of the kids his age can probably do this already, but we're still working on it - partly due to his autism and developmental delays, partly due to the fact that I think I was just doing everything for him. We're both working on it.

7:53pm : We head downstairs. I used to carry Mason but we're trying to make him more independent so I walk down first, he whines a little, and then follows. Mason grabs the iPad to watch a little before bed, Seth has just finished the dishes, and I start to jot down some notes from the afternoon/evening in this blog post.

8:10pm : Mason's 5 minutes on the iPad is up and since he has a cold, we decide to suck his nose. He's gotten MUCH better at blowing his nose, but still doesn't blow enough to get everything out. I wanted his nose clear for bed so... Nose Freida it is. He sees Seth with the Nose Freida and immediately yells "nooooooooo!" and I have to hold his arms so Seth can suck. It sounds terrible, but works AMAZINGLY. We finally finish, I get a big hug and then I tell him "I love you Mason!" and he says "I luh you Mommy!" Seth then takes Mason upstairs to brush his teeth and read him books before bed.

8:19pm : I remember that we have this AMAZING apple cinnamon crumb cake that Seth's mom made for the 4th of July and decide to have a slice and a small scoop of ice cream. It's gluten free (since she's gluten free) which usually means it's a little more dense than regular cake, but this cake is SO GOOD and so moist. I'm obsessed.

8:22pm : I can't find the cake in the fridge. I know I only had one piece last night so where is the last piece? I yell to Seth and ask if he ate it. He says yes. He ate the cake that he said he had NO desire to try. Ugh. Husbands.

8:25pm : I decide to work on my Thursday post and put the DITL post on hold.

8:46pm : I got distracted by Facebook. Back on track now...

10:10pm : Finally done with my post. Hit publish and start to watch TV with Seth. He's watching Brother vs Brother, which I actually really like. I lay back and think to myself that I'm oddly wide awake for so late at night (hey, past 10pm is late for me!) and then...

2:30am : Wake up on the couch and head upstairs to actually go to bed.

And that's a pretty typical Wednesday!

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  1. Sounds like you guys have some pretty busy days, but I'm glad you're able to find fun throughout the day!

  2. So fun to hear about your day! You get up EARLY! Phew! I guess I have to get up at about 5:50 during the school year... Love Mason's hand print art!

  3. Wow, you are busy! I'm impressed that you find time to blog when you also have a job! About getting dressed - Simon just had a fit because at camp he has to change himself out of his bathing suit - he is almost 6. So I'm super jealous that Mason can get himself into his pajamas at almost 4.

  4. Connor doesn't dress himself at all. He can take things off but I just do it all for him so thanks for the nudge to allow him to be big and do it himself.

  5. Love these types of posts - I'm always curious to see how fellow mamas spend their days. I need to do one myself before the new baby arrives and everything changes all over again!

  6. I love reading these posts! I need to do them too, but my weekday post would be super boring. Get up, go to work, come home at 5pm...LOL. Maybe I'll do one on an off Friday. Mason is too cute standing with the mail, keep doing it :)

  7. Reed can't dress himself either and it really pisses him off when I make him try. He gets stuck in the clothes so much that I think he's going to actually injure himself sometimes.

  8. Nothing makes me madder than when Chris finishes off something that he doesn't even like!!!! Husbands!! Fun to see a glimpse into your day :)

  9. I know we are the same in loving these posts! I've never done one but totally should soon! I was just thinking wouldn't it be so awesome if mason ends up working with mail/post office one day! And I totally feel you in the independence thing. I think it's also because of them being only children. I still do too much for Myles that I know he should be able to do himself. Always a lot whining around here.

  10. Your job sounds amazing. What do you do?

  11. It took me forever to have Marcus start dressing himself. I think mainly because it was just so much faster when I did it. In fact. At the beginning of this summer Marcus finally started putting his socks on by himself. It's a process.
    I LOVE that Mason teased you with his pull-up after bath! That's so cute.
    And, the NoseFrida is THE best!! I won't use anything else.

  12. WHOA gas lines! Are they always that long? You pretty much never have to wait to get gas around here.... maybe it's just Costco? I've said it before but I'll say it again. I love your work schedule. Getting off mid afternoon is just the best.

  13. HAHAHA- I love that you added things to the Target list in order to 'stick to the list' :D I think doing everything for first borns is a common thing - I'm trying to get Reese to dress herself more. It just takes so long though! And then she gets frustrated, then I do... sigh. Yeah, we're working on it too. Also, I love that Mason's school is so close to your work! I work 45 min from home, which won't be fun come school time.

  14. I love these kinds of posts :)

  15. What a day! Mason is such a trooper on long days like that. Can't believe he's almost 4!!

  16. I'd hit snooze a lot too if I had to get up that early! My husband does it and I don't envy him. And that duplo collection looks so similar to ours lol!

  17. You are crazy for how early you wake up! And I seriously love these posts for the little glimpses into everyone's lives.

  18. I like that you've done 400 things before I'm even out of bed. And I wish the floors would stay clean for a day or two after I vacuumed them. Dogs. =/ Hair clumps everywhere. Aria has a hard time getting her tops off and on, I always do it for her too. oops. And, Chris is the same way. He almost polished off Aria's sugar cookies...the ones he does not like.


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