[Throwback Thursday] The Broad Museum.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

I'm terribly behind on sharing some of the fun that we had over the summer, so I thought it might be fun to do a sort of "throwback" post to share some of the places we went. On today's agenda: The Broad Museum in LA.

One day, I got a text from Desiree saying that she had gotten tickets to The Broad, had a couple extras, and wanted to know if I wanted to go too. It was during the week, when Seth had to work, and driving to LA is not at the top of my list of favorite things to do. I knew next to nothing about this museum (hadn't even heard of it before she mentioned it) and also worried about how well Mason would do in a museum that didn't seem overly kid friendly - not un-kid friendly, but nothing like the Museum of Ice Cream kid friendly either). But with the promise of trying an epic ice cream place afterward as a "reward" (for me... and Mason), I quickly agreed and thanked her for sharing her tickets with me.

What should have taken a little over an hour took almost two hours and by the time Mason and I got there, I was happy to be out of the car. I pumped Mason full of snacks so he was a happy camper getting there, but we both were pretty excited to see the museum and see our friends once we got off the freeway.

A short wait later and it was our time slot for our tickets. We ran inside to put our names on the list for the infinity mirror room (the whole reason for going) and then went to look around a bit.

The kids did exceptionally well considering Desiree and I had to remind them not to touch anything every five seconds and around every corner was a worker reminding them of the same. After about an hour or so, we could tell that the kids needed a break (and we still had a good amount of time left to wait for the infinity room), so we opted to go across the street for some lunch and to let the kids run around a bit. An hour or so later, we were done with lunch and back for our turn in the infinity room.

I didn't really know what to expect, but it exceeded my expectations. It was incredible. It was magical. Mason and I were captivated. We were allowed in by ourselves, but were only allotted a few seconds in the room (I can't remember now, maybe 30-45?) and it seemed like an eternity yet like a split second all at the same time. I was trying to take it all in while taking pictures so I could remember the beauty.

It was WELL worth the wait AND worth the drive just to see that room. Now I know what the hype is all about.

After we finished with the infinity room, we could tell that the kids were DONE so we headed out and headed to the ice cream place, Little Damage. I, again, had no idea what to expect, but was again blown away. This place had a line as well and the ice cream was amazing.

As we waited in line, I captured these gems with Julia and Mason. It's a terrible angle, but seriously the sweetest and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to capture the moment.

Thank you, Desiree, for pushing me out of my comfort zone and trying something new and inviting us to go to The Broad with you and then Little Damage. We had the BEST day! I seriously wish I could go back to this museum sans kids because it was that amazing. I would have loved more time to actually read about the exhibits and actually take it all in. Maybe one day!


  1. What a cool museum!! I love miniature things but seeing every day objects in mass scale is pretty fascinating!

  2. I love that you two did this together! The exhibits look gorgeous. I can totally see how it would be an awesome place to go without kids though. And cocktails. 'Cause everything is better with cocktails.

  3. So cool, the exhibits look amazing, but yeah that would be challenging with little ones. But that infinity mirror room--wow!!
    Mason and Julia--so adorable!! Love seeing the boys together, how fun!!

  4. That day was SO fun! Thank you so much for joining us! I know Marcus had fun because Mason was there.
    I had no idea you captured that picture of Mason and Julia hugging. Oh my goodness, too sweet. And I'm laughing because... no shoes.
    That ice cream! They have some new flavors right now that I *really* want to try, but I need to find the motivation to go back to DTLA!

  5. You got such great photos! Looks like a very cool place.

  6. I’ve been terrible at sharing things we have done as well. Oh, I love that first photo of the kids. The composition is awesome, friend. That infinity room looks amazing! And that ice cream place looks so neat! What a fun day.


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