Oh Hey, Fri-YAY!

Friday, May 27, 2016

Well, you guys, it's been a week! And I sure as heck am glad that it's Friday. You know when you feel like things are going so well and you're just floating on Cloud 9? Well that happened and then someone blew my cloud away and now we're back on Earth and fighting for what we want. Mason is amazing and this is in no way, shape or form his fault, but sometimes having a child with special needs is hard. Real hard. I've never really had to fight for what I wanted or needed, I just kind of went with the flow, but this week, I had to do just that. I'm sure I made a few enemies, but I don't care. I'll do whatever it takes to get Mason what he needs.

Anyways, more on that later, but enough Debbie Downer talk, it's Friday!

Snapchat Filters.

I've recently become obsessed with those snapchat filters. Mason loves to see himself as a dog (even though I think it confuses the hell out of him why there are ears on his head because he touches his head and looks all confused lol), with a flower crown, you name it, I've subjected him to it. My nieces also LOVE it. They steal my phone whenever we're together and love to play with all the filters and do the face swap. Next time I'm watching them, I'll just give them my phone and go have a drink! LOL. I kid, I kid! I swear I wouldn't do that. In fact, you'd be more likely to find me scootering with them in the back alley and not on snapchat because #kidatheart.

This is Us Trailer.

Stephanie shared this on her Facebook page the other day and I started to watch it and holy goodness, grab a box of tissues. Yep, that's right. A BOX, not even just one or two. I can't wait for it to start in the fall, just in time for me to watch all of Parenthood over the summer!

Painting my own nails.

Apparently today's theme is all about social media (see below, you'll understand) because every time I paint my own nails, I share it on snapchat and people love it/make fun of me like no other so I thought I'd share here too. You see... I'm cheap. I've been painting my own finger nails lately (I still do love a pedicure by a professional every once in a while) but I'm terrible at it as evidenced above. My left hand looks ok, but my right hand looks like a scene from a horror movie. I swear it's getting better the more I do it, but not by much. It usually looks like this and then after I give Mason a bath and then after I take a shower, it looks like normal painted nails again :)

Oh and what's really funny is that I got tagged in this video at least three times in the last week because of my "excellent" nail painting skills. If only it could paint my nails for me and I'd be all over it!

Cart return.

I posted this picture on snapchat on Sunday and I seriously thought I'd be in the minority, but SO MANY people told me that they do the same thing! Do you do the same thing? I seriously would rather walk farther to get in the store than walk to put away the cart at the end of the trip. I part right next to a cart return if I can on almost any shopping trip (that requires a cart - Target, Costco, grocery store, etc).

Pinterest wedding inspiration.

If you need me, today I'm in a wedding in Northern California! I'm super excited to stand up as a bridesmaid and support the bride as she says 'I do'. And if the wedding is even half as beautiful as the Pinterest pins that she's been sharing, I'm going to be BLOWN AWAY. I'm DYING over her theme!

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Have a great weekend!


  1. OMG the wedding theme looks amazing!! I can't wait to see pictures you share from it. I always want to hear the story behind your comments about Mason at the beginning of your post. My mama bear started to come out just thinking of ideas behind it. Have a great weekend.

  2. It's okay to bring out your Mama bear! Mason is who's important! My Mase loves the dog filter too! He loves even more now that it puts ears on me too at they same time. "Look Mama! We dogs! Woof, woof!" I totally park next to car returns too! It makes it so much easier when you have kiddos with you. I lovelove weddings. Have fun, take lots of pics!

  3. Those snapchat filters are a hoot. Aria gets confused with the things on her head that aren't really there. She asks but where are the flowers? Happy wedding-ing!

  4. I'm so sorry you've had to fight for Mason this week, but that's why you're the perfect mommy for him! Have a fantastic wedding weekend and can't wait for a recap!

  5. Your nail painting shenanigans crack me up! Thinking about you and things with Mason <3. Have a blast at the wedding!

  6. I hadn't heard of that show but I watched the trailer and it looks really good! Thanks for sharing! We love the snap chat filters too. Do people reply to you on snap chat via chat? I haven't tried that part of it yet! lol. I also park near the cart return if I can!

  7. Well, now I want to know who you pissed off ;) I'm like you so I know it was something important and worth "making a scene over", we HAVE to be our children's voice, its just that simple. But in case you're feeling upset about it, I'm sending you a virtual hug. On a lighter note, I almost died laughing with that one filter, you know the one I'm referencing!

  8. make yourself ALL THE ENEMIES to get mason what he needs. period the end. especially if that's turning him into a puppy or a cowboy permanently. because he makes on adorable cowboy.

  9. I, too, laughed at your nail painting skills. Sorry. I have a couple tips! Try to leave a gap between your cuticle and the sides of your nails and the nail polish. Just a teeny one. You don't need to get RIGHT down to the skin. You can also get a much prettier shape that way, nice and rounded and symmetrical. Also, get some orange sticks. If you get it on your cuticle or skin, just wipe it away with those! I hope that helps...nail painting is hard to explain in words. I have to have nail polish on but am cheap and anti-social, so I have been doing my own forever and ever.

  10. Oh yes, it's amazing how someone so nice (like you) can get when it's about the needs of their child! And I have a feeling you weren't even that mean... Let's call it assertive ;). And I love the filters too. Whenever we have downtime Noah asks for them. And I'm totally with you on the cart return, especially when I have Noah. Easier to walk further away when he's with me. But I like to put him in his car seat and then load the car, so I need the return right next to me. The grocery store closest to me doesn't have a return at all! Thankfully they have attendants collecting them so you don't feel bad just leaving it ;)

  11. I saw that trailer and it looks like such a great show! :)

    Amy @ http://befilledwithj0y.blogspot.com/

  12. You are such a perfect mama bear! Mason is so so lucky to have you! It can be hard and that is totally okay; vent away! Also, I secretly love snapchat filters too!!!

  13. Snapchat filters are pretty much the only reason I even have a Snapchat account, lol. And I seriously laughed at you nail picture but I am in the same exact boat. I am TERRIBLE at painting my own nails, which is why I pretty much never do. Hope you had a great weekend!

  14. I'm totally the same with painting my nails! I get it ALL OVER my right hand!! I just tell myself it comes off in the shower, and it does, so I'm all good by the time I go out in public the next morning! :) It's better than spending a bunch of money every week!

  15. So funny that the dog filter kind of confuses Mason. I think most of the filters freak Marcus out. He never wants to do them. #funhater
    Your nail painting always gives me a good laugh. My right hand always looks like I let a toddler get a hold of my polish.
    The cart return. YES!!! I will literally park at the back of a parking lot if it means I'm close to a cart return. I don't have time to haul two kids in and out of a store, and then bring a cart to a return a million miles away. Hard pass.

  16. No joke I want it to be Fall just so I can watch that show RIGHT NOW. I am so excited. We will have to chat after each episodes. Once we've cried all the tear, of course.

  17. Oh friend, big hugs! You are an amazing Mama to Mason and he’s so blessed to have you! Aren’t the snapchat filters so fun? My Mason loves them too. I always love your nail painting snapchats. Yes! I try to park close to the cart return, too! Especially since I do grocery shopping by myself on Sunday mornings before church. I want to spend as less time by myself in a parking lot as I possibly can. Not to mention I have to go get donuts, unload groceries, get my boys up for church and then get myself ready!

  18. You go get them Mama Bear! Ain't no shame in fighting for you child! Parking next to the cart return...EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. Now that Declan is 50lbs it also help for him to climb up the railing to help me, help him get in the cart! And I am new to Snapchat and I'm embarrassed to say I haven't quite figured it out yet...


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