Dreaming of Fall + a Fun Mug Exchange!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Hi everyone! I'm officially back from vacation and trying to recover from my vacation hangover. Thankfully I still have today and tomorrow off -- one day for fun and one day for business -- that allow me to slowly get back into the groove of everyday life again before I have to go back to work on Friday. I kind of feel like September snuck up on me since we left in August and got back in September but I'm so excited that my favorite month is finally here! September is not only my birthday month (woohoo!), but also the start of FALL (double woohoo!). Unfortunately around these parts the start of Fall really means nothing since we will most likely be pumpkin patching in shorts and short sleeves next month, but a girl can dream. Oh fall, how I long for you.

Regardless of the temperatures, there are definitely some things about Fall that I love:

1. SCARVES! I usually wear scarves year round, no matter the temperature, but this summer has been brutal and I've been holding off on the scarf wearing. I can't wait to pull those babies out again. Oh and don't forget the boots and the cozy sweaters and sweatshirts! Come Fall, it's on!

2. Pumpkin patches and pumpkin carving.

3. Cooler temperatures -- see #1.

4. The return of all my favorite TV shows -- sad, but true.

5. Halloween and Thanksgiving!

6. The (hopeful!) return of those gorgeous Fall cups at Starbucks as well as the return of the Caramel Apple Spice!

7. The start of the holiday season and the start of holiday decorating -- I'm a sucker for decorating with mini pumpkins and pinecones from October through November.

8. Possibly apple picking? We went a couple years ago and I loved it, but we skipped last year. I'm hoping to go again this year and collect enough apples to make a pie or an apple crisp!

9. Speaking of apple pie or apple crisp... hopefully I can try one of the forty-seven recipes I have on my Fall Pinterest board for all things pumpkin and apple!

10. Sitting inside while it's cold outside and drinking hot cocoa out of my favorite mug.

Speaking of mugs (and I'm sure you knew this was coming given the title of my blog post), I'm excited to announce that I'm co-hosting a fun mug exchange!

The basic idea of the exchange is to buy one of your very favorite mugs and send it to your partner. I know this sounds crazy, but I already know exactly which mug I am going to get for my partner!

Other details you need to know:
- Mugs should be between $10-$15 before shipping.
- Sign-ups close on September 14th.
- Partners will be emailed on September 16th.
- The last day to mail your mug will be September 30th.
- Swap is open to US residents only.
- Share your mug with us on October 10th. No blog? No problem! You can share your mug on social media with the hashtag :  #MugLoveExchange

If you're interested in signing up for the giveaway, please do so through this link : https://goo.gl/forms/6vrj2jlZfSyfRYFw1 . Blog post comments are always appreciated but the only way that you will for sure be signed up for the exchange is through that link!

Don't forget to come back on October 10th and see what amazing mug I get! There might or might not be an AWESOME giveaway on that day as well ;)

Let me know if you have any questions!


  1. You favorite things about fall are right along the lines of my favorites too. I love every season for different reasons, but I am so ready for cooler temps, a routine with school, and everything fall has to offer!! Bring it on!

  2. I am really excited for the fall shows to come back too! While I had a few shows with summer series, they are all ending too, so I need something to watch again!!!

  3. Yay for a long vacation and yay for fall! Your list of favorite fall things is complete perfection!

  4. Fall makes me happy...until it gets too cold!

  5. Yes yes yes to all of these! Fall is just the best.

  6. your trip looked AMAZING via instagram! and i'm longing for fall too-- i mean PSL's are out so we totally deserve scarf weather too.

  7. Yes to all of this! Fall is the most wonderful time of the year.

  8. Love the route you took!! And now I'm super curious about the mug you're so dead-set on buying!!! P.S. Are you doing the fall scarf exchange?? Please say yes, please say yes!

  9. I can't wait to get to the pumpkin patch! Yay fall!

  10. GIVE ME FALL (and the fall temps)!
    I'm totally in for this one.

  11. YES to all of the above! LOVE fall! Looking forward to this exchange!!

  12. I'm dealing with a MASSIVE vacation hangover today! WAHH.

    SO excited for this mug exchange. And yes, I totally know what mug I'm going to get already too!

  13. Caramel Apple Spice - what?! I must have that!

    I am so excited for Fall as well especially here in Wisconsin with the changing weather. Love it! I am also looking forward to this mug exchange, this is gonna be fun. :)

  14. Love these lists so much!!!! Give me all things fall!

  15. LIZ!!! I went to Starbucks today with a friend and had the best Caramel apple loaf slice! You gotta try it! If I had been in my right mind I would have photographed it for IG lol. Bring on FALL!!!

  16. This is the best gift exchange ever!!

  17. YES to Fall! I love jeans and boots weather, and I cannot wait for cooler temps! I totally look forward to the return of TV shows too :)

  18. Can we just live in a world of Falls? All of your loves for it are perfection. Sadly we never actually get Fall down here, I can always pretend haha. The mug exchange seems so cool! I have a slight mug collecting problem. An entire 3 shelf double side cupboard full to be more precise haha


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