Happy Fri-YAY!

Friday, September 2, 2016

TGIF! This week has actually been a great week! I worked for one day and now we are on vacation! If you don't know where we are already, you can follow along with all of our adventures on Instagram or on Snapchat :)

I didn't want to miss out on sharing five random things with you today, so without further ado, here are my weekly five.

Chocolate cake in a mug.

The other night I had a strong craving for chocolate. Sadly, we didn't have any chocolate in the house (which is actually kind of surprising since I usually try to keep something around just in case a chocolate craving strikes). Then I remembered an episode of the Pioneer Woman that I had watched recently where she made a single serving "slice" of chocolate cake... in a mug. It looked good when she made it on TV and I love her recipes, so I figured, why not? And boy am I glad I did. THAT CAKE WAS GOOD. It's SO rich and chocolatey and I substituted white chocolate chips for the regular chocolate chips and it was perfect. It takes no time at all to make and you most likely have all the ingredients on hand. When your next chocolate craving strikes, TRY THIS.

Letter Folk boards.

You guys. I am OBSESSED with these. I follow Letter Folk on Instagram and am obsessed with all the boards and the sayings that they post. I know I don't NEED one (they are kind of expensive!) but I NEED one. I still haven't even taken Mason's "back to school" photos yet and I think this would be perfect. Right? Right. Seth... my birthday is coming up... and I only want the little one! :)

Yeti cups vs the Walmart brand.

Oh the Yeti cup. I've been wanting one for a while because I've heard about how great they are, but the price is what gets me. I'm already a cup/mug hoarder so I know if I came home with one of those, Seth would be a bit mad. BUT then I found this! The Walmart knock off version. It costs $9.74 and works exactly (in my expert opinion) the same as the Yeti! I've been using it for about two weeks or so and I LOVE IT. I fill it with ice and the water of my choice (I've ben rotating Lacroix flavors each day) and there is still ice when I get home from work around 3pm! AMAZING. I haven't tried it with hot drinks yet, but I imagine that it would be equally amazing with those. If you've been wanting to get a Yeti cup but don't want to spend the money, I highly recommend this one!

Sunday Night Fun and Games.

Has anyone else been watching the game shows on on Sunday nights on ABC? I'm kind of loving it! First there's Celebrity Family Feud followed by the $100,000 Pyramid and then The Match Game. I forget they're on every week and then we turn on the TV after we put Mason to bed and I fall in love all over again.

Halloween Hanna jams.

I know, I know. It's BARELY September, but I was browsing Hanna Andersson's website the other day and saw that they released this years Halloween pajamas. And... swoon. I'm such a sucker for pajamas and I KNOW they are JUST pajamas, but seriously. I can't. They're so cute! I've held off so far because I refuse to pay the crazy shipping prices that they charge but I may need to make my way over to the mall and hit up the store one of these days before all the cute ones are gone in Mason's size!

And that's that! Hope everyone has a great long weekend!


  1. My hubby loves his Yeti cup, but seriously the price is killer. Ugh! Those boards are awesome and I agree that you NEED one. ;) I am dying for the Hanna jammies. They are all so cute. I'll probably stick with Old Navy ones though. Ha ha!

  2. Thanks for the heads-up on the mug! Is it heavy like the Yeti? I don't know if I would like that part, but I love the idea. Also, those pajams!! Toooo cute :)

  3. I have that cup too. My only problem is the open top - I'm afraid to take it anywhere!

  4. I wonder how similar the Yeti trend is to the S'well trend? I really wanted a S'well for, well, forever, but couldn't get myself to spend $35 on a water bottle so my husband ended up finding a knock off version on Amazon (Mira) and it works really well too. Keeps things cold for far longer than anything else I've seen, and it has no chance of spilling and leaking which is great for me!

  5. I think I need that cup for school! I have so many cups!! And that chocolate cake! What a great treat!!

  6. I’ve always wondered if the cake in a mug thing worked! So cool that it did and it looks delicious. I’m obsessed with those boards, too! I’ve never tried the Ozark (heart it was awesome), but I can vouch for the Yeti. It’s worth every penny of the $39.99 price tag. Nathan, Mason and I never use any other cup now. Just the Yeti. So glad to hear that the Ozark is working great for you. Those Halloween jams are amazing! I love this time of year. Hope you guys are having the best time on vacation!

  7. Oh my gosh, I may need to get one of the cups for myself. I need to have ice cold water otherwise I don't like drinking it.

    I love the Halloween jammies! :)

    Have a great weekend!

  8. Cake in a mug?! Yes please! The Pioneer Woman can do no wrong. I have my eye on a matching set of Halloween pjs for the girls from Gap already, too ;)

  9. When I was pregnant with Marcus I'm pretty sure I made cake in a cup every night for several months, straight. Whoops.
    I LOVE the LetterFolk boards! I just wish I had a fun place to put one.
    We have a Yeti that you put around cans, but I've been eyeing the tumblers. I had no idea there was a WalMart knock off. Pretty sure we need a few of them!!
    Hope you're having THE best time on your adventures this weekend!!!

  10. I want Hanna's Snoopy PJs something fierce for C -- actually I want all 4 styles but the price gets me every single time. We've never bought from them so I don't know if it's worth it or not so maybe you can persuade me?

  11. I have a blog friend who compared the yeti side by side to the walmart cup and they were the exact same to a T. So yay for saving money. Those Pj's are so stinking cute too. I can't possibly know I can have yummy cake at any time. That would be so bad for me so I am just going to forget you ever mentioned this :P.

  12. We are obsessed with Hanna pjs, but I prefer to get the ones he can wear all year round and get the holiday ones from cheaper stores. But oh have they tempted me this year... So freaking cute! My mom just picked up a batman pair that I'm calling his Halloween pair ;)

  13. Yay for holiday jams!! Favorite time of year!! ;)

  14. Letter Folk.... I'm on the fence. I kinda love them, but I also feel like they are so over done. And that price tag!!!! Also, my favorite fall jams this year are Old Navy's black & white stripes. So simple yet perfect!

  15. I love Halloween pjs! Too cute!!


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