[Weekending] Red Cup Twinning and a Day Out with Thomas!

Monday, November 14, 2016

I haven't done a weekend recap in a while because, well, we haven't really done anything that exciting on the weekends in a while. But this weekend? THIS was a good weekend!

Since Friday was a holiday, specifically a mail holiday, I decided to take the day off work. My whole job revolves around me getting payments in the mail to apply to the vendor's accounts and when the post office is closed, it makes it pretty hard for me to do anything, so I just stayed extra long on Thursday to make sure that I was all caught up, and took the day off on Friday. It was glorious yet all too short. I swear I think I am going to be extra productive since I'm home alone, but I never end up accomplishing even half of what I set out to do.

The first thing on my list after dropping Mason off at school was to stop by Target. I legitimately had a real list of things that I needed to get, though you might not know it from my Christmas aisle red cup photo. I know it might be hard to believe, but I was actually good and didn't buy any Christmas stuff... from the regular priced aisles, I did hit up the dollar spot though!

On Saturday, Mason's weekend ABA center called to say his therapist was sick and we opted to not get a sub and just spent the day together. Our niece had a soccer game at 9:45am, so we hit up Starbucks and then went to watch her game. I was one of THOSE people and wanted to get Mason a red cup of his own, but he doesn't drink any hot drinks, so I got him a cold drink (milk) in a hot cup. #highmaintenance . Of course I couldn't let our red cup twinning go undocumented, so I asked Seth to take some pictures of us and he KILLED IT. I don't give him enough credit but he is a pretty great Instagram husband. Sometimes he doesn't get the shot that I'm looking for, but this time he definitely did, so I have to give him a shout out for that (and if you look on my picture, he gave himself a shout out too LOL!).

I don't know about you guys, but I think Starbucks is killing it with their red cups this year. I love that there are so many different designs, though my wallet definitely doesn't because I seriously want to go every day and get a new design.

The rest of Saturday was spent at my sister in law's baby shower, with a trip to the mall with my other sister in law and nieces, and buying entirely too many Hanna Andersson Christmas pajamas for Mason.

Sunday was a day that I had been looking forward to for a while... well since I booked these tickets a couple months ago at least! I had heard of the Day Out with Thomas before but always thought it was too far away for us to go and Mason hadn't really been too in to Thomas before. Now he's ALL ABOUT Thomas, so we knew we had to go! Come Sunday morning, Mason was super excited. We didn't tell him ahead of time that we were going to see trains, so when we mentioned it, he was so excited. He already had Thomas and Percy but I bought Toby and James on Amazon since I figured that the prices at the event would be insane and I wanted to get him something. They arrived on Saturday and I hid them in my purse for later.

It took about an hour to get to the railroad station where the event was and it was actually really well set up. We had tickets for Thomas at 9am so we headed over there first and got in line.

photo by Mason. we're still working on aim :)

The ride was a little disappointing as we basically drove in a straight line down a track for 10 minutes and then directly back to the station in 10 minutes for a total ride on Thomas of 20 minutes. I somehow expected it to be longer, but regardless, Mason was over the moon and that's all that matters.

After we got back to the station, we waited in line and took pictures with Thomas.

We had tickets to go see and ride on Percy at 10:10am and had some time to kill so we went to go look at all the other trains on display.

Around 9:50am, we headed over to see Percy. The ride on Percy was even shorter than Thomas, but was still equally as fun.

After we were done with the ride, we stood in line and met Percy too. Mason seemed more excited to meet and see Percy than Thomas and literally YELLED "Percy! Percy! PERCY!!!!!" as he drove up. It was so cute to see him SO excited!

After meeting Percy, we walked around the gift shop a little, I was shocked at just how cheap the prices were, and then we decided to leave. By now it was about 11am, it was getting pretty hot (aka 90 degrees) and we were getting hungry. There was more that we could have done like bounce houses, live music, games, and more, but like I said, it was getting hot, we were hungry, and on top of it, it was getting crowded. So, we left and headed to the Cheesecake Factory in a mall a few minutes away and then headed home to watch the Steelers (lose - boo!) and head to the grocery store for food for the week.

Overall, it was a great weekend and I'm definitely not ready for another week. I have big plans for next weekend and am already counting down the days!


  1. I agree that Starbucks red cups are awesome this year!! I think I'll get another one today. :) What a great weekend!! The Day out with Thomas looks like a blast and you had one really happy boy on your hands. Yay for family time!!

  2. Aaahhh so much to love here. A day off, red cups, AND trains. I saw that Thomas train going down the highway once, that was pretty cool to see. I agree with loving the multiple red cup designs. It has to be making people go more often. Well played Starbucks, well played

  3. The pic of the cups is so good!! Love it! What a fun outing with Thomas! Don't you just love these moments?!

  4. This just looks amazing!! I've seen a couple of these around us (like 5 hours) but I think we may just have to bite the bullet and make the drive! I'm so glad Mason loved it so much!

  5. What a great weekend! I love the Starbucks cups - I hadn't seen some of the cups you posted here! We've done the Day out with Thomas, once in NJ and once here in KS. It's a lot of fun!

  6. How much fun! When my son was into Thomas I tried finding this close to our house, but came up empty. Such a fun family day!

  7. What a great weekend! Love the photos of you & Mason!

  8. Oh my gosh, those smiles on that boy's face. Priceless. I love it! :)

  9. Im so glad Mason had a great time! Thomas comes to a town close by us but the girls havent really gotten into trains. I almost want to go just for me lol. Excited to see the Hanna jams :)

  10. I'm going to hire you to come and take all of my red cup pictures from now on lol. You've got skills.

    Also, you're the cutest fambam EVER

  11. Those pics of you and Mason are soooo cute! We went to a day with Thomas when Henry was about 3 and it was so fun! Your red cup pictures are great!!

  12. Yay for Thomas and Percy... But 90 degrees in November just seems wrong! And now I want a red cup!!!

  13. Our Day Out with Thomas trips were exactly the opposite! All Reed liked were the little events and cried/whined the whole time on the train. (We only had a Thomas train, no Percy). I remember being surprised that the prices were the same as online too, though. Glad y'all had fun!

  14. What was in your hot cup with a straw?

    I found the land of train things but it issss like 3-4 hours away from us. They do the Thomas thing but I totally wanted to go for the Polar Express type event they do. Maybe not all pregnant or newborn baby-ed up this year, I'm just wondering how I can talk Chris into next year =)

  15. Your weekend looks like perfection ... mostly because I love Red Cups and Thomas :)

  16. RED CUPS FOR THE WIN!! I would totally do a cold drink in a hot cup, too. No shame. And Seth nailed the gram photo.
    Thomas looks like it was SO much fun! We did that a couple of years ago with Marcus (where was this location - I'm thinking it was the same spot we went), and I thought it was so neat! However, I'm right there with you, the actual ride on Thomas was kind of a bummer (and I thought the "scenery" was a total let down). And, they let you take pictures with Thomas? We had to take our pics in stealth mode because they wanted us to pay for the photos #nothanks.

  17. What a wonderful weekend!!! I adore all of the pictures of you and Mason! And the Thomas thing sounds like a blast.

  18. This sounds so cool! The closest one for us is a bit away, but maybe we can try it next year. Reese would love it!


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