[The Great Christmas Round Up] 25 Christmas Dessert Recipes

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

It's finally and officially the most wonderful time of the year! And judging by how much money I spent on Black Friday, pre-Black Friday, and Cyber Monday... it's also the most expensive time of the year as well. But as much as I love shopping (online shopping to be exact), I love being all cozied up in my house, watching Christmas movies, drinking hot chocolate (with lots of marshmallows!) and baking Christmas treats.

Once again Pinterest has sucked me in and I've become a Christmas dessert pinning crazy person.

Grasshopper Mint Chocolate Bark // This one is tried and true! I made it a couple years ago and brought it to Christmas for dessert and people couldn't believe how easy and delicious it was. I seriously emailed out this recipe to at least five people.

White Chocolate Oreo Peppermint Bark // This one is also tried and true! I made it last year and everyone loved it. This one was just as simple as the Grasshopper Mint Chocolate Bark, but had my favorite extra ingredient in them... Christmas Oreos!

Andes Mint Cookies // Andes Mints. Need I say more? I haven't tried these yet, but they look and sound AMAZING.

Oreo Penguins // These are seriously the cutest! I love Oreos and when you make them in to these cute little penguins, it just makes them THAT much better!

Christmas Swirl Sugar Cookies // A fun twist on the original sugar cookie -- colorful and with the addition of Christmas sprinkles!

Grinch Cookies // The perfect snack while watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

Peppermint Mocha Cookies // The cookie version of one of my favorite holiday Starbucks drinks!

Ugly Sweater Cake // I have NEVER seen anything like this! It would be the perfect addition to an ugly sweater Christmas party!

Santa Hat Cheesecake Bites // I make some awesome strawberries filled with cheesecake for a regular dessert and these are a fun twist on that idea, especially made for Christmas.

Hot Chocolate Fudge // I love fudge and I love hot chocolate and these babies are topped with marshmallows AND made in the microwave. Pure perfection.

Mint Hot Cocoa // If you couldn't tell from all my mint recipes above, I love mint! I also love hot cocoa, so this would be the perfect match. I'm thinking maybe it would be a little something like a peppermint mocha minus the coffee? Perfect for after dinner so it doesn't keep you up all night.

Disney Themed Christmas Cookies // I mean, how cute?! For those Disney lovers in your life, these are perfect for Christmas!

Christmas Light Cupcakes // My pet peeve is when things look so good but the taste doesn't measure up. These cupcakes are perfect because you can make the cake whatever flavor you want it to be and then you just add some vanilla frosting, some frosting gel for the strands, and then M&Ms for the lights. You know the taste will measure up to the cuteness!

Peppermint Brownie Bars // I love brownies and to add a little peppermint to them just makes them so festive!

Peppermint Sugar Cookies with Cream Cheese Frosting // Don't like chocolate? These peppermint sugar cookies are a great alternative to brownies!

Pretzel Hugs // Pretzels, Hugs, and M&Ms. Melt. And that's it. Perfection!

Christmas in a Bowl (triffle) // This triffle includes peppermint mousse. I'm sold.

Christmas Crunch // I love popcorn (especially kettle corn!) and anyway to make it fun and festive and kick it up a notch is so fun! I love that this is something that Mason would be able to help with also!

Chocolate Salted Caramel Fudge // I mean. I NEED to make this! I love fudge and I love caramel and the addition of a little salt on top just makes it totally decadent!

Thin Mint Cookie Cups // Have a craving for thin mints when it's not Girl Scout cookie season? Try these!

Grasshopper Cookies // They don't technically sound Christmas-y, but they're green so in my world, it works.

Hershey's Kiss Smores Cookies // They had me at smores! I need to make these too! I'm a sucker for anything smores!

Snowman Cake Pops // Kick the cake pops up a notch and stack them to look like snowmen!

Chocolate Dipped Oreo Snowflakes // If you can't tell by my theme going on here, I love mint and I love Oreos. And the only thing better than double stuffed Oreos? Double stuffed Oreos DIPPED IN CHOCOLATE. Yes. I need to learn how to make these!

Fruit Candy Canes // Want a healthier alternative to all the sweet desserts? These banana and strawberry candy canes fit the bill!

Goodness, all these recipes sound amazing! I'm not usually the one who is in charge of Christmas dessert, but I always try to sneak something in there (since I love festive baking so much!). I don't know how I'm going to decide what to make this year!



  1. Those Mickey ear treats look so cute! I saw some ugly sweater Starbucks giftcards yesterday and immediately thought of you, Courtney and Jamie :) Ill be Pinning some of these, yum!

  2. This post just has me hungry! Great round up!

  3. How fun! Now let's get together and make some of these, hehe :)

  4. Oreo penguins & grinch cookies, here I come!

  5. You are killing me girl!! :) All of those look amazing, but I want to Oreo penguins on a plate right now.

  6. NNNNoooooo!!! Now I want to bake all the things.

  7. I am going to check some of these recipes out and find the perfect one for my MOPS Christmas mom night out. We have to bring a dozen of cookies with us and you've given me so many options to consider.

  8. Don't mind me as I sit here drooling over my keyboard.
    But, I have to confess, with all the fancy and amazing desserts out there, I'd be totally happy with an entire box (container?) of Mint Oreos all to myself.

  9. Oh these are great! I can't wait to make one (or ten) of these with Mason! Tis the season!!


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