[Five on Tuesday] Christmas Festivities.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

How about a little random for your Tuesday? I have a bunch of Christmas festivities that I've been wanting to share, but just didn't have time for my random Friday post, so, here we are, on Tuesday, with a random five on Tuesday for ya.

Christmas Pajamas.

Some of my blog friends hosted a pajama party last week and while I don't have too many pictures of Mason in his Christmas pajamas, I did want to share these. I used MAJOR self control and only bought Mason three new pairs of Hanna Andersson pajamas this year. I know, I know, they are super expensive, but in my defense, they last FOREVER (he's still wearing his Valentine's Day ones to this day) and I happened to stop by on a major sale of 40% off, so I splurged... a little. Oops. Top picture are these, bottom picture are these, and not pictured are these (ninja gingerbread men!!!).

Christmas Tree Picking.

(Skip this portion if I've already talked about this... but...) for the past couple years, we've gone to my favorite regional park to get our tree. It is slightly more expensive but benefits a local boy scout troop so I don't mind. This year we had planned to do the same, but like last year, Seth tried to be the voice of reason and say we should go to Home Depot and get one there instead. We actually tried Home Depot last year and I hate how they were all closed and I couldn't see what it looked like open before I bought it so I vetoed that this year. We were on our way to the park when we drove by a Christmas tree lot and Seth suggested we go there. I hesitated but then thought "hey we could save a couple bucks" so we went. This kid followed us around the whole time (which irked me) and they had no small trees AND they were more expensive than where I wanted to go, so we left, and went to the park. Once we got to the regional park, THERE WERE NO TREES. What??? I was devastated! I thought maybe we were just too early (we went the day after Thanksgiving) so as we left, I googled it, and they no longer do the Christmas tree farm!!! What??? I was devastated again! So, reluctantly, we headed to Lowe's. I had low hopes for finding one I'd like, but lo and behold, we found one! And I love it! I guess Lowe's trees aren't so bad after all...

Advent Calendar.

I full on had plans to do the Elf on the Shelf for Mason this year. I even bought one on sale last year after Christmas! And then... things got hectic at the end of November and I never planned anything for the elf to do and I kind of dropped the ball. So, instead, I got this Thomas Minis Advent Calendar for him. I had to explain that he only got one per day and that didn't go over very well since he kept saying "two!" and I'd say "one!" "two!" "one!". I thought it was going well until day 2 when I put the calendar down, unintentionally in Mason's reach, when I turn my back and hear RIIIIIIIIIP. "Mason! No!". Yep, ripped the whole thing open. On day 2.

Better luck next year.

Christmas Train.

It's been a tradition of ours to go on the Christmas Train at our local regional park (the one where I used to get my Christmas tree). For the past couple years, we've gone with the Macke's and it's been SO FUN! This year was no different. We went on Friday the 9th and the boys had a blast hanging out at dinner and riding the train together. The pictures don't do it justice, but the way they light the place up with the lights is incredible. It's definitely a highlight of the Christmas season for us every year!

Christmas Present Wrapping.

This past weekend, I decided it was FINALLY time to start wrapping presents. I mean, there's less than a week until I need to deliver them, so might as well wrap them, right? And of course I had to update my Letterfolk board with one of my new favorite quotes that I saw on Instagram!

Mason insisted on helping wrap the presents which was more of a sh*t show than anything because he kept standing on the paper and ripping it and then pulling ALL of the tape out of the dispenser. Thankfully I was able to distract him for half the time and then told him he could add a bow to the packages when I was done. He INSISTED on TWO bows on each package, so as you can tell, our packages are EXTRA festive this year!

Ok, ok, so it's more like seven on Tuesday...

Gingerbread Houses.

In Mason's new speech class, they made gingerbread houses last Thursday. I donated frosting and graham crackers and they did the rest. Mason came home with this giant thing after class and I was so excited! I mean, look at that face! He was SO proud! 

Problem is... we were now on our way to school and work and I didn't know what to do with this wet, frosting covered gingerbread house. So I stuck it in a Target bag that I had in my car, with every intention of taking it out of the bag when we got home and displaying it, but then... in a spur of the moment decision, I decided we had no room to display it at home and tossed it in the dumpster when I got to work. (insert monkey covering eyes emoji here). I know, mom of the year, but at least he never asked about it when he got home from school so I never had to explain!

Toys for Tots.

The bank that we go to for work has a Toys for Tots toy drive every year for Christmas. Normally my boss buys the presents and donates them himself, but this year he put me in charge. "Do you like shopping?" My co-worker laughs. Heck, I laughed too, but of course I said yes! So he put me in charge of getting the presents to donate. So late last week, I picked Mason up early from school, we headed to Target, we picked all our favorite toys, and we donated them to the bank. I was actually pretty impressed with Mason because I asked him what presents we should get, he helped picked them, and he never once asked for one for himself. I know he doesn't understand what 'donate' means, but when I asked if he wanted to bring toys to kids who didn't have any, he did say yes, so for being four, that's a win in my book. I sent the pictures to my bosses and they said Mason and I could do the shopping every year, so I'm already excited for next year!

And that's that! I seriously cannot believe there are only FIVE more days until Christmas...


  1. So, so, so many fun things that you've been doing! Mason has just the most heart warming smile. Every time I see a picture of him smiling, I smile. The lights train looks like a blast & pretty good company, too. :)

  2. I'm am still cracking up over Mason and the train advent calendar!!! And I've tried putting out wrapped gifts ahead of time but Noah gets way to excited that they could be for him. So they remain hidden ;)

  3. OH man y'all are rocking this Christmas thing. That board totally had me lol'ing too. LOVE it. I also love that you were able to go shopping with Mason for your job. What an awesome opportunity and a great way to start teaching him, even if he doesn't fully get it yet, you are planting seeds!

  4. Love those jammies, so cute! And I love that board you made, if I had that, I would change it on the daily! So awesome you got to do the shopping for the Toys For Tots, that's so much fun! And I think next year we need to check out the regional park too, for how long we've lived here we've never done it...

  5. Someday I am going to SPLURGE (or stalk after season sales) and get the kids HA jams, they are so dang cute. That Christmas train looks so fun!! Love your rapping, I mean wrapping. ;)

  6. Connor calls Toys for Tots... toys for TATER TOTS. I correct him but still laugh a little every single time.

  7. I LOVE Mason's jammies!!! So adorable!! I think I would have lost it if Cam had ripped the advent calendar open. Ha ha, but then it is pretty funny. They know that there is fun inside, so why not just get to it. Smart Mason!! You guys have had so much fun this month!! Love his sweet smile!

  8. That is one epic Christmas tree hunt. I haven't had a real tree in long enough that I miss having a real tree. I despise pine needles. Loathe.
    Aria has been fine with the advent this year...for one she can't actually take the cup things off the round ... things. Very descriptive over here. But, her first advent I'd catch her trying to break into the other days. So I didn't fill them until the night before. Harder to do with a ready made one though =)

  9. Wrapping presents with kids...hardest thing. My kids were no help at all--unwrapped all the string, ripped the paper, whole 9 yards. ;) Sounds like you guys have been having a great time! Hope you all have a Merry Christmas!

  10. Mason's jammies!!! So cute. We have so many holiday pjs, and I completely 100% failed to get any photos of the kids in them.
    The Christmas train was so. much. fun. Minus dinner. Julia was a beast. I'm not sure I ate?? Other than that, we must continue the tradition from here on out!
    Isn't wrapping with kids a joy? LOL! I love that Mason has added two bows. We're totally opposite over here. All the gifts are wrapped, but Julia has insisted bows are no good, and she's ripped off more than I care to count.
    Last. I love that you did Toys for Tots with Mason. I firmly believe it's crucial to teach our kids to be kind and generous and help when and where we can.

  11. I love your letter board! I have one on my Christmas list!

  12. Loving all the wrapping paper! So fun to do toys for tots....start them early giving back.

  13. I am loving all your Letterfolk boards!! You are so clever, lady. I FINALLY found a roll of that trucks and trees paper at Target yesterday Im SO excited but now want to save it for next year (hoarder, much? Lol)


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