The Guys Behind the Blog // December 2016.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Welcome to December's Guys Behind the Blog link up!

As most of you might know, Betsy from Heavens to Betsy and Laura from According to Laura Jean hosted a series on their blogs called The Guys Behind the Blog. I used to link up as often as possible ever since I found out about the series - I think I only missed one month in the past year and a half since I found out about it. I recently went back to Betsy and Laura's blogs to find out what the questions were for August only to find out that they weren't hosting anymore - July was their last month. I was SO bummed! I truly loved interviewing Seth each month and seeing what questions they came up with. So, I decided to email Betsy and Laura and see if they would mind if I continued on their series. Thankfully they said they wouldn't mind and would be happy to see the series continue on. Crystal from Hall Around TexasEvelina from Fortunate HouseJamie from Cocktails and CarseatsJessica from Secrets of a Stay at Home Mom, and I are excited to continue the series on! 

For December, we decided to focus our questions on the theme of the holidays. Here are this month's questions and answers:

1 // How do you spend the holidays? Any favorite traditions that you had growing up that you like to share with your family now?

Spending time with my family. Eating dinner. Opening lots of gifts. Eating more. Opening more gifts. And eating more. And then eating dessert.

2 // Do you prefer to have a real tree or a fake tree?

Hmm... when it comes to buying the real tree, I prefer the fake one. But once it's up, I definitely prefer the real tree to the fake tree.

3 // How old were you when you stopped believing in Santa? Did someone ruin it for you or did you find out on your own? Do you play Santa for your kids?

Seth : I was 34. And it was you. Just now. Thanks.
Me : Ha. Ha. Ha. No really?
Seth : Looks at me.
Me : That's all you're saying?
Seth : Well I didn't write it down. I have no clue!
Me : Insert rolling eyes emoji...

4 // What's your favorite Christmas movie?

Home Alone.

5 // Office holiday party - take it or leave it?

If done right, take it! Most of the time, leave it.

Bonus Question:
6 // New Year's Eve... quiet evening at home or go out and party?

Quiet evening at home.


January's link up will be on the last Thursday of the month, January 26th, and the questions will be:

1 // Are you a New Year's resolution person? Why or why not?

2 // Do you like the colder months or do you prefer the warmer months? Why?

3 // Have you ever been skiing or snowboarding? If so, did you enjoy it?

4 // Where is your favorite winter vacation you've ever taken?

5 // If you were paid $100,000 to stay in a cabin in the mountains (in the winter) with no Internet or TV for a month, could you do it? How would you spend your time?

We hope to see you back here on January 26th to link up with us and share what your significant others have to say! (Also, feel free to grab that first graphic to add to your posts if you'd like!)


A HUGE thank you to Betsy and Laura for letting Crystal, Evelina, Jamie, Jessica, and I continue on their series. It's an honor to be able to continue on what they created.

You can find the original series on Betsy's blog here and Laura's blog here.

Thanks for playing along again, Seth!


  1. I am loving hearing the Christmas traditions through the guys! Real trees for the win! They’re hard to beat. I love the way they smell up the room and how each one truly is unique! I LOVE Seth’s answer to the Santa question! That’s awesome and hilarious. Home Alone is a classic! Even when it’s not Christmas time.

  2. "I dont know I didnt write it down" haha!! Thats a total Brian answer too ;) Sarcasm is strong with those two.

  3. Haha!! I love Seth's answer to Santa. :) I'm with him about real trees, but since Drew is allergic it's a fake one for us, though that kills me since my parents sell Christmas trees.

  4. I love reading all the guy's answers. Your hubby sounds like a riot. I love his answer to believing in Santa. Real trees are the best. My hubby started getting real trees when my son & I started living with him because that's all we ever had before.

  5. You ruined Santa for him... HAHA!! And I'm with him on home alone! Brings me back to my childhood. Though I do love some of the sappy new Christmas movies too!

  6. I definitely don't remember when I stopped believing in Santa either... or if I ever did? The Santa thing was done so differently in Poland so that when I moved to Canada the new Santa tradition just didn't stick. Hope you guys had a great NYE!
    Evelina @ Fortunate House


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