Ornament Exchange Reveal and a Holiday Home Tour.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

I'm not sure that a "holiday home tour" was really the right title for this post seeing as how I'm really only showing you one room (or actually, two! with Mason's), but regardless, I'm going with it.

First, I want to start by showing off the amazing ornament that Stefanie from Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam, & Dylan Too got me. I don't know how she did it, but it is perfect! We exchanged a few emails, but other than that, we were each on our own in determining what to get each other. (To see what I got her, click here.) My main question for her was if she had any sort of theme for her tree. I know some people like to keep in a, say, "red and silver" theme or only like specific types of ornaments, so I wanted to know if there was any sort of "rules" I should stay within or if I could have full reign and choose whatever I wanted. She said she had no specific theme, so I went to town!

As for me, I'm the same. I have no specific theme, just tons of ornaments that I like. My main "theme", if you want to call it that, is getting ornaments to remember vacations we've gone on and places we're been. In 2010, I started collecting those snowman year ornaments from Hallmark and while they're not my absolute favorite, 6 years later, I continue to get them because I have to finish out the collection (OCD much?). I actually have MY baby's first Christmas ornaments that my Dad passed on to me on our tree as well as a couple other family ornaments from our tree growing up. I have an ornament from when Seth and I got engaged, from when we got married, from the Christmas we were pregnant with Mason, and from when Mason was born. I have a tiny little footprint ornament from when Mason was born and a Santa handprint that serves as our tree topper. There's a hot air balloon ornament from our trip to New Mexico, there's countless Mickey ornaments from all our trips to Disneyland, a Hawaiian guy from our honeymoon, a cable car from our trip to San Francisco, Angels ornaments, a leg lamp, a Steelers football player, and so many more. There was also an ornament from my college until I dropped it and broke it this year. OH and there is one of my very favorites, a macaroni angel, that I made when I was in 2nd grade maybe? (Blogger fail... I totally should have taken pictures of all these for you! Sorry!).

In my opinion, we can never have enough ornaments and I absolutely LOVE re-living all the special occasions and memories when we put up the ornaments each year. This year Mason REALLY wanted to help hang all the ornaments. He didn't quite "get" that he needed to put them further back on the branches so we had a couple casualties, but that didn't stop him, or I, from having the best time. I swear I've never seen him light up so bright and be so proud to do anything in his life.

But enough about our old ornaments, let me show you the new ornament that we added this year!

Isn't it perfect?! I don't know how she found it or where she found it, but it's perfect. The puzzle pieces not only represent our journey through autism, but they represent how we each fit perfectly with each other and together make the perfect family with so much love. The ornament is pure perfection. THANK YOU SO MUCH Stefanie!

And now... on to a little holiday home tour! We'll start first in our living room/family room area.

The gallery wall got a little update for Christmas.

We can't forget our favorite Christmas movies.

I love the addition of Christmas lights around our windows. It's probably my very favorite decoration we put up - even though it is so simple.

I got this LetterFolk board this year and am OBSESSED. Don't be surprised if you see it on repeat on Instagram in the coming weeks. I just can't stop myself from changing the sayings up every couple of days! (#youvebeenwarned)

I swear our tree is not that crooked in real life??!!
And we've got our menorah up as well!

This gorgeous addition is new this year and I could not love it more.
My mother in law creates THE most gorgeous garlands at her house and I've always been insanely jealous of them, so this year she helped create this one for us on our stairs. I'm in love!

And of course, a holiday wouldn't be complete without window clings!

And now for the upstairs...

The little tree is back in Mason's room and he could not be happier! He helped me set it up this year and we put out all the holiday books around it.

And there you have it! The holiday home tour is complete. We don't have much room to go all out, but I love the little touches that we are able to do. As crowded and cluttered as it can feel having all the extra decorations out, Christmas is my VERY favorite time of the year and I love how homey and warm all the decorations make our house feel!

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  1. Oh that ornament is just darling! So perfect for your family!

  2. That ornament really is perfect! I LOVE it! And I love your letter folk but I didn't realize how much they cost! I think Chris would say I'm crazy... Which I guess I am, cause now I want one too!

  3. That ornament is amazing!! I love it! The Letter Folk board is something I want so badly, but can't get myself to spend the money on one. Drew would kill me. Your home looks beautiful! That garland is amazing!

  4. I love the ornament you got! And the letter board is so awesome!

  5. I've got chills because that ornament is so perfect for your family! So beautiful.

    (Also, that letter board and your Buddy the Elf quote!!!)

  6. Love the decorations friend, Masons window clings make me smile every single time. It looks so festive. Also that ornament, LOVE. It is absolute perfection.

  7. That ornament! It made me tear up because it really is so perfect for you guys. Stefanie did a wonderful job! I love all of the Christmas touches around your home. So pretty! I've been looking for a letter board, but dang they're expensive. I think because they've gotten so popular over the last few months!

  8. Oh and that picture of Mason by his tree is pure perfection! What a cutie!

  9. I love the stairs! And what a perfect ornament. Fits so well

  10. Love the ornament she got for you - how perfect! And where did you get that menorah from?

  11. We got that same Merry Christmas window thing too! Didn't see the snowman ones...darn! I love the garland on your stairs, perfect!

  12. Oh that ornament is absolutely beautiful!!!!!! Love it so much! As well as your home!

  13. Connor was treated to some window clings for the first time every and my gosh... you would have thought he won the lotto he was so excited.

  14. I love that ornament, Stefanie did so good!! personalizationmall.com is such a fun website, everything in it can be customized! Im familiar because I taught two sisters over the course of four years and have my share of "Teacher Whitney" gifts :)

  15. That ornament is so so perfect for you guys! I love the puzzle piece is the symbol for autism. And I love seeing your letterboard up!

  16. Stefanie's ornament seriously brought tears to my eyes. It is the absolute most perfect ornament for you! She did the best job.
    I love all your decorations. We are so, so lame when it comes to anything besides our tree and our bannister. Speaking of which, your garland 100% wins. WOW! Your MIL does an outstanding job. Can I borrow her next year to make mine that pretty?!

  17. Mason is too cute and your house looks so pretty!
    I'm so glad you liked the ornament. As soon as I spotted it, I knew it was perfect for you! XOXO

  18. What a perfect ornament! I love how personalized it is :) And I totally dig your new garland! So pretty! One day, I want to have lighted garland basically everywhere in my house at Christmas. It's my favorite kind of decoration :)

  19. That ornament is too perfect with the puzzle pieces, how thoughtful!! Also, loving the garland on your stairs, looks GREAT!! I didn't think I was into the whole letterfolk thing, but you're kind of making me want one. ;)


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