[Home Tour] Update. And Amazon Mom

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I thought I was all good on posting Mason's room yesterday and then this happened... as I am posting my blog post, I check the monitor to check on Mason and he is sticking his leg through the crib slats (yes, even WITH the bumper there. Apparently the bumper is not THAT tall or Mason just has super long legs). At first I'm thinking "aww, how cute" until it looks like his foot is stuck. He's pulling and pulling and starting to whine and I realize... his foot is stuck. He starts crying and I run upstairs to try to get his foot out. It was stuck. I actually started to get kind of worried and thought I would need to call Seth to come help but then I realized it was just stuck because of the angle he was laying at. So I straightened him out and was able to get his foot out. Needless to say, I checked on him constantly until he fell asleep to make sure he didn't get his foot stuck again. This also led me to my second blog post title...

I joined Amazon Mom! I've been toying with the idea for months now... actually probably a year. I've wanted to but didn't know if I would use it that much so I just procrastinated. I don't know why though...it is free to join and you get free 2-day shipping! It's basically a free 3 month trial to Amazon Prime that they call Amazon Mom because you have to be expecting or a mom in order to join (I think... though I don't know how much they check).

My first purchase? A new, taller bumper for Mason's crib!



The shipping was ridiculously fast. I don't know why I didn't join earlier!

One last picture to end on... a post can't be a post without this face.

Rockin' his new shades.