Mr. Trouble

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

That's Trouble....with a capital T! Mason has turned into Mr. Trouble Monster. Ever since he learned how to crawl, he decided he wanted to go a million miles an hour. I put him down in one spot, walk to the kitchen for something, and the next second I turn and he is peaking his head around the cabinets trying to see what I am doing. He is just SO CURIOUS and wants to learn about everything. He not only wants to crawl around but he also wants to pull up on things. He will try to climb on me or Seth, climb on the waffle maker box, look through and climb onto the DVD crates, and anything else he can get his hands on!

I could only get a few pictures because I spend the majority of my time making sure he's not going to fall and hurt himself with all the climbing he's doing!

Hmm... what's that? My diaper bag. I could crawl over to that...
I can try to stand up by holding onto it.
I can eat it.
Uh oh! She caught me...
No... don't take me away!!!

This waffle maker sure looks good....
....I think I could try to stand up while holding on.

LOVE these little legs!

I'm just going to climb in here for a few minutes...
....and then get stuck.

I love love love that Mason is so mobile now. It is so cute to see him crawl around and explore. He's a tricky kid though, crawling everywhere, trying to pull up on everything, and trying to explore anything and everything at his level.

Time for some baby proof shopping this weekend!

p.s. if you caught a theme here... he really does wear pants, I swear. I just take them off when we get home so it is easier for him to crawl around and he doesn't just slide all over the floor :) But also, I must admit, I do just love to look at those little legs too!

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