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Friday, June 14, 2013

What is a post about sangria doing in a baby blog?!

This blog has mainly been all about Mason and our family so typically a post about sangria would not be found here. BUT this is my very favorite recipe for sangria and I just have to share! We are having our belated Memorial Day celebration tomorrow and having friends over and I'm making this sangria for all the girls (guys would probably like it too but it is kind of fruity so my guy friends at least don't like fruity and prefer beer).

This sangria recipe is perfect for big summer parties - always a favorite, you may consider doubling the recipe! (which is exactly what I did for tomorrow!)

Prep Time : 5 min.
Total Time : 5 min.

Ingredients :
  • 1 bottle of red wine (Cabernet Sauvignon is my favorite but you could use Merlot, Shiraz, or any other red wine of your choice.)
  • 1 lemon cut into wedges
  • 1 orange cut into wedges
  • 1 lime cut into wedges
  • 2 tbsp sugar
  • splash of orange juice or lemonade (I used orange juice)
  • 2 shots of gin or triple sec (optional - I left this out)
  • 1 cup of raspberries or strawberries (may use thawed or frozen - I used frozen strawberries)
  • 1 small can of diced pineapples (with juice)
  • 4 cups of ginger ale

Preparation :
Pour wine into a large pitcher and squeeze the juice from the wedges of lemons, oranges, and limes into the wine. Toss in the fruit wedges (leaving out the seeds) and add the pineapple. Then add sugar, orange juice and gin. Chill overnight.
Add ginger ale, berries, and ice just before serving (I usually just chill overnight and don't add ice so it doesn't get watery). Remember, the best sangrias are chilled around 24 hours in the fridge - allowing the flavors to really marinate into each other.

All I need to do is add the ginger ale tomorrow and it's ready to drink!


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  1. I LOVE how you prefaced this- what is a post about sangria doung in a baby blog?! HA! So excited to try this!


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