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Monday, April 21, 2014

Hey All! I’m Katie and you can find me over at Yellow Mango Life.  I was so stoked when Elizabeth from Chasin' Mason reached out to me about her Boy Moms feature. I LOVE being a boy mom! For any of you who have followed me, you know that our little man, Cruz, takes over the pages of my blog more often than not. Mainly because he’s cute, but he also says some of the funniest things and has better style than most men I know and for that I have to splash it all over my blog for the world to see.

PC (pre-Cruz), I had this perfect little picture of our perfect little family which would include my handsome husband Nick, the hub’s mini me in the form of a little boy, followed by a sweet little diva. I always thought it would be so great for our daughter to have a protective older brother to watch over her and beat up all the boys when she became a teenager.

Flash forward to prego: I still remember the day we found out we were having a boy (you can read about it here). I’m generally dramatic and love to put on a show, so you would’ve thought I had big plans to do a cute gender reveal…but nope. We were both too excited and couldn’t wait to rip open the envelope. As we saw the words that read “baby boy” on the piece of paper, I remember the first words that came out of Nick’s mouth – “I never win the coin flip, but I just won the biggest coin flip of my life!” It still makes me laugh, get excited and tear up. We were just so happy.

Flash even further forward to our life with Cruz and I’m just my happiest with him in our world. He is just as you would expect, a dirty, smelly, loving, sweet, handsome, intelligent, funny, naughty, amazing little guy.

Here are a few of my favorite boy moments:

He gives the puggle a run for her money.

He makes a mess, but you don’t care because look.at.those.cheeks.

He rocks a head remolding helmet better than any other kid I know.

He’s as dramatic as his mama.

His laugh is the best sound ever.

He is very intimidating.

He doesn’t like to be called a meatball…evidently.

He passes out while drinking. Eh, we’ve all been there.

He's amazed by classic movie characters. 

Those eyes. They’ll get you every time.

He’s the best father’s day gift. Ever. #loveyoulikeafatkidlovescake

I’m telling you he has style.

He’s the best running partner…even if the stroller gets really heavy around the last mile.

He doesn’t like he’s mama’s cooking all that much either…

He’s the best date for a wedding.

I just know he’s going to grow up to be a baseball player…

And a farmer…

He is the best dressed at the annual White Trash Bash.

These two are my world.

When he knows his mama doesn’t want to give him a bath? He does it himself. By way of falling into the fountain at the Mexican restaurant you’re eating in. Because he was reaching for the “monies.”

He loves being with the big boys.

Maybe that’s why he’s already started talking about nipples. Fortunately his own. And not mine.

He is a great accessory if you are scoping babes.

And the best shopping buddy.

He has perfected the Al Bundy. #allboy

He’s fiercely loyal to his stuffed animal pals.

He can grab us a beer.  #dontactlikeyourenotimpressed

He can pull off the interesting nerdy look quite well.

He is an extremely healthy eater – I mean broccoli in shells & cheese basically negates the fat content, right?

He IS perfect. And Italian.

And seriously? These guys.

He’s resourceful. Pacifier falls out? No biggie, let me just grab this thing and stick it in my mouth.

And I’m definitely blogging this. All about this.

Come on over and check us out at Yellow Mango Life. We would love to have you…and teach you more about the joys of being a boy mama.

Thanks Elizabeth for letting us invade your space today!


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  1. How sweet!! My little man always has his foot in his mouth.

  2. Elizabeth! Thank you for featuring our little Cruz man - love being a boy mom and love that you decided to feature us in your series!

  3. That little boy Cruz is just too cute for words!!!

  4. I just found this series through Katie's blog and I love it! Finally something for us boy moms!!


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