Spring Stylin'

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

There is nothing more exciting than shopping for clothes for the little man. 
My husband will HATE that I said that but it's true! Sorry Seth!

When I found out that we were having a boy, I was a little disappointed that it would put a damper on the shopping. But boy (pun intended) was I wrong! There are so, so many super cute boy clothes!

We live in California so the weather is pretty consistent year round except there are obviously hotter days in the summer and a few cold or rainy days in the winter. The clothes that Mason wears are pretty consistent throughout the seasons. When it's cooler, we add a sweatshirt or I put him in a long sleeve tee and shorts or a short sleeve tee and pants. When it's warmer, we switch up the pants to shorts. But that's pretty much it.

I really, honestly, try not to shop too often since Mason really doesn't need that much stuff. But I do like to stock up on necessities when Old Navy and Gap have good sales... like they did this past weekend! Gap is usually slightly out of our budget so I love when they have 40% off sales and make their clothes more affordable.

I absolutely love all of these things. They are simple yet cute and can mix and match with almost anything. I m a sucker for plaid shorts for boys and actually bought these ones a couple weeks ago.  I also love the cargo shorts since they are so versatile and go with everything. We have them in black, khaki, and light gray. 

I don't own some of these items yet... but I think I need them! I'm loving the hot rod tee, the motorcycle tee, and the red shorts! And like I mentioned before, I love plaid shorts! Last summer Mason basically lived in them. I love that you can add a polo shirt to them and he can instantly look fancier. I did this a couple times when we were in Vegas for the 4th of July and it was a hundred million degrees and we went out to dinner. Plaid shorts and a polo for the win! I also love the cargo pants because they are lighter and are nice for the slightly cooler summer evenings. We have some, but in green (sold out online).

What are your spring/summer outfit go-to's?
What should I add to Mason's collection?


  1. I love the clothes at Gap! They nail it every season! Since we have cold winters I feel like we are constantly buying new clothes every season! Do you ever find Mason outgrows his shorts or tees in the winter when it's hard to find those things in most stores? Or do you stock up on the next size just in case? I find I can't buy ahead in the next size much because I worry what season we will be in... You don't really have that problem :)

  2. Oh, love these. We do a lot of boy clothes shopping at Old Navy and Gap too. Great stuff and great prices. Love your choices!

  3. Very cute - you're right, it's so fun to shop for them!! I think we need the grey/yellow plaid Old Navy shorts..!! We do the same thing - a few pairs of shorts/pants and then tops that can rotate with each, pretty simple. Of course he has 'day care clothes' and then 'church/going out with mom & dad clothes'.. :) This summer will be fun as we have to start from scratch since he's growing like a weed. We have a few thermal/waffle long-sleeve tees that I'll throw under t-shirts in our still chilly 'Spring' weather.

  4. Old Navy and Gap have the best stuff...can't stay away from those stores!!

  5. Ahhh I would love to shop for a boy! Teeny toddlers in polos and cargo shorts are just the cutest thing. I'm so tired of girly clothes! Once my daughter's hair grows I am buying her some tom boy outfits asap. Old Navy always has great, afford kid's clothes. I also love Ruum and H&M kids... also awesome!

  6. Totally agree that boy shopping is way more fun that I ever anticipated! I love making my little one look like a "little man"! Old Navy is my all-time favorite, but I also find a lot of great {in perfect condition} GAP and Ralph Lauren pieces at local consignment sales!

  7. Crazy 8 has some pretty wonderful sales and super cute stuff too!!! Although I am a loyal GAP lover and especially when your boy gets beyond dirty everyday you have to have clothes that can withstand the washings!


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