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Monday, March 31, 2014

Hello! I'm Jess from Strawberry Swing, and I am so excited to be talking about our little boy, Cameron, who joined the world in July 2012! I am a full-time teacher, Chad is a chef-turned-consultant, and we run a family business with my mom. I mostly blog about our family, but throw some food, wine, travel and product reviews in the mix every now and then! 

I have to start by saying that I am SO not a boy mom. I like my manicures, dislike worms and dread the day that Cam carries a dead bird over to my side while I am sipping on a cocktail in the backyard. Ick. BUT, you girl moms are totally missing out. I've never had more fun bashing trucks into each other, jumping in mud puddles and shopping for matching father/son outfits!

Speaking of father/son, the bond between these two is unimaginable until you experience it yourself. My heart literally explodes when I watch them together. 

Cam has no fear. I don't think this is a "boy" thing, but it scares the heck out of us! I am surprised that we have not had an ER visit yet...

But he's such a love. He's so sweet and gentle. He's patient (for a toddler) and he's kind. He shares.
He's SO SWEET. I eat it up. 

Sometimes I get extremely jealous when moms get to dress their daughters with a wardrobe that includes bows, bikinis and tutus...the thought has crossed my mind to add a blue tutu to Cameron's Superman t-shirt. But I digress...dressing a little boy is just as fun! Baby GAP has some of the most adorable "little man" outfits, and Cam now has a few pieces from JCrew, too, which are too cute for words. It makes him look so much older!

Button-up, jeans and sneaks...

Skinny jeans

button-up with a sweater and chinos

dapper little dude

Chucks, red pants and a button-up

jeans, Merrells and a cold one on a fall afternoon....

baseball tee and shorts

At the end of the day, I thank God for my healthy baby boy. I know that had the ultrasound shown a little girl, I would have been just as in love, but Cam is my little man. He was made just for me. And, he will be the most amazing big brother someday. I am secretly hoping for all boys so I can experience this again, but if God gives us a little girl, I will learn how to be a "girl" mom just as easily as Cam has made this first experience for me!

Thanks for letting me show off our amazing son...to all of you boy moms out there, isn't is amazing??? I know little girls are just as cute and fun, but I am enjoying this stint as a boy mom. :)


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  1. cute boy mom story! I love baby gap for little girl stuff too! Heading over to check out your blog!

  2. Love this. Cam is the cutest! And he has such a great wardrobe! I'm jealous! Mac needs a few of those pieces.


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