Mama's girls weekend

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Last weekend this mama got a special treat in the form of a girls weekend in San Diego! My sister-in-law first introduced me to the getaways a couple years ago and we invited our friend, Alex, one time and she has been hooked ever since! It started on Friday morning and lasted well into Sunday afternoon. The weekend basically consisted of good fun, good friends, good fun and TONS of laughs! Seriously. I love these girls! While I obviously LOVE being with my boys, I still look forward to my little retreats all year. 

The weekend is a scrapbook weekend put on by two of our friends, Michele and Erin (not my sis-in-law Erin, our friend, also named Erin) at this gigantic house that sleeps 18 in San Diego. We stop by Starbucks on the way for a little treat and then drive down early Friday morning. It usually takes about an hour and a half to get there. Michele and Erin set up an amazing boutique of tons of goodies to buy. They always have the latest and greatest from the best brands. I always buy way too much (*cough* Seth, I mean nothing, I buy nothing...) and have THE. BEST. TIME. Sometimes a girl just needs girl time. We stay up way too late and get up way too early and just enjoy our weekend of fun.

Luckily most of you reading are moms or women and understand why I would want to do something like this. Imagine telling my boss (a man) and my co-workers (about half women and half men) that I am going scrapbooking for the weekend. They think I am homely and make fun of me. Although it has gotten better, I will admit, since I have gone so many times now. I usually just say I am going to San Diego for the weekend and leave it at that. That usually satisfies their curiosity for a little while at least.

Those of you who follow me on Instagram (@lizbir) might have already seen a couple of these photos. Here are some of my favorite pages from the weekend. I'm kicking myself now, but sadly I was too busy eating the good food to take any pictures of it and we were too busy scrapping to take pictures of each other so this is all I have to show from my weekend away. Next time!

Using some Project Life cards from the "Honey" collection. 

Our anniversary - 2013 

Making a picture fit where it normally wouldn't
Christmas tree at Disneyland 

Just a collage from my phone blown up to a 12x12 and cut apart! 

Using some of the Project Life smaller pages to hold Mason's art work 

Sewed a pocket out of paper to hold our zoo guide 

Pocket in a smaller Project Life page on top of my zoo layout pages 

Some washi tape goodness


 I've been playing with the idea of doing Project Life, but don't fully know how to do it or what I want to do so I just use the pages (cheater pages as I call them) to put together a quick, cute page with lots of pictures.

While it looks like I am up to date on my photos, I most definitely am not. I have a horrible habit of jumping around and then have gaps in the middle of my books. These just happened to be the pictures I developed to do this weekend but I still have stuff from 2012 to do!

Even though I am away from my boys, I'm not really away since I get to see them all day all weekend :)
Erin even Facetime-d her daughter (my niece) and I got to see Mason having so much fun with his cousins. Emma kept me up to date on everything Mason was doing and eating. She's a good big cousin!

Seth is actually getting a boys weekend soon too! Which is something he NEVER does. I'm really excited for him (and them) to be heading out to Arizona to see some Angels Spring Training games. He love, love, loves baseball and the Angels and has never seen a Spring Training game of theirs in Arizona so this will be really cool. If I can bribe convince him, hopefully he will take some pictures that I can share when they get back!

Happy weekend!


  1. What a fun weekend! I do project life but use the digital products! Thankfully I've stayed up to date so far by working on it once a week during Noah's nap :).

  2. How fun!! And I'm sure you felt so accomplished having those pages to show for your weekend, what keepsakes!! :) I need to take notes as I'm sooooo behind with doing photo albums for my little guy, oops. Glad you enjoyed your weekend!! :)


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