The "Mom Swimsuit"

Saturday, March 22, 2014

It's finally time for the post that I thought that I would never write : the one about the mom swimsuit.

Before I had Mason, I thought I would continue wearing bikinis to the pool. But then Mason came along and I quickly realized that that was just not going to happen for many reasons :

1. I'm pretty sure he would pull on it in some way that would create a free show for those around me and I would be ridiculously embarrassed and mortified.
2. Even though Mason is 20 months old, I'm still not at my pre-pregnancy weight/preferred weight/comfortable being in a bikini weight.
3. I am whiter than white and will probably blind people with my legs. They don't need to be blinded by the white stomach as well.
4. In my personal opinion, I feel kinda awkward being a mom in a bikini. I'm not quite sure why, could just be personal insecurities, but I would feel more comfortable wearing a little more.

I bought a maternity swimsuit when I was pregnant with Mason in hopes that I would go to the pool with all my free time on maternity leave. Well that didn't happen since Mason decided to come early and only a little over a week and a half into my leave. So, instead, I wore it after he was born to hide the extra pregnancy weight that was still there.

I am embarrassed to say, I also wore it last year...when Mason was one! One! I mean seriously, I should have put in the effort to buy a real swimsuit. But I liked the pattern on the maternity one...and it was just so easy and covered more than enough.

But this is the year. I am going to buy a real swimsuit! We're going to Palm Springs in a few short weeks to meet my dad and step mom for a few days so I need to get shopping!

My inspiration came a couple weeks ago when Megan posted about her trip to Miami and what she was going to pack. Her inspiration board included a swim suit from Land's End that I just LOVED. I never even thought to look there for swim suits, but found that they have some super cute ones! I'm loving so many of them though that I can't decide!

(PS sorry if the images below are blurry... it was my first attempt at an inspiration board. I'm still learning! Thank you Courtney for the amazing instructions!!)

one | two | three | four

Now it's your turn! This mama needs help!
Which one do you like the best?
Do you have a different recommendation?

Please and thank you in advance for your help!
Happy Saturday!


  1. Thanks for the sweet mention! As you know I have swimsuit #2 but after seeing these I think I want #1 to add some color to my swimsuit collection!

  2. Target has some really cute options. That's where I found mine. I like it to cover a little of my leg area too so I went with this one: It's really flattering on. Also have you ever used Polyvore for creating boards. It's really easy on there.

  3. ONE or FOUR!!! I have one with ruffles down the whole front of the top to hide my insecurities... Although this week starts the big push to be confident in my clothes and in my own "mom" skin. I LOVE YOU!!! and I have some serious catching up to do on your blog!

    1. Thank you! I'm leaning towards those too :) We need to catch up soon! Miss you! LOVE YOU!

  4. Oh, good choices!! I thought I was going to vote for #1/4 but I think the prints on #2/3 are fun!! I think I'd say #3, it's nice to have the option to go strapless if you want. #1 would be really flattering too I'm sure. (I'm obviously indecisive..) Good luck!! Can't wait to see what you pick. :) And jealous of your getaway - how fun!!


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