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Friday, March 28, 2014

Last Friday I had the unexpected pleasure of staying home with Mason all day...and what's even better than getting to be home all day with my little man was the fact that being off on Friday didn't include having to work on Saturday! Hallelujah!

Bare with me today, my Five is a little different than usual. I also hadn't really planned on narrating the day until halfway through so apologies for all the words and not very many photos!


The morning started off relatively early as I knew I wanted to get up and get ready before Mason woke up since we had an appointment later in the morning and I didn't think he would take a morning nap for me to be able to get ready then. So, I got up, got ready, and just as I was finished, Mason woke up. 

It was now 6:30-6:40am-ish and we headed downstairs for breakfast. Mason is not a morning person (even when he wakes up by himself) and he started whining immediately for food. I made him some breakfast, turned on some Mickey, did the dishes, and made myself some breakfast : Frosted Mini Wheats with fresh strawberries on top. I rarely have time to make a real breakfast during the week so this was a treat for me (is it sad that I think that cereal is a "real breakfast"??)

We hung out for a little while and then headed to...


... for a few things...which turned into a few more than a few things...which reminded me of this article I saw last week. Seriously. Never a truer article! Anyways, I got what I went in for...and then headed down the dollar spot aisle and the Easter aisle and got a few more things that weren't on the list. But hey, at least I am advance planning like I always say I will do and never do.
and #mommywin?

We came home, I got Mason a snack, put away the Target goods, and cleaned up a little while Mason played. I was done a few minutes before we had to leave so I grabbed the...

mini bubble gun

... that I had just put away and gave it to Mason. I have been trying to teach him how to pull the trigger and turn the fan on and it seems like he has FINALLY gotten it! Seriously the. cutest. thing. Especially since he gets this HUGE smile on his face like "YES! I just did that BY MYSELF!"
Melt. My. Heart.

We got in the car to go to his appointment (which was why I had the day off - an appointment at 11:30am doesn't really allow for much time before or after for working when you add travel time on) and I let him bring his bubble gun. The kid could not have been happier.

I swear Mason is becoming more independent by the minute because every time we go anywhere, I will carry him until it is safe for him to walk (i.e. in a parking lot). So, like usual, I carried him down the stairs and across the street and then let him walk...

holding my hand

... to the building. Recently he's been wanting to be Mr. Independent and do it on his own, without hand holding, so I was totally eating up the fact that he wanted to hold my hand then.

We finished the appointment and headed home. I was hoping the snacks that I was feeding him would keep him awake long enough to get home, but poor boy was so tired (since it was now his nap time) that he fell asleep in the car.... holding his cracker. I always feel so bad waking him when he looks so peaceful sleeping in his car seat but when we got home, I did. We both ate lunch (Mason from his plate and from my plate), watched a couple minutes of Little Einsteins that was on, and then I could tell he was really ready for nap time. To be honest, I was kind of ready for some adult time too, but the...

huge hug

...Mason gave me before I put him in his crib for his nap made me miss him the second I shut the door behind me. Isn't it crazy how bad you can want some alone/adult time, and then as soon as you shut the door and it's just you, you miss them so much? Luckily I get to watch the munchkin on the monitor while he's sleeping...err supposed to be sleeping...aka apparently doing gymnastics.

I popped some laundry in the washer, made my leftover coffee from the morning into iced coffee (and added a little whip cream because...hey it's Friday!) and sat down to start playing with...

 My New MacBook Pro!

For those of you that follow me on Instagram {@lizbir} might have already seen the picture, but I got a new laptop two weeks ago. I've been wanting one for a while now but since they cost more than I would like to pay, we asked for an Apple gift card for Christmas and then since Seth's birthday is in March, we asked for Apple gift cards then. We were actually able to pay for most of it with the gift cards and the generous discount that he was able to get us for working for the government. (Score!)

I love the fact that Mac's are so user friendly. I was in the settings menu trying to figure out how I wanted things to work and they have little demos within the menus to show you what each thing means (like two fingers on the track pad means you scroll up or down on a page, etc. so helpful!)

I spent the better part of Mason's nap playing with the computer (and realizing that I was still wearing the sticker that he refused to wear and put on me after his appointment... it had now been about two hours lol) and finishing Scandal from the night before since I fell asleep half way through (it was a miracle I made it halfway...all the way to 10:30pm! lol)

Mason woke up after a couple hours and we spent the rest of the day playing at home and at the park and blowing bubbles.

I had really hoped that the Frozen DVD that I had ordered online would have arrived, but it didn't come until this past Monday.

Overall though it was a great day with just me and my boy!
Love him so much!


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  1. Sounds like a fun day off! I love my MacBook! I've had it since 2007 so I'm anticipating having to get a new one eventually!

  2. Sounds like a great Friday!! :)

  3. I took the 28th off to stay home because Nana (my mother in law) was going to be out of town and no reason for my Mom to come down for one day... It was great to have a whole day for just me and my boy! :-)


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