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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

In the morning we have a bad habit of turning on the tv while we are getting our lunches ready and eating breakfast. I used to turn it on to listen to the news and find out the weather and traffic but now we mostly turn on Mickey as a treat before we all leave for the day. But with this bad habit of ours comes Mason's bad habit of just watching tv and not eating. I ask him nicely over and over to please eat while he is watching tv because he knows how but he doesn't. I ask nicely so many times and then start threatening to pause the show if he won't eat. 
Occasionally...he gets his show paused.

Yesterday morning started out the same. I asked nicely a few times. He still didn't listen. I popped some waffle into his mouth, he would chew, I would ask him to eat breakfast, he would watch tv. Same thing over and over. So, I bent down next to him real close and said "Mason, please eat your breakfast".

And what did he do?

He picked up a Cherrio (I was jumping up and down inside!).
And where did he put it?
In his mouth? No.
In my mouth!!!

At first, I was like "wait, that's not what I said."
But then I was so happy that he shared, that I didn't care. It was so cute that he was sharing his breakfast with me that instead of telling him that that was not what I asked, I praised him for doing a good job sharing. Hey, if he won't listen to me to eat, at least he is being generous!

It's the little things, like generousity, that make me so, so happy.
So, so happy that he is growing up to be a caring, loving, generous young man.
And for that, my heart explodes with happiness.


  1. Elin loves to feed us, too. She thinks it's hilarious!

  2. He's so intent with his feeding you.... so, so, so cute!!!! I love it!

    1. So sweet, right? He seemed so focused! Like "must get this in mommy's mouth and not drop it on the floor" LOL. Thank you!

  3. Noah was doing this with his fruit when we were on vacation. You really want them to eat it but you can't get annoyed for them just wanting to share ;).

  4. Awww, that is too cute! Sydney is the same way when it comes to eating and watching tv. She just gets way too into her show and forgets her food. Lol


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