Birthday Festivities

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Seth's real birthday was yesterday but since it was on a Monday, we celebrated all weekend instead! Which actually ended up being for the best since we all ended up being sick on his actual birthday.

Cold : 3
Liz, Seth, and Mason : 0

The festivities actually kind of started on Friday night when we had pizza for dinner. I had gotten off work early that day and had gone to Total Wine and More to mayyyyyybe get some last minute birthday presents for Seth. They have this awesome deal where you get to customize your own 6 pack of beer and I've been doing that for Seth for pretty much every holiday for the past year or so. It's actually kind of fun for me because I have absolutely no idea what I am doing when I pick beers and luckily he ends up liking almost all of them! Or so he says :) He must be pretty smart because happy wife = happy life = more beer for him! So anyways, while I was there, I saw one of our new favorite seasonal beers - Blue Moon Valencia Grove Amber - so I picked up two for dinner. We had them with our pizza and I told Seth that that was my birthday drink with him since I was going to be the designated driver the next night. We were classy and had our beers out of wine glasses. Stemless wine glasses I might add. More classy?

Saturday morning Seth was amazing and let me sleep in. I thought I was starting to get a cold (which it turned out I was right...unfortunately) so I was happy to be able to sleep in. Sleeping in consisted of waking up at 7am, which in most normal people's eyes would not be sleeping in, but when you have a toddler who has been waking up at 5:30am-5:45am every morning, 7am feels like forever.

I came downstairs, we all had breakfast, I gave Mason a bath (and he gave me a bath!) and then we headed off to Mason's make up Gymboree class.

He wasn't really into it as much as usual and I think it might have been because there were like 20 kids there and the time was an hour later than his normal class. He would be having fun and then the next minute crying. Luckily we found the one activity that he was obsessed with.... rolling the air log (bottom left). Kid is strong and LOVED pushing the air log so that kept him occupied for most of the class.

We came home, had lunch, and went to the park for a bit.

We came home, Mason took a nap, and Seth opened his presents (hey, I did put a bow on the beer!).

Seth's mom came over around 4:30pm to watch Mason for the night, we got ready to go out, and then our friends Vickie and Kenneth came over and we headed out. Saturday night was the night we were going to celebrate our friends, Danielle and Matt, and Seth's birthdays. Danielle's birthday was February 25th, Matt's was March 1st and Seth's was March 10th. This year we decided to have one big celebration instead of two individual.

First stop was Umami Burger for dinner.

After dinner, we headed to a place called Bottle Logic Brewing where the birthday kids and the non-DD's got beer samplers.

We went to one more place called Bootleggers Brewery and then came home. I was actually pretty impressed with myself that I stayed up until past midnight (and out past 11:30pm!)

Sunday we went back to Gymboree for Mason's regular class...

...and then went to Target to run some errands and get Seth some much needed Starbucks.

We came home, had lunch, and Mason took a nap while I finished making Seth's birthday cupcakes and did our weekly errands including grocery shopping. I came home and it was family party time! Seth opted for a family BBQ at home, which was really nice!

Mason and I love you very much!


  1. How fun!! Those cupcakes look delicious. Sounds like we're both married to beer lovers + March birthdays.. :) Hope you all are feeling better.
    P.S. Cute scarf.

  2. I love birthday weekends! What a fun celebration you guys had. Now I really want a beer and a cupcake.


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