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Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Pottery Barns Kids spring catalog arrived in the mail the other day. I usually just throw it away to avoid the temptation of buying something but this time I decided just to take a little peek at the goodies that they had. Maybe it was the enticing Easter baskets on the front that drew me in. Who knows.

I should have just thrown it away like I usually do because OH MY GOSH was there so many cute things!

1. Blue Canvas Easter Bucket

Mason has an Easter basket that we used last year, so he doesn't really need a new one, but this one is just SO cute and would definitely last for years. It's also a lot bigger and a lot nicer than his other one (the one I got last year was a cheap-y plastic one from Target). I will definitely be keeping my eye on this for after Easter sales!

Mason has a lunch box that works perfectly fine and this one is actually a bit too large for him right now but I love the simplicity of this one. Will definitely have to check it out for when he goes to school (in 3+ years lol!)

Love that it has a closeable spout and fits perfectly in the side holster on the lunch box! I think I might even be able to convince Seth that we need the one with the baseballs on it :)

Cars // Bikes

I'm not really in the market for new sheets for Mason and I still want to stick to the owl theme that we have going on...but seriously. Pottery Barns Kids has the CUTEST sheets for boys right now! Good thing Mason's bed is still too little for these sheets because I seriously would not be able to decide. Check out all the options here.

5. Towels

Mason has this awesome hooded towel that we use after baths but I'm quickly coming to the realization that these types of towels are not going to last forever. His little feet already stick out the bottom of the towel when I wrap him up after his bath. These transportation towels would be perfect for him! I'm also loving these customizeable towels as well!

These are obviously not for Mason, but when I came across them, I fell in love! They are just so happy and spring-y and gorg. If there is a little lady in your life, get these sheets! Love!

7. This space

I saw this picture in the magazine and fell in the love with the space. How cool would it be to have this little nook for your kids to play in? Or have a work space in? Or have a homework area? I love that the blackout panels close the space off so if it is messy, nobody can set it, or you can just close it off to make the space feel more put together. So wish I had this in my house! I'm loving these Addison black out panelsChevron black out panels, and the Rugby black out panels.


  1. Ugh, you are so mean. I don't even have a boy and I'd want all of this. PBK is mean too with its cuteness. But, their stupid stupid awesome sheets kill me! I wish my house was so put together and perfectly decorated like their magazine. Sales after the holidays are the best though, Aria doesn't have an Easter basket yet....

  2. Oh I love those water bottles and the fitted sheets!

    1. I know, right?! I wish I NEEDED them because I love them! Hopefully they have something just as cute (which I'm sure they will) when I need them for Mason!

  3. Those towels are adorable, but the monogram on them looks awful. You can't even see the names! Also, I want those Asher sheets for my bed!

  4. Those sheets..!! I've had 'big boy room' stuff on my mind lately too and those would be so fun!! Unlike Phoebe, I love Pottery Barn (and wished I lived in those magazines..). :)

  5. Loving those curtains! And the way they did that little space for their desk!


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